Places to see in Bangkok – de-Stress Yourself and Rejenuvate Yourself

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The population of the country is about eight million. Since the city was developing rapidly the planning of the city went a bit haywire in the year 1990 and lead to severe air pollution. But the officials immediately took steps and now the city is on the route to well-being. There are many systems which are under construction which have been planned by the Metropolitan Administration of Bangkok. The Bangkok sightseeing is a thrilling experience. The weather of Bangkok is a wet and dry tropical climate. It comes under the Koppen climate classification and the weather is influenced by the South Asian monsoon. The city experiences all types of climate – hot season, winter season and rainy season.

Best time to visit Bangkok:
1-Summer: March and April can be hot in the city, and the sweltering temperatures can rise to 40-degrees Celsius.
2-Monsoon: Between May and October, is the city’s wet season, and a common time for downpours and floods around the city.
3-Winter: Any Bangkok travel guide is sure to mention that the best time to visit to Bangkok is from November to February when it is neither too hot nor raining.

The city has many parks and gardens; besides this the city also has many paddy fields and orchards. There are many places which have created to serve as the flood detention basin. Tourism has been thriving in Bangkok. It ranks among the first tourist destination across the tourists from around the world. Even though there has been modernization from time to time there are so many Places to see in Bangkok which shall remind you of the past glory of Bangkok.

The Bangkok flowers market –


Is situated on the banks of Chao Phraya River. The flowers of Bangkok are famous across the globe. One can enjoy the pleasant breeze on the banks and enjoy the spellbound fragrance of the flowers. This flower market is a hustling and bustling place with the vibrant colors and fragrances of flowers which makes the person mesmerized and one of important Bangkok places to visit. It is a must see place when you visit Thailand. The best time to visit the market is in the evening while enjoying the cool breeze. This gives a romantic touch to your trip to the flower market. The Bangkok flowers are the most renowned across the globe. The market is booming with the best of the rare specimens from across the world and the freshest flowers available in Bangkok.

Grand Palace –


This one of the famous landmark in the city of Bangkok and your Bangkok sightseeing is never fulfilled without visiting the Grand Palace. The palace was built way back in the year 1782. It was the home of the royals and the king used to stay here. The royal court was also summoned at this palace for more than 150 years. The palace has intricate designs and every tourist makes it a point to visit this place while in Bangkok.

Temple of Emerald Buddha or the Kaew –

Temple of Emerald Buddha

This temple has the statue of revered Emerald Lord Buddha. Even though the royal families do not live here any longer all the traditional rituals and ceremonies of the royals are still performed at this temple of Lord Buddha. This is one of the largest temples in Bangkok. The temple has the statue of the reclining Lord Buddha. The height of the statue is 46 meters and it is covered with a golden leaf.

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