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Special Taste of France: Food Blog

France, the city of fine cuisine, subtly merged flavors and wholesome recipes is a bucket-list topper on every Foodie’s list. Whether you want to explore the local cafes or simply indulge in their gourmet restaurants, Franceis more than just its tourist attractions!

French food is not just acquired taste but serves to the tastes of anyone around the world. Exquisite wine and cheese (signature cheese fondue) is not uncommon but the best variety always remains close to France.

What defines the tantalizing flavors is just how wholesome the ingredients are- from Escargots to Baguettes, Ratatouille, Bouillabaisse to Crepes and Croissants, its doesn’t get better than this! The French have a rather sophisticated palette and anyone who appreciates bold flavors will enjoy the country more. Trying the local food is one of the top things to do in France!

Read on the know how you can get close and personal with the flavors of France.

wineWine: Heart-warming French wine is as good as that glass of white or red you hold! The whole country produces a wide variety of wines and the local vineyard is your best bet to get an inkling of authentic French wine.

Cheese: A soul satisfying piece of Baguette oozing with cheesy goodness is food straight from heaven and anyone who tries the local variety is just another bit away from bliss! Do try the Roquefort cheese when in France.

Café au lait: Strong Coffee with hot milk is how most people in France start their day and end their meal. Even though the traditional coffee has crossed borders, a classic Café au lait still tops the true French experience and is the most loved beverage of the locals.

CroissantCroissant: Fine layered pastry separated by butter, Croissants are intrinsic to France. Enjoy the buttery goodness with a Café au lait or simply pack some as you explore the city of love.

Ratatouille: Sautéed vegetablesspiced with bell peppers and served to perfection, Ratatouille is as French as you can get!

Escargots: Snails cooked in garlic sauce and served hot, Escargot goes well with a baguette is a must try when in the country.

Boeuf Bourguignon: Beef slowly cooked in a red wine reduction and zinged with mushrooms and carrots, the signature dish is comfort food at its best.

CrepesCrepes: Crepes are the French version of pancakes and come in sweet as well as savory varieties. Whether you want to eat on the go or sit down for a light meal, crepes are staple in France.

Coq au Vin: Chicken marinated and cooked in French wine, Coq au Vin will melt your taste buds as you savor every bit!

Duck Confit: Probably the most famous gourmet meal around the world, the Duck confit is slow-cooked duck meat in duck fat. The technique adds a whole new dimension to the dish and is simply France on a plate!

 CrémeBrûléeCrémeBrûlée: Coming to the deserts, Crème Brûlée is perfect if you love cream based deserts with a hint of caramel.

Chocolate Mousse:  No mousse is as airy and light as the ones served locally in France. The French do have a sweet tooth and the Chocolate Mousse is one of their favorite desserts.

Éclairs and Profiteroles: Soft baked choux pastry dipped in tempered chocolate, French Éclairs will leave you licking your fingertips. The Profiteroles are round pastries which are cooled to be filled with chocolate cream later and as you take a big bite, be sure to thank the French for the the sinful treat!

With a wide variety of French restaurants around the world, the taste of France flows through many countries. And even though the country holds its signature flavors close to its heart, it still inspires chefs form all over the world to experiment, create and derive some of the most exquisite flavors in fine dining.

Single Women Traveler To Budapest

5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Single Women Traveler To Budapest

Famed to be the maximum pleasant and entertaining city, Budapest stands out to be the capital city of Hungary. With stunning picturesque background and design is it also named as the “Paris of the East”. The key reason I decided to step into Budapest was for its healthy atmosphere, bubbling nightlife, best music scene, and exclusivity. As a single women traveler I had loads of things to do with the help of trip planner and see where it’s a perfect, safe and welcoming destination for solo travelers around the globe.


Just About Budapest
As a single women traveler to Budapest I enjoyed stunning views of the city, the Hero’s square is a spot which speaks out the history of the place. I found quite a lot of places to each at reasonable Hungarian fare. A few places where I enjoyed the palate were the Central market hall and Kiskakukk Etterem. I had a great time watching the museum and parks all around. And don’t forget to visit the thermal baths which is very predominant in Budapest.

Tips Towards Solo Women Travelers
Budapest is almost a safe place for single women travelers to enjoy their holiday. I really enjoyed the nightlife clubs at the city and copious people enjoy after the dark. I also felt that the transport system such as metro lines, trams and other means are completely safe. Don’t forget to validate your tickets on the equipped orange machines since inspectors are keen on checking solo travelers. I usually get a taxi from my hotel for sightseeing since it costs more when you wave your hand and get one. I would also suggest being safe and alert about your belongings when you’re on train. It is really not a tough task to get a better women companion for company and other reasons. I recommend Budapest travel without a male friend, so that your assured of safety.

Budapest Nightlife
Other Interest in Budapest
There are loads of things to do in Budapest, for solo female travelers who step in with dreams to enjoy their trip. The gorgeous city with the Buda and pest are stunning scenes which all must get a chance to view at. The Gellert Hill is an apt where you should climb to snapshot magnificent views. At Andrassy Ut Avenue you can discover the Hungarian National Opera House and bookstore with café called Alexandra. For single women travelers who would like to enjoy enjoyable Hungarian cuisines I would suggest Pozsonyi ut and Vian in Lizst Ferenc Ter. The public transport also serves as the best means for solo women travelers to hang round the city. A ferry river trip is a must without which your trip would never be full filled. I met plentiful other single women travelers where we exchanged our cameras for a snap shot.

Gellert Hil

Other Secure Advice For Women Traveling Alone

1- It is always advisable to avoid late night outing in and around the city.
2- Try not to get into relationship with any men since they may be a stranger who can rob off your things.
3- Always plan your day when starting out from hotel, with clear study about route maps from hotel staffs.
4- Since we are single women travelers’ male strangers target us first so must be bold and alert about things happening around us.

By following safety measures and tips single women travelers can always enjoy a happy journey in Budapest, for more detailed about the trip the most useful Budapest city travel guide TripHobo.com can help you out.