10 Facts about Sydney Trip That Will Blow Your Mind

Sydney, a thriving place for millions of international and domestic tourists has been a visitors’ delight since long. Over 10 million people come to this city every year, thanks to the wonderful beaches and other adventurous spots. It’s calm and favorable weather, rich European history, diverse yet vibrant economy and lifestyle options make it all worth for a perfect holiday destination. Sydney is known to be Australia’s largest, most populated and happening tourist city. Tour agencies are unlikely to share these Sydney travel tips with you, hence we’re here –


So, if you just thought about the Opera House, Harbor Bridge and beaches, you’ll be fascinated to know that there’s a lot more to this city. Also did you know Sydney was officially declared a city in 1842!? –

Here’s a list of top 10 facts about the city that are sure to amaze you! A complete Sydney travel guide

1. Sydney is the 12th most expensive city with property rates averaging to USD8000 per sq.ft. Now you know why property investments in Sydney are such a costly affair!

2. The Harbor Bridge at Sydney is the widest, tallest long-span steel –arch bridge in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. The Sydney Tower was known to be the tallest one when it opened in 1981. Even today, the freestanding structure is the 2nd tallest tower in all of Australia.

4. Apart from the global English; Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese and Greek are some other languages spoken in Sydney.

5. The most well known ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ which is Australia’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibit, first began at Bondi beach in 1996 and the Sydney fish market is the largest of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere.

6. Operating and serving since 1875, the Sydney ferries carry over 15 million passengers every year in and around the city. These ferries are known to provide great assistance with the most generous crew staff.

7. Rugby is the most popular and widely played sport in Sydney. During 1908, NRL – the largest and most prestigious rugby league competition began.

8. The Ultimate Australian Adventure Show by Oprah Winfrey costs Sydney and Australia, a hefty AUD4 million dollars. This is something really amusing!

9. QVB – the Queen Victoria Building was build in 1890s and was named after her in order to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee in 1897.How cool is that?

10. The Art Gallery at New South Wales (AGNSW) was established in 1880 and is the most visited public gallery and the 4th largest in Australia. Tourists are often found walking and strolling around during exhibitions and events.

sydney (2)

Apart from these, there are much more fascinating things about the city which you shall discover once you visit Australia. Usually, spring is the best time to travel as you get to enjoy at the beaches as well as watch the beautiful natural landscapes. So now that you know what not to miss, catch an expert Sydney trip planner who will introduce you to the every nook and corner of the city.

This was just a glimpse Sydney has a lot to explore. If you’re an adventurous traveler, try taking different routes during the journey, it helps you discover the natural beauty through various angles. If you are a frequent flyer, try ditching the flight sometime and get on a cruise voyage. By the end of your trip, you should be able believe that you’ve satisfied your wander lust in the best possible way.

We shall be sharing more such amazing stories and travel tips here! Keep reading.


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