Top 10 Travel Hacking Ideas You Haven’t Considered Yet

If you’re a wander lusting person who loves to take a plunge of traveling to new places every year, here are some brilliant travel hacks for you. A budget and smart journey is something we all crave for, but how do you actually make it happen? We tell you here today.

New Year’s Eve and Christmas is approaching and so is the holiday season, these travel tips will surely make your vacation a win-win this time, try them out!

1. Booking Hotels and Flights Online –


Enable private browsing while you e-book your flights and stay. This is because travel portals track your visits and later tend to raise prices just because you’ve visited again.  So get smart and always enable the private browsing mode to avail best prices on your bookings.

2. Freshness at Journey-

Freshness at Journey

In order to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean, place a dryer sheet in your clothes. This will reduce the static. Also to reduce wrinkling in folded clothes, make use of tissue paper.

3. More Space for More Stuff –

More Space for More Stuff

This one is a super intelligent hack, we often complain when fitting more clothes and other necessary stuff in the suitcase becomes a tedious task. You can save more space by rolling the clothes instead of folding them. They stay neat and give you ample space in the case.

4.  Organize –


Have old pill containers and fancy plastic containers? Make use of them to organize your jewelry. Whereas, your glasses’ case would be an ideal place to keep your earphones.

5. Carry Limited –

Carry Limited

There’s absolutely no need to carry your entire house while you travel. There are some people who get all cranky if one thing is missing. But a smart traveler will only carry the required materials and lessen the baggage weight. So take the stuff you require majorly.

6. Fruits Cum Moisturizers –

Fruits Cum Moisturizers

On journey, if you feel the winters are drying away your body and lips. Take out any fruit you’re carrying, smash and apply on your skin and lips. Strawberry, oranges, apples, grapes and bananas are the best options here.

7. Store Earring, Hairclips –

Store Earring, Hairclips

Almost everyone has those tic-tac boxes, if you have a couple of spare boxes, use them to store your bobby pins, earrings and other tiny stuff.

8. Toast it up! –

Toast it up

In a hurry, and hungry? Take a slice of cheese, some pepper and a few slices of bread. Put it together and run a hot iron over it. Your cheese pepper toast is ready in a few minutes. This hack would help specifically when there’s no cooking gas available. But do not forget to cover up your slice with a cotton cloth before running the iron over it.

9. Collar Neat – Have nicely folded shirts? Roll up your waist belt and put it under the collar to keep it neat and firm.

10. Select Seats – If you’re traveling with a partner or say your friend and do not want any third person between you guys, try this. While booking the seats choose the aisle and window seats, obviously the middle seat would be free and ideally nobody would like to book such a odd place. So rejoice! The entire row is yours

We’re sure these simple hacks and tricks will help you better your travel experience next time. There’s always something which you would learn on your way as well. Just keep an open eye and observe, you’re sure to get some smart ideas.  Also, before hiring a trip planner, keep yourself updated with the latest deals and discounts, so that he does not fool you!


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