6 Essential Skills For Adventure Travel

Most of us come with an inherent compass directing dependably to adventure travel destinations. On the off chance that there’s a congested way that needs exploring, or an inquisitive opening that must be jabbed with a stick to see what sneaks inside of, you can basically rely on yourself explore meeting people’s high expectations. In any case, when you choose you need to wander past the patio or well known outdoors turf, there are some essential aptitudes you should know to have before you get packing, from the possibly life-saving to those that can just offer you some help with dodging a remarkable inconvenience.

1.Hiking/ Trekking:

While the reality of the matter is that it is genuinely simple to walk a trail pretty much anyplace, having the ability to do as such while carrying a completely stacked backpack on your back requires a touch of experience. In case you’re acclimated to trekking your neighborhood trail without carrying much equipment, you could be in for a reality check when you hit the Inca Trail or attempt to climb Kilimanjaro.

The explication? Start preparing for a strenuous trek via carrying a pack loaded with the same apparatus you’ll be bringing with you. This will permit your body to get use to the weight, and permit you to figure out how to adjust legitimately. Additionally, figure out how to utilize trekking posts before setting out.

You’ll be happy you did once you’re really on the trail.

2. Cycling:

Cycling has kept on developing in prevalence as of late, and it has now come to the heart of the matter that you can explore pretty much every area of the world from the back of a cycle. The greater part of us figure out how to ride as kids, and the reality of the matter is that that expertise will stay with you for a lifetime.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that it has been for a spell since you last rode, you’ll certainly need to get ready to take care of business before setting out on any outing the includes riding a cycle. What’s more, in case you’re not use to longer separation, gradually begin adding mileage to your customary rides to enhance stamina and recuperation time. All things considered, you would prefer not to be the one riding in the “sag wagon” consistently.

3. Mountain Biking:

Mountain biking is significantly more specialized than street cycling, and the chances to conceivably harm yourself go up drastically as a result. In case you’re planning on taking a mountain biking trip to a remote corner of the world, you deserve to catch up on your riding aptitudes early. There are unmistakable methods that riders must learn with a specific end goal to climb slopes, explore dubious single track, and plunging appropriately. Those methods must be increased through experience on the trail. Begin with simple trail riding at to start with, and work yourself up to the additionally difficult, specialized courses as you feel more great. Accidents are a piece of the game obviously however with some practice and experience, you ought to have the ability to maintain a strategic distance to minimize the threats and ride all the more certainly in troublesome area.

4. Horseback Riding:

Going by horseback is not unique in a few sections of the world, but rather getting to be comfortable in the seat takes a touch of getting use to. Not at all like when riding a cycle, and you have complete control over your technique for transportation, a stallion has its very own brain, some of the time going where it needs to go, as opposed to where the rider direct it. Figuring out how to function with the creature is a profitable ability to have, and will permit you to be more agreeable on its back. This will likewise prompt expanded trust by and large, and more prominent delight in any trip that includes horseback riding.

5. Paddling:
paddling games keep on developing in fame, and thus are regular activities on an experience travel agenda. It is not abnormal to attempt an outing that includes kayaking, rafting, or paddling – at times on turbulent waters. Getting acquainted with how to proficiently paddle a waterway, lake, or sea can prove to be useful, permitting you to feel more great in your vessel. It will likewise help you with learning the correct structure, keeping you from tiring out on longer trips.

Moreover, stand-up paddle boarding has become drastically in prominence in the course of recent years too, and it has begun to end up a typical activity on experience trips as well. That game requires an alternate set of aptitudes than kayaking for season, as parity assumes all the more a part and the oar is longer as well. On the off chance that you are leaving on an excursion that includes paddle boarding, you’ll unquestionably need to have no less than a negligible measure of expertise and experience early.

6. Climbing:

Easily the most technically demanding of all of the activities on this list, climbing is a sport that requires a lot of experience and skill to safely undertake. Of all of the items listed here, it is one that I’d recommend paying for a class or two to ensure that you truly know what you’re doing. Depending on the nature of the climb, it could mean the difference between injury or even death. But then again, if you’re a beginner climber you probably should embark on a climbing trip unless it is specifically geared for your experience level. Learning to work with ropes, harnesses, and cams takes time, not to mention gaining the ability to safely belay another climber. But with a little experience and guidance, you’ll quickly learn the ropes. (Pun fully intended!)

Knowing the fundamentals of these basic sports and activities will give you the core skills that you need to participate comfortably and safely in the vast majority of adventure travel excursions. Of course, having a solid level of physical fitness doesn’t hurt either, which you can also attain by participating in these sports while at home too. These are the building blocks for enjoying adventure travel more fully, and just having a solid understanding of these common activities will open up more opportunities for you too.


10 Things to do in Genting Highlands Malaysia

You can’t have enough of Genting Highlands. This City of Entertainment, perched on the top of the mountain is one of the major tourist attractions in Malaysia that pulls a lot of crowd every year. One big attraction in Genting is the cool weather. Because of the 2,000m altitude, Malaysians like to visit just to enjoy the ‘European’ weather that envelops this place. This official capital of gambling has a number of things to do in Genting that will keep you busy throughout. With a number of Genting tourist attractions it might become difficult for you to shortlist your itinerary so you can take help from travel planner. Let us tell you how you can prioritise:

1. The Visitors’ Galleria

Image title

A place where you will discover how this fully integrated family holiday resort became a reality because of one man’s dream and determination. Take a walk down memory lane and get to know the history of Genting highlands Resort and the Founder’s Vision.

2. Outdoor Theme Park

Image title

Genting Outdoor Theme Park is one of Malaysia’s premiere centres for wholesome family entertainment. Once you’re in Genting Highlands, be prepared to experience exciting, thrilling and sky-high rides in their theme park. Some of the attractions are Space Shot, Corkscrew, Pirate Ship, Astro Fighter, Cyclone, Flying Coaster, Dinosaur Land, Flying Dragon, Turbo Drop, Gun Simulator, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Grand Prix Fan Kart, Matahari and many more.

3. Casinos in Genting

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One of the most coveted things to do in Genting Highlands! There are several big casinos around Genting and only those above 21 years of age can enter. Patrons wearing sunglasses, hats, slippers, short pants, sandals and sports attire are not permitted into Casino de Genting. Cameras and backpacks are also not allowed inside; they have a locker rental at the entrance of the casinos.

4. Indoor Theme Park

Image title

This Indoor Theme Park is for the young ones. It is part of the Genting Theme Park Complex and is located inside the older part of First World Plaza. To be able to ride the attractions here, you must have an all day pass ticket that you can purchase at the ticket counter of the outdoor theme park. Inside this indoor theme park, you can find six themed areas from around the world. Each of this area features unique rides with theme from Champs Elysee (France), Venice (Italy), Times Square & Universal Walk (America) and Genting Walk (Malaysia). The indoor theme park is a fantasy land full of fun and adventure with numerous exciting video arcade games.

5. Snow World

Image title

Resort World Genting brings winter to your doorstep. Snow World is one of the largest snow attractions in Malaysia. Come and experience the most magical season of all at Snow World and bring home the fondest memories of winter!

6. Sky Venture

Image title

Genting Sky Venture is a state of the art sky diving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 193 km/hr in the one and only wind tunnel in Asia.

7. Genting Skyway Scale

Scale greater heights when you ride on the Genting Skyway! Linking from its Main Station at Gohtong Jaya to Highlands Hotel, the Genting Skyway offers a very convenient, high-tech super smooth and safe ride up to the resort city.

8. Shopping on Highlands

The First World Plaza has got to be the coolest, if not highest shopping destination in Malaysia. There are more than 60 Retail and 70 F&B outlets plus attractions for all ages. You don’t have to wait to plan a personal or family vacation.

9. Chin Swee Caves Temple

Image title

Explore this grand religious site located on a sharp, rocky slope near the peak of Resorts World Genting. Remember to visit the iconic nine-storey pagoda lit by lamps, the Sky Terrace and the 15-meter high Buddha in the temple.

10. Delicious food at such a height

Image title

Entice your taste buds with glorious seafood and other culinary delights at 3,000 feet above sea level. Be amazed at the yummy fare on offer such as the exquisite Steamed Wild Patin with Homemade Sauce and Durian Tarts at Yik Kee Restaurant. Walk off your repast by taking in the sights about town.

6 Ways to Make your Visit to Rome Fantastic

The grand mythology, the thematic novels, controversial movies and the promise of love, Rome is a rollercoaster ride without any seat belts. Up close, the still-in-time piazzas, churches, chapels, the Vatican and the brilliance that is in the air, is truly the soul of Rome.

It does take more time to trip planning to Rome than it takes to go anywhere else- blame the adrenaline, the heavy (soon to be light) wallet or the sky-high expectations!

So at last, you have your tickets ready, your accommodation reserved and that hourly itinerary which is kept on top of your luggage! But Rome is more than what your plans can hold. Take a quick scan to get pointers on how to make the most of your visit to Rome!

1. Buy ‘Skip-the-line’ Tickets
Most of the tourist attractions in Rome come with long queues and boring waiting time. Ditch the waiting monotony and grab a ‘Skip-the-line’ pass which is a choice at many attractions including the Vatican Museum. The Coliseum which has the most dreaded wait time is a piece of cake if you enroll with a tour!

2. Take a Food Tour

Rome without exploring the cuisine is simply not Rome. The markets, the local secrets and the international favorites all are a part of the Rome Food Tour and for a first timer, this is not a must-do but a necessity!

3. Start Early
Yes, the attractions are worth every minute in the wait line, but for those who know better, simply start the day early! Visit the place a few minutes before the opening time and Viola! Easy entry, better view!

To add to that, you get to see the city before all the tourists have taken to the streets- with the beautiful mornings that glow every inch of Rome.

4. Graduate at the Gladiator School
Gladiator fans- bring out the warrior in you at the Gladiator School or the ‘GruppoStorico Romano’ in Rome. Get trained by the members of the Historic Group of Rome for 2 hours and learn how to combat- a pretty neat trick even in modern times! Going all out to offerold-Rome ambience, including the costume and the gear- the Gladiator School is by far, one of the fun things to do in Rome.

5. Vespa Tour
Vespa is a culture in Rome. Walking is fun, but Vespa is simply style! The cool Vespa Tours in Roam offers a rare glimpse into the city’s forgotten and popular spots all while you ride on a part of history itself! Pose like Audrey Hepburn in the Roman Holiday and the pic is sure to get you a couple of likes on Instagram!

6. Do the non-Touristy Things
Hike up to the Gianicolo Hill and listen to the cannon fired everyday at 12.00pm since the victorious day of the battle of Rome. Visit the Jewish Ghetto, grab a take away beer and Pizza and savor it at the Piazza Navona, visit the Cat Sanctuary and stroll along the Trevi Fountain after the city has slept! Phew! And that’s only half the list! We suggest you add your own escapades!

For the travelers who love Rome for all that it stands- the art, architecture, legendary stories, soulful food and interesting people, these hacks will surely make your stay a tad bit easier.

The love that Rome showers through its stories, its Piazzas, its cobbled pathways and its legends, makes it the one place which every tourist will only adore! Maybe that’s why ‘romance’ has ‘Rome’ in it!

26 things to do in North Singapore that you never thought possible

North Singapore has many tourist attractions. But, here are some things to do in North Singapore that you never thought would be possible.

1) Kayak to Khatib Bongsu

Kayak to Khatib Bongsu is a 7.5km relaxing mangrove paddle amongst the last accessible riverine mangroves in mainland Singpore.You can see variety of interesting flora and fauna. Its peaceful ambience attracts birdwatchers, cyclists, joggers, nature-lovers and fishing enthusiasts.

2) Enjoy Thrilling tactical Action at Paintball

With a 20m shooting gallery, scenario based fields , and a standard sized speedball field. If you are above 14 years old then you will have some thrilling fun here.

3) Wake Pirates Wakeboarding

Wake Pirates Wakeboarding everyone has something. Every session has a best experienced instructor to teach you acrobat. They will guide you through your first deep-water start  all the way to the moment you land your first spin and invert.Take a leap of faith and unleash the inner acrobat in you. So plan your trip with the help of trip planner.

4) Sembawang Hot Springs

It is the mainland’s only natural hot spring and is popular for its apparent curative properties.The water has been used for F&N’s bottled water. It is said that it has healing powers and it is popular spot for people to soak their tired feet.

5) Jurong Frog Farm

6) Neo Tiew Estate

It consists of abandoned flats, a wet market and a playground it has rusty interiors , peeling paint ans vandalism all hint at the lack of maintenance . It has now been sealed off.

7) Sembawang Colonial Houses

It is built by the British in the late 19th Century. These are black and white houses that were once location of His Majesty’s Naval Base of the British Royal Navy.

8) Udder’s Ice Cream Making Workshop.

The Udders Workshops are team bonding workshops that encourage team bonding through the art of making ice cream. Learn, laugh, chill and bond with your team and get to enjoy the Udders Ice Cream Buffet at the end of the workshops!

9) Get fit with Ozfit
Ozfit is a natural park it has uphill’s, contours and stairs, it is perfect for interval and high intensity exercises. Ozfit provides challenging cross training, interval workouts etc. There are various sessions available.

10) Craft Brewery at Jungle Beers

If you count yourself a hipster ,take a tour of Jungle Beers. You will be treated with an astounding sight of their 1000lt brewhouse.They have variety of unique flavours.

11) Bukit Brown

It made itself to 2014 World Monuments Watch List.Bukit Brown is no ordinary cemetery , it is a place where Singaporean pioneers are buried.

12) Hike to Syonan Jinja
It is built by the Japanese Imperial Army During World War II , the shrine was destroyed after British forces reoccupied Singapore. As you hike along the trail on-route to the Shinto shrine , keep an eye out for the pleasant scenery of Macritchie Reservoir, as well as few water tanks.

13) Go to grocery shopping at Senoko Fishery Port

This is a wholesale fish market. Here you can find the freshest fishes in Singapore. Just be sure to arrive early; the fish markets are open from 2am to 6am and by 5am only few fishes are remaining.

14) Hay Dairies
These furry , wide-eyed , innocent goats are too adorable to resist. Learn about the milking process where fresh goat’s milk is produced.

15) Learn to fly

Learn to fly at the Republic of Singapore Flying Club The Republic of Singapore Flying Club offers you the opportunity to obtain a Singapore Private Pilot License.If you are feeling nauseous , there’s an option of sitting back and watching planes fly around.

16) Gaming at Gamerssaurus Rex
It is a one-stop haven for gamers.It is a place for regular tournaments and daily game nights.

17) Date at Woodland Waterfront Park

For all couples , enjoy a nice and romantic stroll along the 1.5km long waterfront.
And for singles , set your cameras to the panorama mode as you gaze at the obstruct view of the entire park and Straits of Johor.18) Venture Outdoors at Water Venture- Sembawang

19) Fight in the Sith with Light Sabers
If you’d like to channel that the ineer force within you ,and mimic the sleek moves of Luke Skywalker with a light saber,head to the Saber Authority.20) Go skateboarding at AMK banks

21) Buy fresh local produce at Kranji Countryside Farmer’s Market.

22) Go back in the history at the Japanese Cemetery Park
It is the largest Japanese cemetery in Southeast Asia, with 910 tombstones containing the remains of Japanese community in Sngapore,including merchants, civilians and convicted war criminals  executed in Changi Prison.

23) Explore the Abandoned  Braddell-Westlake Secondary School

24) Go tree climbing
Do not fret if you don’t have the tree climbing skills of a monkey , as you can start by learning the ropes from basic course,and even set up your very own tree hammock in the intermediate courses.

25) Race your friends around the track.
Experience the thrill of racing at KF1 Karting Circuit , complete with its very own pit building , pit lane garages.

26) SG50 Concert Series in the Park

How to Avoid Sickness From Food

Holidays are meant to rejuvenate and refresh you and not exhaust. Safe travel is of utmost importance as there are numerous problems and situations that might arise in the middle of the journey. Healthcare on road is a big agony for most of them and outside food, water tend to make you feel sick.

So here are a few smart travel tips and hacks you may try out to stay fit and avoid travel sickness

1. Build Strong Immune System – Work towards building a strong immune system and maintain a healthy routine before heading for your trip. The antibodies will help you fight the climate changes and also stabilize your metabolism. A healthy body can map a successful journey!

2. Prepare a First-Aid Kit –

Avoid the risk factors before the disease occurs, is highly important. After all precaution is better than cure. Considering your health, keep all the medicinal essentials ready in the first-aid box so that you can avoid hazardous long term repercussions.

3. Eat Organic –

Try and manage to eat only farm fresh veggies and fruits. They’re anytime good for a perfect health. Avoid fast foods, ready-to cook packets and other unknown dishes. They might cause acidity and make you feel lazy and dizzy.

4. Avoid Oily Foods –

Oily food stuff generally contains ample of cholesterol, fatty acids, calories and much more substances that weaken the immune system of your body. If you’re traveling, a high dose of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins is what you need.

5. Exercise –

Taking a day off from your exercise routine is not a good idea. Not even when you’re traveling. On the contrary, your body has to go through that much needed wear and tear in order to match up the energy levels. Also, exercising is good for digesting the food you consume.

6. Fruits – Best Friends –

There are huge chances that you might start feeling terribly hungry during odd hours of the day. The best thing would be to grab an apple or an orange. Fruits will satisfy your hunger and nourish your body amazingly.

7. Maintain Hygiene – Physical hygiene is equally important.  Be very careful when you touch unknown things at the restaurants, buildings, public transports and at other places. Use your own napkins and soaps to avoid getting any sort of infections.

8. Use Sanitizers –

This quick on-the-go bottle of antiseptic has to be in your handbag wherever you go. Toilet doors, wash basins, bathrooms, cushions, curtains etc  carry germs. So before you eat anything, it’s always a good idea to sanitize your hands and get clean.

9. Avoid Tap Water –

If you remember, science taught us that there’s hard water and then there’s soft water. Hard water is generally used for cleaning and washing purposes. Soft water is used for cooking and drinking. Tap water is usually hard and non-filtered, might carry harmful germs bacteria and viruses. Most of the diseases quickly catch due to dirty water. It’s best to carry your own distilled water or buy a good sealed water bottle from the stores.

10. Eat, Sleep, Meditate – Now you must be wondering how does this help avoid falling sick? Well, having timely meals, sleeping on time and meditating early morning helps in a healthy routine. It circulates blood flow and repairs your external and internal fitness, digestion and metabolism process.

So now that you know the dos and don’ts while traveling, we hope you’d have a wonderful and a healthy trip going forward. If you have more of these travel health tips, we’d love to share with the readers! Keep them coming in

5 Tips To Keep Your Belongings Safe from Holiday Theft

As a traveller you are clearly an attractive target for robbers. Luckily, there are various distinctive ways in which you can keep your personal belongings secure.
The holidays are a chipper time, however while you’re celebrating somebody may be looking at those new presents. Be careful with the thieves holding up to get their hands on your presents. As indicated by Nationwide claims information in the course of recent years, there were almost 15,000 home robberies during the holidays and travel plan months of November, December and January.

Here are 5 safety tips while travelling and to keep your belongings safe from holiday theft.

1. Save the status updates for later
Telling loved ones your holiday plans through social media may appear to be safe, however that online networking message can be a promotion to thieves that says, “I’m not home.” Don’t let your online networking habit while you’re gone put your home at danger for a thievery.

2. Add home security gadgets to your present list:

Adding these things to your list of things to get can offer some additional protection:

  • Sensor-activated lighting
  • Movement activated webcams
  • Smart phone home security

Likewise, investigate technology that gives you a chance to associate with your phone for every minute of every day observation when you’re on the go.

3. Money Pouch:
Worn around your waist and underneath your garments, the well-known travel pocket is intended to discretely hold your cash, charge cards, international ID, and so forth.
This is an affection it-or-hate it solution. Before your first enormous trip you will think it was clearly the best thing since sliced bread, however in 22 months of travel it genuinely once in a while will leave you backpack. There are few people swear by these money pouches, yet there are several reasons why you don’t care for them actually:

Firstly, imagine yourself burrowing around for something some place under your shirt… you simply wind up attracting thoughtfulness regarding yourself. Not perfect.

Regardless of showcasing cases despite what might be expected, they are never totally     agreeable. You are generally mindful of it, particularly in case you are in a mid-year destination where you are just wearing a shirt. You will generally kind of feel like a police witness wearing a wire.

While useful against entrepreneurial burglary or pick pocketing, it won’t conflict with out and out theft. Cheats think about these pouches!

I’d likely say they are best to secure things while in travel (e.g. on night buses or trains). I have been less eager about wearing them in other travel circumstances, for holiday when touring.

4. Monitor your keys:
A lot many people know not to cover up keys some place about the house but rather would you say you are likewise mindful that lending your keys to trades people and colleagues can represent a risk? Keys are effectively duplicated and can give robbers quick, no fuss access to your assets.

Also, When you have to get some closed eye, whether it’s airport or on a train, dependably ensure that you have your rucksack either under your head or as near you as you can; appended by some parachute line or a strap.

That way, if anybody tries to rifle through its content, you ought to wake up. Thieves work with such speed that they could half-creep your sack in seconds from under a table as you sit will-fully ignorant, tasting tea in a bistro. Slip the handles of your pack under the leg of your seat so as not to give them the shot.

5. Install an alarm or deter thieves with a dog:

Add another layer of defense to your home with an alarm system. A barking dog can also provide effective security for your home. Even installing a “Beware of the dog” sign can make thieves pause before targeting your home.

Think You Know It All About The Grand Canyon? Wait Until You Read This

Well, the Grand Canyon in itself is a marvel and nature’s miracle. No matter how much ever you learn about the majestic place, more and more interesting things are sure to come up every time you change your vision and perception towards it. Talking about the naturally formed red rocky desert floor, Grand Canyon has also been a popular tourist destination for hikers, bikers and adventure lovers so plan your trip for Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona
But how well do you know your favorite holiday spot? We’re sure the following facts about the Grand Canyon are sure to amaze you!

1. The very First National Park –


The huge naturally occurred rocky landscape in the United States happens to be the first ever national park in America. In the year 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt first made it a game preserve and later in 1908 redesignated it as US’s national Monument. Nowadays, the most loved tourist attraction spot in Grand Canyon

2. Dinosaur fossils, a myth –

Dinosaur fossils, a myth

Please forgive the gossip lovers who’ve been telling you about those mysterious dinosaur fossils at the Grand Canyon. There seriously aren’t any. The fact is, the solid, red rocky formation which occurred naturally decades ago, is as ancient as dinosaurs. So you can actually say the stones here are from the dino-era. However, the reptile footprint traces have been observed in certain parts of the desert. But there aren’t any skeletons or fossil remains.

3. The Widest Point –
How deep and wide could it be? Can you believe Grand Canyon is farther than the usual American’s commute route to work? The average distance cannot be more than 15 miles and the widest part of the Grand Canyon is around 18 miles. What’s more? Due to the huge desert scape, there are ample of adventure activities and other interesting things to do in Grand Canyon.

4. The Spanish Discovery-

The Spanish discovery

Yes, it were the Spanish who discovered Grand Canyon in 1540 while they were searching for native riches. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was looking around for some mythological seven cities of gold, when he discovered the Canyon. He could discover it due to extreme lack of water that side.

5. Human Artifacts –

Human artifacts

Humans have lived in Grand Canyon many years back. It is been said that humans lived here for at least 3,000 years. Human artifacts have been found that are over 4-5 thousand years old and it only proves the long gone existence. Though it is still under cover that how the Grand Canyon looked these many years back? Was the naturally formed red rock landscape there? How was the survival of the people? All these questions are still unanswered.

6. Largest Canyon in the world –

Largest Canyon in the world

Grand Canyon is surprisingly the second largest, yes many thought it might be the first. Determining such a largest Canyon is a huge task because the expanse of the diameter is just beyond measuring. But thanks to the technological advancements and science, it’s been done now. To our amusement, Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet is the world’s first largest, deepest and longest Canyon. How enormous and supernatural is our Earth?

7. Drastic weather changes –

Drastic weather changes
The climate at the Northern rim is totally different as compared to the Southern rim, reason? Northern rim is considerably higher in elevation which is why it is a bit cooler and unpredictable. It also snows there almost throughout the year. Southern is warm and moderate, mostly open for visitors and considered the safest point to be at.

Now you know it better or rather we can say you know it all about the great Grand Canyon. If you’re planning to visit don’t forget to check the Grand Canyon Travel guide before you begin!