Here’s Why you Need to be at Rann Utsav 2015

Sparkling white sand, grand view of wide spread Rann and a place oozing with the festive spirit. Rann Utsav is one such cultural festival eagerly looked forward by each and every passionate tourist. Every year Rann Utsav brings in a different level of excitement amongst the tourists with the perfectly planned festive days. This year too, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement about the festival.

Here are the top best reasons to be at the sand land and a list of crazy things to do in Rann Utsav

1. Supreme Accommodation –

Rann Utsav

There are over 360 tents in the grand tent city known as ‘Dhordo’ which is about85 kms from Bhuj Gujarat. The Gujarat tourism provides all the necessary accommodation, food, sightseeing and guide to beautiful places you can also take help from travel itinerary template.

2. Sightseeing –


Besides the mesmerizing white desert, there are ample of other activities to indulge in at Rann Utsav. You could go visit nearby pre-historic temples and villages, shop for some traditional fashion and accessories, try gaming atgaming zones, attend live music concerts and watch out for those fun packed Garba nights.

3. Food –


The cultural food at the local stalls is a must try. Especially the cardamom ginger tea, it’s a true bliss for all the tea lovers. If you’re a foodie you’ll surely love their serving styles and a never ending craze for food

4. Several Festivals –

Several Festivals

It’s not just the Utsav but also a couple of other things happening right there. You would get to see some special arrangements on the occasion of kite festivals, Republic day, Gala dinner on white Rann during Valentine’s Day and more such events.

5. Relax Yourself-

Relax Yourself

Indulge in the soothing experience of luxury spas, yoga and meditation centers which have a bunch of exclusive services for the tourists. Apart from these you could also go for a camel cart ride, safari ride and try your hand at the cultural dance forms like Garba and dandiya.

6. Moonlight Dinner –

Moonlight Dinner

The tourism officials often arrange for the romantic moonlight dinners outside the tent areas. It is said that the full moon night is the right time to view the rann turn into the milky white sand.

7. Shopping –


You can never find the exclusive handmade crafts and show pieces anywhere but here. The local ladies have the talent of weaving some great items out of simple home materials. The look of these jewelries and handicrafts is pure ethnic and rural.

The festival often begins in the month of December and goes on till February or March. So make sure you catch hold of your trip planner and do the bookings well in advance and enjoy the fest.

For more details you may also visit their official site :


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