Experience A Thrilling Vacation In Your Trip To San Francisco

One of the ‘eclectic cities’ of the United States, San Francisco has a lot of options to offer for its visitors. Creative and dramatic in nature, this city charms you with its thrilling attitude. Not to miss out the charismatic smile of the locals which put you at ease the moment you step into the city.  In fact, it makes you feel as if you are part of this city. And being part of the city, you should not miss out the chance to explore every corner of the city. Prepare the perfect San Francisco trip planner and start off your journey.


Being new to this city, start off your trip like a common tourist. Add the names of the most popular tourist spots in your San Francisco trip planner. Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy field, Bolinas Ridge, Coit Tower, the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, driving down the Lombard Street and a tour to Alcatraz are some of the spots that you cannot ignore.   Along with these, take the famous stairs like the stairs of Telegraph Hill and the Greenwich stairs that let you see the entire city from a new viewpoint. The tour might turn out a bit exhausting as there are 400 steps. But the garden and the wild parrots that you get to see while going down the stairs will surely mesmerize you.


Other than this, another stair is there, located on the 16th Avenue in Sunset district of San Francisco. This entire 163 steps are made of brightly colored mosaic tiles, making it impressive enough to attract your attention. Another remarkable place to see is Audium theatre. It is the only theatre around the world that is constructed for sound movement. It is a sound labyrinth which deserves your visit. Now, if you are looking for something unusual in your list of best places to visit in San Francisco, Defenstration – a perfect example of a wall of graffiti where the furniture seems to be hanging out of this abandon building.


Walking around the city for so long will definitely make you hungry. Hence, visit places like Chinatown to satisfy your hunger pangs. Else morning bun of Tartine or cinnamon toast of Trouble Coffee always comes as an easy option. Other than these, some specific things to do in San Francisco list include watching sunset at Bolinas Ridge, sliding down the Seward street slides and visiting the Institute of Illegal Images.

The list is simply endless and to enjoy everything you need to visit the city.

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