Tips for Solo Woman Travelers in Dubai

Be it any place for that matter, traveling solo is not a cake walk, moreover if you’re a woman and at a place which has strict laws, it’s even more tedious. So if you have traveled like countries and states, spanning each and every corner, you would still require that little advice from the experts when it comes to Dubai. Being safe while traveling is extremely important, this is why we have a few handy tips for all you lady backpackers out there. While there are endless things to do in Dubai for a first time traveler, there are also certain rules which you need to follow

  1. Abide by the laws 
    Image Source: Follow the laws & Stay Away from Troubles

    Dubai has strict enforcement of laws. Be it public safety, women safety, cleanliness rules, transport rules, driving, traffic or just social behavior; you need to be alert and responsible all the time. The police force is quite generous and might lend you a helping hand if you’re a tourist but make sure you do not tuck heads with people, get into fights or invite any serious trouble

  2. Religious roots
    Image Source: Respect the Religion & Culture of Other Countries

    UAE, being a Muslim country has very strong religious and cultural roots and you, as a traveler and moreover as a woman are expected to respect their culture and habits. It is not the gender biasness, it just the matter of fact that women have been brought up in certain way and are expected to follow it. This might be the case in various other countries as well.

  3. High-end safety
    Image Source: Safety is in Your Hands

    Speaking of personal safety, UAE is the safest. No person in public or in private is allowed or treated leniently for misbehavior. You can immediately file a complaint with the police if you face any issues. Necessary actions are taken just then and there.

  4. Dressing
    modest dressing
    Image Source: Must Carry Modest Dressing While travelling alone to Dubai

    You could be the safest and not invite any trouble at all if you adhere to their modest dressing notion. Being a Muslim country, accordingly Islam, being well presentable and modestly dressed is what the residents expect. You might genuinely offend the people by wearing short, revealing, skimpy clothes. Hence, it’s a big No-No!

  5. Don’t be overfriendly – Introvert or too personal is a best term for the people here. They might not bother you or try to get too friendly with you ever unless you’ve been staying with or knowing any of them for a longer time. The sole purpose of traveling is to meet new people, agreed; but while in Dubai maintain that distance and watch your tone as overly talkative would mean you’re openly inviting Muslim men towards you. Also while traveling to famous tourist attraction spots in Dubai, make sure you talk limited to the guide and the people around. Be solo as you are and enjoy the holiday.
  6. Don’t drink
    Image Source: Don’t Drink & Drive

    The laws in Dubai are extremely strict, when it comes to alcohol consumption. Don’t drink does not mean that it is illegal or not allowed, but because residents of Dubai need a proper legalized license to purchase alcohol and you, as a tourist will not be. Drinks can be purchased at the bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels but make sure you do not get a serious hangover. Drunk in public, equals to an offense like drink and drive.

So, now that you have a complete series of safe travel tips, make sure you follow these on your next or first trip to Dubai. Also, if you pick up the Dubai travel guide, it might give out some more significant points. Have a look at it and let the holiday begin!


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