11 Magical Ways to Spend the Holidays in London

London is a city where magic is real and dreams do come true. The city has a mesmerizing charm about it that will make you never want to leave London again.  The destination is one of the most loved ones when it comes to the tourist attractions in London and rightly so! Here is a list of 11 ways that can plan your trip to London truly magical. Your London Itinerary 3 Days should include these :

1. Carriage ride

Carriage Ride
Take a carriage ride along the stables in London and tickle the royalty in you. The experience is sure to make you live your dreams and witness London at its best. Ride the mighty and royal beasts on your fairy tale carriage and have a memory that will not get lost in time. Pack Mulled wine and Minced pies and experience the London way of living.

2. A stroll through the Kew Gardens
London becomes a Winter Wonderland and taking a stroll in the Kew Gardens will make it even more special. The Gardens become covered with a white sheet of snow and looks like something that came out of a William Wordsworth Poem.

3. Central London

Central London
Central London lights up like stars on a clear sky, if you do get an opportunity to visit London in Christmas you will get to see some of the most amazing lights that make London the fine city it is today.

4. Ice skating

Ice Skating
London is literally the perfect place if you want to enjoy Ice-skating. The ice skating rinks are the main highlight of the show as they are present in most parts of the city, ready to give you the perfect date or a fun filled time with your family.

5. Listen to the sound Christmas

Christmas in London is one that should not be missed and if you are one that enjoys Festivals, you have struck Gold!   London is famous for its festivities and Royal Albert Hall is the sound of those festivities. Be there and Witness what Christmas sounds like.

6. For the love of Cinema
Your love for cinema has brought you to the right place as London is well recognized for its entertaining and thought provoking movies and of course, theatre plays. Hyde Park is like a paradise for movie and cinema lovers and a visit to the park will guarantee to change the way you think about cinema.

7. Explore the city
Get on the road with just your mini bag pack and explore the city to its fullest. London is one of the most active cities in the world so you do not have to worry about getting bored, ever! From late night movies to all night open cafes the destination does not simply see a dull day.

8. Nightlife

nightlife london
If you are in London and you do not experience the night life, then you have surely made a blunder. Visit the late night clubs and you would be happily surprised to see the whole town there. From extravagant parties to cozy get-togethers the destination has something in store for every traveller.

9. Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is a fairyland hidden from the eyes of time and space, visit the castle and witness history passing through. The magical experience is one you should take on your next trip to London.

10. Visit the London Market
London has always been about fashion and that can be seen even strolling through the local markets of the region. So don’t be surprised if you do come across some breath-taking clothes that you just have to rescue. A paradise for shopaholics, London passes with flying colors when it comes to the test of Fashion.

11. Morning or afternoon  tea
Sometimes you just need to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and what better than a refreshing hot coffee or tea in the morning. London has many diners and restaurants that make English coffee and tea which can make your dull mornings a happening one.

A truly charmed and fairy-tale destination, London has been given the gift of magic. The city is complete and robust in every form of the word and one thing is for sure, you will never run out of Thing to do in London. So these are the top ways you too can make your experience here a memorable one.


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