How to Book the Cheapest Summer Holiday Flights

Travel season often creates havoc among the tourists specifically when the struggle is to get the best deals and discounts. Every online travel portal and discount couponing sites are flooded with offers and relevant flight, hotel booking coupons. But the dilemma is how you would pick up the best among these.

If you want to be smart and skilled traveler, you need to get your hands on these simple tricks and cheap flight booking hacks

1. Go for Budget Airlines-


They generally open their doors for the super cheap air tickets and summer holiday deals for travelers. Check out each and every budget airline that you know and start comparing prices. You can even compare air fares online for various budget airlines and then pick up the best deal. How easy is that?

2. Set a Time Period –


Summer means those specific 4-5 months that you know you are going to be traveling.  So, rather than guessing, make a final date of arrival and departure. Book your tickets a good 3 months well in advance. They normally tend to give you added discounts and best rates if pre-booked. You get done with your hotel and flight bookings in the most affordable way and what’s more? You even avoid those last minute panic attacks.

3. Grab Discounts –


As mentioned previously, there is a plethora of couponing sites and e-travel portals that give you amazing summer holiday deals and offers on flight and hotel bookings. Make use of them. Run a detailed search for best hotel prices, flight fares, seasonal deals, bonanza discount offers etc. A smart traveler not just excels at traveling but also at saving huge monies on road.

4. Travel Credit Cards –


These cards help you travel with ease spend and save both at the same time and also provide reward points for the certain miles you cover. The best part is, the brownie points and the rewards that you earn on each trip can be saved and used for a luxurious expensive trip.  However, please look into the terms and conditions of the bank you get the cards from. They might differ. But either ways a travel credit card helps you save money on flight and hotel bookings.

5. Fly Economy –


It not required to book elite class every time you travel. At times for holidays you can try flying economy and thus save those extra bucks for your trip. Also, some budget airlines provide on flight added services during holiday and vacation times. Don’t miss out on this fun.

6. Use your Earlier Bonus Points –


If you have gathered or have absolutely ignored the brownie points you earned on your online purchases and travel, sit and calculate how much profit they might fetch you. Redeem all the coupons you have, use them for booking your hotel and flights. It will be silly to just leave them unused and spend a bomb over e-booking. Online portals usually keep having seasonal sales and special holiday packages during summer. Make sure you pick up best deals on your favorite airline and save huge!

So if you’re planning a vacation anytime soon this summer, try out these hacks and tricks to make the most of your itinerary. Also, don’t forget to keep checking the deals and discounts online. A well planned journey leads to great memories and you discover a new you every time you travel.  Be careful when you book your holiday through trip planners, cross check the rates with other companies as well and only then buy the package. Happy journey!

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