Here’s Some Advice If You’re Traveling to India for the First Time

India, the land of diverse cultures and people, holds a unique place in the Asian continent. As more and more travelers visit this land of colors, Indian tourism makes sure that they get all hooked up to a plethora of tourist attractions in India. As a foreigner, you might find it difficult to adjust in the suffocating crowd of the metro cities, the overly spicy food, drastic climatic variations and a huge creed of different humans all over, but there is something extraordinary and lively about this country that makes travelers fall in love with it. You may plan your holiday through vacation planner for awesome experience.

So let’s see what all things you can take care of and let go, while traveling to this crazy country for the first time.

1. Live Through the Country–


Many people who come to India from abroad set up a range of pan Indian expectations. However, do keep in mind that India is a different land with every mile that you cover. From culture, lifestyle, language, food to living- everything changes drastically here.  Make sure you adopt and accept it for the way it is because that’s the only secret to enjoy your trip wherever you go. After all travel is supposed to bring you out of your comfort zone and teach you about life!

2. Let go Budget Worries –


Indian currency holds a minimum value when compared with foreign currency, hence if you’re carrying EUR, AUD or CAD, you will get a hefty amount in Indian rupees as a return. Also, food, stay, travel and other essentials are quite affordable in India. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So just let go of the financial worries and have a blast. To explore the country better, you can go through an India trip planner guide for better assistance.

3. Adapt the Dressing Tradition –


This specifically applies to women travelers. No matter how chilled out you can be in other countries but remember, India has a different dressing tradition that makes it unique. Restrict yourself from wearing revealing and skimpy clothes that goes against the ethics of the country.  There is a blessing in disguise in such a restriction though. As you walk through the streets of India, you will come across an array of colors and varieties in clothing that nothing would be able to stop you from falling in love with them. Also, abide to the country’s tradition wherever you travel; this is a way of staying safe there. Is there any point in offending their culture and inviting trouble?

4. Learn Basic Hindi to Survive –


Start learning early or get a language translator app on your phone. That’ll be your savior. Around 60-70% of Indian population is well versed with English but you cannot expect it from certain sections of the society. Hence, get a hand over Hindi.

5. Plan Your Journey – Let us be frank, there will be times when India will just make you feel disgusted. Times when you’ll have to travel in overcrowded local trains, use a horrifically dirty toilet, fight with the auto driver for right fare, tolerate staring eyes, digest super spicy food and of course struggle with Indian bacteria. These things might put you off, but you will surely have a gala time if you have a foolproof health plan. Decide where to go when and you’re sorted. A smart traveler always follows some travel hacks in order to survive.

6. Things which are a Prerequisite – Do not indulge in fights with locals, people in India are rather aggressive. Dress up well, neatly. Learn the local languages, preferably Hindi. Avoid traveling in local trains if you get scared of the crowd, as that’s how they function. Do not travel during summers; India is relatively hotter than other countries.

So this was our quick guide for first time visitors, hope these travel tips work out well for you.


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