How to Avoid Sickness From Food

Holidays are meant to rejuvenate and refresh you and not exhaust. Safe travel is of utmost importance as there are numerous problems and situations that might arise in the middle of the journey. Healthcare on road is a big agony for most of them and outside food, water tend to make you feel sick.

So here are a few smart travel tips and hacks you may try out to stay fit and avoid travel sickness

1. Build Strong Immune System – Work towards building a strong immune system and maintain a healthy routine before heading for your trip. The antibodies will help you fight the climate changes and also stabilize your metabolism. A healthy body can map a successful journey!

2. Prepare a First-Aid Kit –

Avoid the risk factors before the disease occurs, is highly important. After all precaution is better than cure. Considering your health, keep all the medicinal essentials ready in the first-aid box so that you can avoid hazardous long term repercussions.

3. Eat Organic –

Try and manage to eat only farm fresh veggies and fruits. They’re anytime good for a perfect health. Avoid fast foods, ready-to cook packets and other unknown dishes. They might cause acidity and make you feel lazy and dizzy.

4. Avoid Oily Foods –

Oily food stuff generally contains ample of cholesterol, fatty acids, calories and much more substances that weaken the immune system of your body. If you’re traveling, a high dose of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins is what you need.

5. Exercise –

Taking a day off from your exercise routine is not a good idea. Not even when you’re traveling. On the contrary, your body has to go through that much needed wear and tear in order to match up the energy levels. Also, exercising is good for digesting the food you consume.

6. Fruits – Best Friends –

There are huge chances that you might start feeling terribly hungry during odd hours of the day. The best thing would be to grab an apple or an orange. Fruits will satisfy your hunger and nourish your body amazingly.

7. Maintain Hygiene – Physical hygiene is equally important.  Be very careful when you touch unknown things at the restaurants, buildings, public transports and at other places. Use your own napkins and soaps to avoid getting any sort of infections.

8. Use Sanitizers –

This quick on-the-go bottle of antiseptic has to be in your handbag wherever you go. Toilet doors, wash basins, bathrooms, cushions, curtains etc  carry germs. So before you eat anything, it’s always a good idea to sanitize your hands and get clean.

9. Avoid Tap Water –

If you remember, science taught us that there’s hard water and then there’s soft water. Hard water is generally used for cleaning and washing purposes. Soft water is used for cooking and drinking. Tap water is usually hard and non-filtered, might carry harmful germs bacteria and viruses. Most of the diseases quickly catch due to dirty water. It’s best to carry your own distilled water or buy a good sealed water bottle from the stores.

10. Eat, Sleep, Meditate – Now you must be wondering how does this help avoid falling sick? Well, having timely meals, sleeping on time and meditating early morning helps in a healthy routine. It circulates blood flow and repairs your external and internal fitness, digestion and metabolism process.

So now that you know the dos and don’ts while traveling, we hope you’d have a wonderful and a healthy trip going forward. If you have more of these travel health tips, we’d love to share with the readers! Keep them coming in

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