Things to Do in Taipei

Taipei Travel and Tourist Information for Single Women Travelers

Taipei is a metropolitan and a city with rich culture embedded on high rises. The history of the city dictates that the culture here is quasi-Chinese, Japanese and almost everything on earth that offers a room of comfort for solo women travelers like me in Taipei.

TaipeiTaipei free trip planner has abundant scope and has got so much to offer for women who wished to experience an entirely different Asian experience. But the city is full of history and is excellent for history buffs like me. It has lots of remnants of a military past. Each of the building blocks here is surrounded by a park or two and there is enough room to sit and relax a midst the crowds here.

The city is absolutely safe for single females and is also the most economical and the easiest cities to travel for tourists.

Things to do:
Best things to do in Taipei is to get up early and join an exercise groups in one of the many city parks, and enjoy traditional breakfast with fresh milk and pastries.

The main attractions include the national museum and wonderful boutique stores that line it. Night markets are good here and offer the best Taiwanese snacks and has good scope for some street games. For solo travelers, Taipei is safe and easy to navigate.

I thought I would require at least a week or two to stay here and enjoy its historical townships, hot springs and plantations of tea that border the city of Taipei. There are high speed rail networks across the city to ease travel across the city.

Getting Around in Taipei:
The Taipei Metro rail transport is the most efficient public transportation systems here and links commuters with all parts of the city at an affordable cost. It is good to apply for a pass in Taipei trip planner to allow unlimited access to the rail and bus networks. There are also good taxi services that connect the city.

Solo female travelers in Taipei could not avoid shopping as there are shopping malls at every corner of streets dotted with boutique stores. There are technology and flower markets to target on specific goods and customers. Jade ornaments and fresh cut flowers are a highlight in this city.

Safety Points in Taipei:
Taipei is recognized as a very safe place to travel and has undergone constant development and economic prosperity across decades which have added a sphere of safety and adjustment to this modern metropolis.

There are safety patrols and office for foreign affairs regulated to complain on any sort of crime victimization. The people here are friendly and the city rarely poses serious threats for its tourists, but the city is prone for bad weather and natural disasters. Though earthquakes are common here, building codes for constructions have been made strict.

There are incidences of pickpockets and snatching reported and tourist need to be aware of such instances. It is better to avoid traveling with valuables and to keep one’s belongings safe here. Otherwise Taipei is a safe city to enjoy, learning more on Taipei travel itinerary planner, visit

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