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Kodaikanal Travel Guide – Important for Any New Tourist

The city of Kodaikanal is situated in the Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil language Kodaikanal means the gift of the forest. It is a hill station which is considered as the princess of all hill stations. Kodaikanal is lying at an altitude of 7000 feet above the sea level. The climate of Kodaikanal remains cool all across the year and hence Kodaikanal tourism has been on an increasing trend since last many years. It is a great experience to be at Kodaikanal.

Those who are the first time visitors to the enchanting hill station should carry with them the Kodaikanal free trip planner in order to get the full details about the hill station. The hill station also has the offices of the forest range officers and other concerned officials where the tourists can get the Kodaikanal tourist information.

10 reasons to visit Kodaikanal

1. Kurinji Temple – this is one of most beautiful attraction of Kodaikanal. The Kurinji temple is known for its architecture. The location of the temple is very beautiful. You can watch the Palani hills to the north of the temple. The main attraction of this temple is the summer festival which is celebrated in the month of May every year.

2. Green Valley – Green Valley is situated adjacent to the Golf course of Kodaikanal. Earlier the tourists were not allowed to this place since it was a steep valley and proper safety measures were not taken. Now the Government has taken the initiative and constructed a fence for the safety of the tourists.

3. Silver Falls- the Silver falls is on the way from Bathagundu to Kodaikanal. You can even walk down from Kodaikanal to this place. It is also known as the ‘Monkey Falls’ since it houses many South Indian monkeys. It got the name silver falls because of the thin white line of water falling and it seems to be connecting sky.

4. Lutheran Church – The Lutheran Church is another important attraction of Kodaikanal. This church was built during the time of the British. It has been utilized for many Tollywood and Bollywood films.

5. Shenbaganur Museum – Shenbaganur museum is a special initiative taken up by the local government and not worth a miss in the Kodaikanal tourism. It displays some of rare flora and fauna of Kodaikanal all at one place. The museum has all the varieties of animals and plants present in the Western Ghats.

6. Pillar Rocks – Pillar rock as the name suggests are tall and magnificent rocks from where you can get the best aerial view of Kodaikanal. Besides the rocks the main attraction is the dense green forests covering these tall rocks.

7. Trekking Locations – those who love trekking then Kodaikanal is the perfect place. There are many locations where one trek. There are many trekking camps which take place in Kodaikanal every year and large number of tourists takes part in the trekking and camping programs. It is necessary to have the permission of the local forest authorities before you start your trekking camp.

Visit to plan your enchanting trip to Kodaikanal without any hassles.


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