The Historical City of Holiness : Rome

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”- this metaphor of persistence and determination comes from a city that has plenty to offer to you. Even the ruins of this city have a distinct beauty to them. Rome easily holds the most prominent place on the historical map of Italy, infact its history has attracted people from world over.
Whenever you are looking for a trip that not only clicks with your religious side but also enriches the history lover in you, then try out this amazing Rome trip planner to head straight into the city that is a perfect concoction of history, beauty and religion.

There is a long list of things to do in Rome. You can climb the historical Spanish steps, pray for your and your loved one’s well being at the Sistine Chapel. You can just walk by hundreds of Piazzas (squares) absorbing the Roman air, enjoying authentic flavors of Gelato. When you get lost in the old rustic hues of the Villas here, there is a wide range of strong flavors of pastas and pizzas to transcend into.


The best places to visit in Rome is hands down the Colosseum, with a hint of the past of the brave gladiators. After this, heading to Pantheon is the wisest thing to do. The Trevi Fountain would light up your eyes, while St Peter’s Basilica will be your perfect source to connect with God. As soon as you step into the city, you will smell a whiff of historical magnificence floating around. To top this, there is always influence of the “His Holiness” who has blessed the city into becoming one of the most frequented destinations in the World.

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