Visit These Destinations Now If You Missed Them in the Holiday Season

We often postpone our visits to awesome places just thinking about the seasonal tourist crowd and never ending rush of travelers. But very few of them understand the thrill and excitement behind traveling off-season; which is why we have listed down some of the destinations that are better to be visited during non-seasonal days. So, don’t you fret if you have missed out on traveling to your favorite locations in the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to travel on ‘other’ days.

You may plan your trip with the help of trip planner .

Check out the destinations in India as well as abroad. We’ve also shared some smart travel tips to help you have a fabulous journey >>

1. Malshej –

Picture One of the top most advantages of traveling off-season is, slashed rates, less tourist crowd and ample of stay options and flight ticket availability. These are the main things which need to be taken care of while planning a holiday. Malshej is a beautiful tourist spot filled with a lush green landscape and breathtaking scenery. Malshej ghat situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges is a traveler’s delight during winters. Most of the times, people prefer visiting this place during monsoon weekends. It’s also a quick getaway spot for Mumbai-Pune locals.

2. Vietnam –

Picture Already a rare holiday destination of Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers an enchanting experience. It’s a super affordable backpacker friendly spot with less tourist crowd most of the times of the year. However, some of the areas are famous amongst the travelers, hence tourists often flock in Hanoi, to visit the top attractions like the Hanoi Opera House, Vietnamese churches and world renowned National Museum of Vietnamese History. The best and cheapest stay point can be Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. Try out a travel hack here, book your tickets a good 4 months in advance and save like never before. The costs are already lowest.

3. Goa –

Picture Well, it’s an every beach lovers’ destination but due to the heavy tourist crowd almost all the time of the year, leaves us disappointed. This is why we suggest, June is best month to visit Goa. The hot sunny beaches and part places are buzzing mostly during winters. This is when the SunBurn festival also takes place along with Christmas and NYE celebrations. Post this; Goa is a cute little silent small town. You may enjoy home stays then, when you travel off-season. Shop endlessly and relax on the open, less-crowded beaches!

4. Florida –

Picture Tourists often gather during summers in this Sunshine beach State. Even when many other holiday destination cities like Orlando are usually crowded, Florida is still a solo traveler’s delight during summers. You can freely go and have your merry time on the beach, sun bathing on the hot sands without jostling for towel space on the sands.  Book a stay at the Seagate Hotel & Spa. Their special offer room packages for Weekday Summers start at just $200 each night. It includes a special welcome amenity, 2 comp fitness classes and a $50 resort credit.

Now that you know where to spend your off-season holidays, make sure you plan your itineraries like a pro and have a fantastic vacation. Share your travel stories with others and help in creating great experiences. Hire a trip planner if you’re about to visit any of these destinations for the first time. It’s better to be well prepared! Also, don’t forget to check the hotel and flight rates online. Most of the e-travel portals offer attractive deals and discounts on early bookings, make sure you save huge on your travels!



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