Things to Do in Taipei

Taipei Travel and Tourist Information for Single Women Travelers

Taipei is a metropolitan and a city with rich culture embedded on high rises. The history of the city dictates that the culture here is quasi-Chinese, Japanese and almost everything on earth that offers a room of comfort for solo women travelers like me in Taipei.

TaipeiTaipei free trip planner has abundant scope and has got so much to offer for women who wished to experience an entirely different Asian experience. But the city is full of history and is excellent for history buffs like me. It has lots of remnants of a military past. Each of the building blocks here is surrounded by a park or two and there is enough room to sit and relax a midst the crowds here.

The city is absolutely safe for single females and is also the most economical and the easiest cities to travel for tourists.

Things to do:
Best things to do in Taipei is to get up early and join an exercise groups in one of the many city parks, and enjoy traditional breakfast with fresh milk and pastries.

The main attractions include the national museum and wonderful boutique stores that line it. Night markets are good here and offer the best Taiwanese snacks and has good scope for some street games. For solo travelers, Taipei is safe and easy to navigate.

I thought I would require at least a week or two to stay here and enjoy its historical townships, hot springs and plantations of tea that border the city of Taipei. There are high speed rail networks across the city to ease travel across the city.

Getting Around in Taipei:
The Taipei Metro rail transport is the most efficient public transportation systems here and links commuters with all parts of the city at an affordable cost. It is good to apply for a pass in Taipei trip planner to allow unlimited access to the rail and bus networks. There are also good taxi services that connect the city.

Solo female travelers in Taipei could not avoid shopping as there are shopping malls at every corner of streets dotted with boutique stores. There are technology and flower markets to target on specific goods and customers. Jade ornaments and fresh cut flowers are a highlight in this city.

Safety Points in Taipei:
Taipei is recognized as a very safe place to travel and has undergone constant development and economic prosperity across decades which have added a sphere of safety and adjustment to this modern metropolis.

There are safety patrols and office for foreign affairs regulated to complain on any sort of crime victimization. The people here are friendly and the city rarely poses serious threats for its tourists, but the city is prone for bad weather and natural disasters. Though earthquakes are common here, building codes for constructions have been made strict.

There are incidences of pickpockets and snatching reported and tourist need to be aware of such instances. It is better to avoid traveling with valuables and to keep one’s belongings safe here. Otherwise Taipei is a safe city to enjoy, learning more on Taipei travel itinerary planner, visit


Single Women Travelers

All about Hrishikesh and single women travelers to Hrishikesh

HrishikeshHrishikesh is the place where you can find an amazing and scenic view and ultimate tranquility. Rishikesh is the best destination for an individual who is on the quest everlasting peace and spirituality. This place is referred as the land of Gods. This place is not only popular among the tourists because of its temples but also because it offers various for the adventurous sports. You can enjoy different water sports here. However, if you are the individual who love mountaineering or camping, then also you will not be disappointed during your Hrishikesh travel.

I visited the pace last year and enjoyed different water sports. Hrishikesh is a place which gives the tourists an unforgettable experience and bounds them to come back again.

Best time to visit:
This place is believed to have the continental type of climate. Therefore, we can say that it is pleasant in all the months of the year. However, for the best season to visit this place is September to May. In winters it is better to plan your trip in between October to Febraury. If you are planning in the summers, then it is better to your vacation plan in between the months of March to June.

Precautions for the women travelers

1- It is necessary for the single women travelers to Hrishikesh to observe some important precautions. Some of them are as given below

2- While your trip to Hrishikesh, it is better to travel with someone who knows the place well.

3- For the single women travelers, it is necessary to keep the map of the place with you and take the services of the trip planner.

4- It is necessary to make your living arrangements in advance before arriving to the place.

5- Do not accept any type of drinks or foods from the strangers especially when you are travelling in a bus or train.

6- Make sure that the eye contact with the strange people must be brief.

7- Always be alert about your people and environment you.

These are some of the precautions which should be followed by the single women travelers. However, the people in Hrishikesh are friendly to the tourists. Overall we can say that it is a safe place for the women travelers.

When you are in Hrishikesh the are many things to do in Hrishikesh such as you can enjoy various water sports or go for camping or mountaineering. There are also many ancient temples located at this place. Some of the examples are  Neelkanth Mahadev, Triveni Ghat etc. You can also visit the Geeta Bhavan which is one of the oldest complexes of the place.

Now, if you are planning to make your trip to Hrishikesh, then it is necessary that you should make sure that visit On this website you can easily find all the necessary information needed for the trip to Hrishikesh.


Travel Guide

Kodaikanal Travel Guide – Important for Any New Tourist

The city of Kodaikanal is situated in the Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil language Kodaikanal means the gift of the forest. It is a hill station which is considered as the princess of all hill stations. Kodaikanal is lying at an altitude of 7000 feet above the sea level. The climate of Kodaikanal remains cool all across the year and hence Kodaikanal tourism has been on an increasing trend since last many years. It is a great experience to be at Kodaikanal.

Those who are the first time visitors to the enchanting hill station should carry with them the Kodaikanal free trip planner in order to get the full details about the hill station. The hill station also has the offices of the forest range officers and other concerned officials where the tourists can get the Kodaikanal tourist information.

10 reasons to visit Kodaikanal

1. Kurinji Temple – this is one of most beautiful attraction of Kodaikanal. The Kurinji temple is known for its architecture. The location of the temple is very beautiful. You can watch the Palani hills to the north of the temple. The main attraction of this temple is the summer festival which is celebrated in the month of May every year.

2. Green Valley – Green Valley is situated adjacent to the Golf course of Kodaikanal. Earlier the tourists were not allowed to this place since it was a steep valley and proper safety measures were not taken. Now the Government has taken the initiative and constructed a fence for the safety of the tourists.

3. Silver Falls- the Silver falls is on the way from Bathagundu to Kodaikanal. You can even walk down from Kodaikanal to this place. It is also known as the ‘Monkey Falls’ since it houses many South Indian monkeys. It got the name silver falls because of the thin white line of water falling and it seems to be connecting sky.

4. Lutheran Church – The Lutheran Church is another important attraction of Kodaikanal. This church was built during the time of the British. It has been utilized for many Tollywood and Bollywood films.

5. Shenbaganur Museum – Shenbaganur museum is a special initiative taken up by the local government and not worth a miss in the Kodaikanal tourism. It displays some of rare flora and fauna of Kodaikanal all at one place. The museum has all the varieties of animals and plants present in the Western Ghats.

6. Pillar Rocks – Pillar rock as the name suggests are tall and magnificent rocks from where you can get the best aerial view of Kodaikanal. Besides the rocks the main attraction is the dense green forests covering these tall rocks.

7. Trekking Locations – those who love trekking then Kodaikanal is the perfect place. There are many locations where one trek. There are many trekking camps which take place in Kodaikanal every year and large number of tourists takes part in the trekking and camping programs. It is necessary to have the permission of the local forest authorities before you start your trekking camp.

Visit to plan your enchanting trip to Kodaikanal without any hassles.

Expert Travel Tips

trip plannerMost of the people around the world are not born travelers. Certain situation or incident happens which make them realize that they can also be a die-hard traveler. It might have happened with you when you feel you should stop giving excuses to yourself and start planning for a trip around the world. The idea sounds great, but have you thought how you are going to do it? Proper planning with prior arrangements are some of the necessary steps you have to consider before you start off your tour. Now, being an absolute novice in this field you might feel utterly confused.  Hence, to clear up your confusion, few expert tips are being discussed in the below point. Take a look into these facts first:-

#1 From Where you Wish to Start off your Journey –
With a large kitty full of beautiful cities and towns, the globe has a lot to offer you. It’s your turn now to pick up the right place to start off your journey. This doesn’t mean your first destination will be in abroad. Rather pick up a city or town from your country. Nothing can be more exciting that starting your journey from your home.

#2 When to Start off your Journey –
Time matters a lot when it comes to perfect travel plan. Whether you are travelling to a distant town of your own country or of another country, pick up the right time. Browse few trip planner just to check when does the chosen city if filled with tourists. Now, choose the season when your destination won’t be crowded. A travel buff will always prefer to visit new place which has less crowd. This is because, at this point of time you can explore the city in your own way. You might come up with some new places to see which otherwise are not included in common touristy destination’s list.

#3 Budgeting for the Trip –
Many flights go on sale around 10 to 11 months before. Keep a track of such discounts and grab the opportunity as soon as you see it. However, in that case you need to plan for a trip at least a year before. Same goes with the tickets for activities or tourist sites you have added in your trip plan. Many popular cities offer activities like snow skiing or hiking tour. However, they come with ticket price which are often available online. Buy them at least four months prior to your journey because they sometimes do offer online discounts.

trip planner#4 Pack Light for the Journey –
Instead of carrying huge suitcase filled up with unnecessary stuffs, pick up a backpack and a small pouch to hang across your shoulder. You can keep your clothes and other necessary things in the backpack and keep other things in the pouch. However, take some extra laundry gremlins just to save yourself from the headache of cleaning them off. Avoid keeping money in such pouch or carry any money belt. You won’t like to let thieves know ‘ Hey! I am a tourist!’

#5 money Matter –
When you are travelling, you obviously need money. However, it’s not necessary that you have to carry cash. How about plastic money? Nowadays, most of the hotels and tourist sites offer card payment. Why not use them! It is advisable to carry extra bank cards (if any) to save yourself from any disaster at the time of emergency. Be careful not to use no-fee bank cards.

#6 Spend on Backpacker Travel Insurance –
Browsing few portals related to insurance organizations offering policies on travel. They do offer such backpacker insurance policies. On this deals, they offer insurance on travel expenses and medical expenses that might come up during your trip. Beside this, they also offer extra safety measures for the traveler’s security. Investing on such deal won’t be a bad idea.

# 7 Book Accommodations in Advance –
When you land in a new city, you won’t like to wander helplessly looking for accommodation. In order to avoid such worst condition, book your accommodation for couple of nights before you reach your destination. You will at least be satisfied that where you need to head off. However, you can always keep your trip plan flexible.

#8 Always Carry a Map –
While travelling, always carry a map. It doesn’t matter if you look like a typical tourist; maps are always a savior as compare to falling for wrong neighbors. Beside, you can always come up with shortest routes around the city to reach your listed tourist sites. This will in a way save your money.

# 9 Interact With the Locals –
Visiting a new city? Interact with the locals as they are best person to tell you about the city. They can even give information about sites which are still an absolute virgin. Interact with them and learn some of their common dialect. You might get special treatment in some places as well. Try to adapt with their culture. You might come across some interesting stories to add in your travel diary. Keeping in touch with them won’t be a bad idea.

#10 Avoid Touristy Restaurants –
When it comes to food, people often head off to the touristy restaurants. Avoid those zones! Instead look for small eateries or streets which are famous for small eateries. In those places you get to taste the local food of the city and that too at an inexpensive price. Else, keeping a picnic basket will always be a good option.

#11 Don’t forget to Carry you’re a Diary and Camera –
Last but not the least don’t forget to carry a camera and a diary with your. Capture the magnificent scenic beauty of the places to travel and write down whatever important details you come with. You never know your collection might inspire some other budding traveler to take a tour around the globe.

Trip Stories

Importance of Shenzhen Tourism for a Cherish able Holiday

Shenzhen is one of the most populated and grand city which is developing rapidly among other cities in the world. The skylines are extremely gorgeous with high structures which are amazing to look at. It is one of the stunning metropolises lying on Southern China; I was impressed by the attractions in the city and also found that it is easily accessible from Hong Kong. Shenzhen tourist’s information can offer you with tips and travel information. Let me just list out the top 10 reasons to visit Shenzhen.


10 reasons to visit Shenzhen-

1. Minsk World – This place spoke about military history. Minsk is nothing but an ancient soviet age aircraft. This place is the base which presents countless artifacts which include planes, helicopters and PLA machinery. I was given the opportunity to get into the exhibited flights and have a look, military marches were excellent and more over performances added grade to this place.

2. SEG Electronic market – This is a place for all electronic lovers. All products from cd’s to laptops are available in masses here. This is one of the biggest and best malls in Shenzhen. The best method here is to bargain which is the best skill I used to shop.

3. Leisure walk in the Parks – The city has the best parks with gorgeous gardens, the gardens with blooms of orchid, getting around the tree planted by Deng Xiaoping; I was amazed to see a number of wedding couples being snapped at these parks for photographs.

4. OCT Design & Art gallery – To soak yourself in their culture and heritage, a visit to OCT is essential. The exhibition is hosted on a 3000 square meter space with an astonishing modern structure with stands stunning which is made with glass steel. The exhibition gathers together countless artists and their innovative designs for display.


5. Dining Experience in Best Restaurants – You can be sure to find out world class restaurants and high end hotels at Shenzhen for the best dining experience. A few of my favorites are Belle- Vue, China spice, Paletto.

6. Shopping – The shopaholics Yizhan center’s mega mall complex is a multi-level complex with plentiful products. There are countless shopping tours which are organized for people’s comfort.

7. For Best Spa’s – The water cube comprises of countless spa’s where the brightest one includes Queen Spa. Relaxing spa treatment and facilities which offers up utmost relaxation can be accomplished at Spa. Shenzhen tourism can have a list of reasons to visit but including this as one is vital.

8. China Fork Village – Is a place where you can get the view of cultural histories of china at one place. The Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace, tombs, caves, Buddha structures and many under the list are displayed and amazing to watch. Never miss out since this stands to be one of the 10 reasons to visit Shenzhen.

9. Amusement Park Thrillers – There is never an end to the massive amusement parks in Shenzhen. Sunshine beach, Happy times, Typhoon bay were a few which I visited and enjoyed the thrilling rides out there.

10. King way Beer Garden – for a drinkable and formaldehyde absent, king way beer brewed in Shenzhen is the apt one. Never forget to gulp beer in the open garden just behind the brewery.

For more details about Shenzhen travel guide, accommodation, hotel, sightseeing, restaurants and many more Shenzhen city travel planner will surely help out.