7 Tips For Planning Trip to Malaysia

Are you looking for a great holiday destination? Do you love experiencing different cultures around the world? Whichever your reason is, adding Malaysia in your travel plan will not disappoint you. Malaysia is like a perfect resort styled getaway that offers relaxed ambience to shake off all the stresses from your mind. The best part of this country is the islands like Sabah or Langkawi gives a peaceful vacation while the capital city Kuala Lumpur is a perfect for shopping and sightseeing.  Hence, Malaysia is a combination of fast yet laid back vacation for the visitors. However, if you are visiting the city for the first time, consider few necessary tips to make your visit to the tourist attractions in Malaysia comfortable. Plan your vacation and enjoy your holiday.

Get your health checkup before starting your journey –

So, you are visiting Malaysia for the first time? Get your health checked. It is not because Malaysia is an unhealthy place to visit. Rather, it is because you should avoid falling ill during your trip. Hence, visit your doctor and tell him about the places you are visiting. If you plan for doing any activities like water sports or hiking, the doctor will prescribe you appropriate medicines beforehand for necessary precautions. For instance, if you are going for a rainforest walk, your doctor will ask you to have malaria tablets around a week before the departure. Remember, a good health always lets you enjoy a vacation in the best way.

Arrange for airport transfer beforehand –

Once your flight land at the Malaysia airport, you will prefer to reach the hotel first. Now, if you don’t have proper transportation you will be left wondering outside the airport. So, what’s the best thing you can do? Choose the easiest option and that is, airport express train. It is the most inexpensive mode of transportation from the Malaysian airport to reach the capital. The train is quite modern with video screens showing things to do in Malaysia and tourist sites while you travel comfortably to Kuala Lumpur. An added advantage of travelling in this train is, you can book for your luggage onto your departing flight from the central station of Kuala Lumpur. The entire journey will take around 35 minutes. Hence, in every way the train saves both your money and time. However, if you still opt for a taxi or a bus, the journey will take around 1 hour. Even the expense will be more as compared to the trains.

Choosing proper accommodation –

If you are traveling with your family, it is best to book the hotels beforehand. This is because you will come across a good deal rather than reaching over there and then walk into the hotel to make the booking. There are many online portals that offer hotel deals.  You can use them too for saving your expense. For backpackers, guesthouses with a room are often available. In general, the advice is to book your hotel well in advance to avoid any kind of hassle.

Choosing proper eateries –
Choosing an appropriate eatery is necessary when you are travelling to a new place. However, when you are in Malaysia you should keep in mind that the country is poor as compare to any western countries. Hence, you may find many renowned eateries housed in a rundown looking buildings. Don’t judge the place with its exterior look, as you might get the best Malaysian cuisines in these not-so-classy looking eateries. If you are still confused, the best way to choose one is to check the locals eating there. If they seem to be happy with the food, then go ahead.

Wearing light clothes –

Malaysia experiences very fluctuating climate. It is sunny almost throughout the year. Hence, light clothing is ideal for Malaysian vacation. However, if you are visiting any religious place like mosque and temples, be decently dressed. Women should try to wear long sleeves and long skirts or loose pants.

Following the local customs –
Every country has their own custom and they prefer to maintain that. Being a visitor, it is also your duty to check that you don’t harm their customs. In fact, respecting their customs and following them can help you to develop friendship with the locals. Similarly, before you visit Malaysia, learn about their customs. For instance, remove shoes while entering a house and places of worship. Be decently dressed in religious places. Try to handle food with your right hand.

Keep your valuables under close watch –
Be careful about your belongings. Remember, you are new in Malaysia. Hence, make sure you don’t misplace your wallets or bags where you have kept important documents. If you are carrying a backpack, remember to keep it on the front.  Especially in places like the china town of Kuala Lumpur. This is because, such places remain crowded for most part of the day. Hence, pickpocketing is common thing over there.

Following these simple travel tips will make your trip memorable for a lifetime and you will want to return Malaysia again and again.


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