The Best Family Holiday Destinations In Australia

Expansive, bronzed and open-skied, Australia is fabricated for family travel – a brilliantly diverse country strewn with surf beaches, tropical reefs and snowy heights. The unlimited distance in the middle of A and B can test parental tolerance, yet with some savvy planning you can concentrate on the pleasures of exploring with people much closer to ground level than you are. Trip Hobo Trip Planner has some best tourist attractions in Australia for you if you’re looking for a good family destination to Australia. Here are few Australia travel tips that you should know when you reach the destination.

Great Barrier Reef

Start your Great Barrier Reef campaign from Cairns or Port Douglas, with a rapid catamaran trip to an inner reef atoll or a stretched out day trip to the immaculate outer reef. In any case, snorkeling over this hyper-shaded world is amazing. Scuba diving is a choice for teenagers; a calm sail in a glass-base bottom will help the kids to see into the ocean.


As it is said…”beautiful one day, perfect the next”. That pretty much aggregates up the holiday heaven that is Queensland. For families, Queensland is perfect.


Tasmania is an island separated, and a world separated from mainland Australia. A place of friendly people, wild landscape, wonderful adventure, food and wine and a relaxed island lifestyle.


Sydney’s closeness to beaches like Bondi and Coogee makes it a superb place for families. Downtown Sydney additionally has many kid- friendly charms: The royal botanic garden and The Sydney aquariums offer understanding into Australia’s natural wonders in an agreeable environment.


Melbourne settles on an awesome decision for families of animal lovers. Head to Werribee Open Range Zoo for a giraffe locating or look at the penguin parade at the Phillip Island Nature Park. Besides, you can’t miss a visit to the city’s most famous beach, St Kilda Beach.


Just thought of going to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ought to keep your children quiet during the long flight to Brisbane. When you’re not snuggling koalas, cool off at the Parklands at South Bank, home to a man-made swimming tidal pond, a perception colourful gardens.


The place to begin any Victorian holiday is Melbourne, with a wide range of accommodation including overhauled apartments, luxury hotels, great guesthouses and interesting country cottages.

Australian Capital Territory
Set aside time out – spend your quality time together on  holiday in family-accommodating Canberra, where accommodation and dinners are moderately affordable and there are few traffic or parking issues.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island
If you are after a holiday that will transport you back so as to when family holidays were about getting to know each other and appreciating nature-based exercises, then pack up the kids, snorkeling gears and suntan cream, and come back to life in the moderate path.


Sydney’s southern younger sibling is regularly disregarded in the rush further down the coast, yet there are a lot of reasons to go no more distant than Wollongong and the Illawarra. You can horse ride, “fly” over the treetops, get some water park activity, draw near to some cuddly critters, or simply walk around shorelines far less feverish than those in the northern city.

Northern NSW
An assorted mixture of sublime lakes, golden beaches, taking off mountain reaches and emerald-green hinterland makes this area an extremely famous getaway for more than 2 million Aussies every year. The district extends from Port Stephens in the south, past Port Macquarie to Kempsey, the Macleay Valley and Coffs Harbor, the distance north to the outskirt.



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