Great Advice About Travel From The Experts

Travelling to a new place is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and grow. Nothing beats experience and as you pack for yours dream destinations you have been waiting to set your foot on to, read the following travel tips given by the experts.

1. Carry light
Carry only what you absolutely and essentially need.  A few clothes, phone charger, power bank, documents all make it easier to have less stuff to sort.
A quick checklist in the phone makes sure you don’t leave anything behind between destinations and is one of the most useful vacation planning tips you will ever get.

2. Airport Tips

Travel on official working day and you are assured a less crowded airport.  If you fly often, then opt for the Trusted Traveler Program which means you can carry liquids in your bag and wear your belt and shoes to slide easily through security.

3. Humor yourself
On a more personal note, no traveler truly travels without having a little bit of humor embedded into their personalities. Confused about the metro map or do your simply find yourself making simple mistakes which spoil your whole day? Well, learn to laugh on these things and you will cruise through your travel.

4. Money Matters
Contact your banks well before your travel to ask about ATM facilities (in different countries, depending on where you are off to) and exchange rates.
Known that Traveler’s cheques can be a pain to cash in and always cash in before you check into a hotel.

5. On Clothes

Carry low maintenance clothes (which don’t need ironing and heavy care) and you already have a fantastic travel. So keep those whites for fancy vacations and wear what you would not mind sleeping in and you have a much smaller bag already!

6. Vaccinations

Different countries have different vaccinations requirement for travelers. We say, get those vaccines and prep yourself for exploring a new place on the globe sans all the medical fiasco.

7. Lower your expectations

Traveler’s often lose their mind over how the hotels looked bigger in photos and how the tourist attractions where supposed to look like a high-def wonderland and about how a blog promised that the locals were completely friendly but are not so. Lower your expectations and prepare for scenarios.

8. Do your homework

Traveling without learning about your destination is like walking in the dark. You will fall over things and will be unable to proceed with confidence. Read up on the culture, the life, the famous spots in the city. Add to that the cultural differences and the customs which are important and you will be thankful later for all the hours of prep.

9. Local Lingo

Always know the local lingo- the way to greet people, the hand gestures, how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ in the local language, all go a long way and are simply irreplaceable. If you get lost in the city and want help for directions, you will be happy that you can ask the next person passing you by without any language barrier.

10. Safety

The biggest issue for travelers is being safe. Other than doing a quick research of the places to avoid, women and men alike must carry the approved tools for self-defense. Take a quick self-defense lesson before you travel to a place where crime rates are high. Pepper-spray and Stun guns and compact rods are also rather helpful.

No matter what your official trip planner advises you, these expert tips will help you for truly experiencing the city. Traveling is an unpredictable journey and the more you know, the more you learn.

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