Reasons why Cancun is America’s Most Popular Vacation Destination

There is a reason why Cancun is the ultimate spring-break destination for students. The extensive sandy beaches with clear blue skies, the nightlife, the hustling streets and the dominant urban life, create quiet a mix!

Yes, Cancun glamourizes Mexico like no other city and its energy will get to anyone who touches its borders. If you think America has more goods that Cancun and are wondering why Americans still choose Cancun over any other local favorite, allow us to answer!

1. Close to USA
Cancun is so close to USA that you may even forget you are on the other side of the boundary! The cheap flights and the lower cost of living make it ideal for the next vacation without trip planning too much of the finances.

2. Rich Wildlife
Wildlife in Cancun completes the eco-tourism of Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is a favorite and is home to over 50% of the bird species present in Mexico! Add to that a total of 25 % of mammal species seen in Mexico and 10% of its rich flora!

If you love snorkeling, you can explore more of its rich marine life.

3. Year round Beaches like never before
The beaches are a common go-to place for parties, for water sports, for sun-bathing or for simply spending some quality times with friends and family. The weather is pleasant almost all year round and with a beach-front to envy, locals and the tourists just can’t resist it!

4. Electric Nightlife
Cancun is a young city and you will find more youth activities here than some of the beaches in the US.  The nightlife is no exception and all year round the Pubs and Clubs provide refuge to serial party-people who want to groove all night long. When in Cancun, grooving to the nightlife is one of the few things you simply must do!

5. Fine Food
Mexican food is the ultimate party food. Its wholesome and rather big portions will kill the craving of any foodie. Cancun offers multi cuisine restaurants which serve French, Mexican, Italian and American food at some of the coolest joints around the city.

Beer may be a tourist favorite but when in Cancun, try their fancy cocktails by the beach bars!

6. The History
Cancun offers a small treasure for history-lovers. Mayan ruins ‘El Rey’ and ‘El Meco’ are a touch of magic in the urban city and if you want to touch history, walk through the site to see the neat layout, the pyramidal structures and the well-planned designs, built with less than half the resources available to us!

7. Live Music
The Live Music scene in Cancun will keep you moving your hips for a long time and with so much to choose from, it is a task to narrow down on one place. The local bands truly make its live scene count.

8. Urban Experience
In spite of all the untouched beach experiences and the spectacular snorkeling, Cancun still offers its urban goods to visitors. The high fashion centers, the gourmet food, the famous tourist attractions and the crazy nightlife of Cancun merge perfectly well with the tranquil beaches and spectacular wild-life.

Cancun is just what Americans seek outside their usual idea of a vacation and with Mexico not far away, it does make for a great way to spend those bucks you have saved for a vacation. More than that, Americans love how truly close to home Cancun feels while still offering its own flavor and style.

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