Think You Know It All About The Grand Canyon? Wait Until You Read This

Well, the Grand Canyon in itself is a marvel and nature’s miracle. No matter how much ever you learn about the majestic place, more and more interesting things are sure to come up every time you change your vision and perception towards it. Talking about the naturally formed red rocky desert floor, Grand Canyon has also been a popular tourist destination for hikers, bikers and adventure lovers so plan your trip for Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona
But how well do you know your favorite holiday spot? We’re sure the following facts about the Grand Canyon are sure to amaze you!

1. The very First National Park –


The huge naturally occurred rocky landscape in the United States happens to be the first ever national park in America. In the year 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt first made it a game preserve and later in 1908 redesignated it as US’s national Monument. Nowadays, the most loved tourist attraction spot in Grand Canyon

2. Dinosaur fossils, a myth –

Dinosaur fossils, a myth

Please forgive the gossip lovers who’ve been telling you about those mysterious dinosaur fossils at the Grand Canyon. There seriously aren’t any. The fact is, the solid, red rocky formation which occurred naturally decades ago, is as ancient as dinosaurs. So you can actually say the stones here are from the dino-era. However, the reptile footprint traces have been observed in certain parts of the desert. But there aren’t any skeletons or fossil remains.

3. The Widest Point –
How deep and wide could it be? Can you believe Grand Canyon is farther than the usual American’s commute route to work? The average distance cannot be more than 15 miles and the widest part of the Grand Canyon is around 18 miles. What’s more? Due to the huge desert scape, there are ample of adventure activities and other interesting things to do in Grand Canyon.

4. The Spanish Discovery-

The Spanish discovery

Yes, it were the Spanish who discovered Grand Canyon in 1540 while they were searching for native riches. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was looking around for some mythological seven cities of gold, when he discovered the Canyon. He could discover it due to extreme lack of water that side.

5. Human Artifacts –

Human artifacts

Humans have lived in Grand Canyon many years back. It is been said that humans lived here for at least 3,000 years. Human artifacts have been found that are over 4-5 thousand years old and it only proves the long gone existence. Though it is still under cover that how the Grand Canyon looked these many years back? Was the naturally formed red rock landscape there? How was the survival of the people? All these questions are still unanswered.

6. Largest Canyon in the world –

Largest Canyon in the world

Grand Canyon is surprisingly the second largest, yes many thought it might be the first. Determining such a largest Canyon is a huge task because the expanse of the diameter is just beyond measuring. But thanks to the technological advancements and science, it’s been done now. To our amusement, Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet is the world’s first largest, deepest and longest Canyon. How enormous and supernatural is our Earth?

7. Drastic weather changes –

Drastic weather changes
The climate at the Northern rim is totally different as compared to the Southern rim, reason? Northern rim is considerably higher in elevation which is why it is a bit cooler and unpredictable. It also snows there almost throughout the year. Southern is warm and moderate, mostly open for visitors and considered the safest point to be at.

Now you know it better or rather we can say you know it all about the great Grand Canyon. If you’re planning to visit don’t forget to check the Grand Canyon Travel guide before you begin!


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