How to Plan a Trip to San Francisco

When it comes to describing San Francisco, words like creative, dramatic and wild comes up in our mind. Considered as one of the ‘eclectic’ cities of the United States, San Francisco has a lot to offer on its platter. Whether you are visiting the city for the first time or have been to this place for many times, every time you are going to discover a new face of the city. Right from its scenic beauty to its architecture and the industrial region, the city has many sites that are worth visit.

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Not to miss out the locals who is part of this contribution in making this city beautiful. The locals are always with a smile for the tourists and ready to help. So, when you get such a warm welcome from a city, can you afford to miss out its sources for its beauty? However, visiting the city without any proper plan will be a sheer foolishness. Hence, prepare a list to plan your trip to San Francisco in the best way. How you are going to do it? Have a look into the following points: –

1. Walk or bike on the Golden Gate Bridge, including  Crissy field –

San Francisco is best explored on foot, so, just walk and walk. However, your destination is Golden Gate Bridge to walk around. The most important landmark that identifies San Francisco is Golden Gate Bridge. You can just stroll on the bridge, spent some time in the visitor’s center to learn about its history. While walking, visit Golden Gate National Recreation Area, offering panoramic view of the waterfront, few bridges and hiking trails. If walking is not your forte, biking can be considered.  Once you come to the end of the bridge, visit Crissy field from where you get the entire view of the harbor.

2. Waround Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39 –

Fisherman’s Warf
Being the tourist, do the perfect touristy thing and how will you do it? Visit the famous Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39. Located along the waterfront, the area covers numerous blocks. Most of the time, the streets are crowded with street performers that are a soothing treat to your eyes. Apart from that, souvenir shops and expensive restaurants are there to spend some time. Not to forget this place is popular for sea food. Hence, don’t forget to try some crabs in one of the eateries of this zone. The place is also popular because this is the only region from where you get ferries to Alcatraz Island.

3. Take a tour to Alcatraz –

Visit the national landmark of San Francisco having 104 years history. Formerly, been active as federal prison, Alcatraz Island has now turned into a tourist site to explore since its closure in 1970. Visit the well preserved military jail. However, ferry is the only access to the island. So, you need to book for the boat ride beforehand. Free audio guide are also provided to guide you throughout the trip.

4. Head off to the Mission District –
The city has been home to techies and immigrants and at the same time has embraced hippies, hipsters and their culture.  Take a tour down the Mission District and you will get to see fixed gear bikes and vintage threads that mark the true lifestyle of hippies.  Start your journey from Dolores Park and walk down to Valencia Street till 24th street.  You get to see the remaining of this lost tribe. The remarkable feature of this district is the street art and to see the best street art work, visit Precita Eyes.

5. Hop on to a Cable car & get off at Lombard Street –
If walking and biking around the city is enough for you to explore the city, hop on to a cable car. Catch one such cable car from the Market Street and explore every corner of the city. The car will take you around the city, down the hills and let you take a panoramic view of Alcatraz as well. Once the car approaches near Lombard Street, get off at that very moment and watch the world’s famous winding street. Watch the cars as they drive down the lane taking sharp turn. Make sure you keep your camera handy to capture the snap of the cars coming down the street.

6. Visit the Tourist Sites (Golden Gate Park & City’s museums) –
golden gate park

The city is filled with museums like The Beat Museum, Exploratorium, Cable car Museum and De Young Art Museum. Pay a visit to these museums and enjoy a journey through the past of the city. Once you are done with museum hopping, take a tour into the Golden Gate Park. The park covers around 30 blocks of the sea. Covering the entire park will take at least half a day. Yes, the park is that big to take so many hours. Hence, you can at least see few parts of the park and if it’s a sunny day, it will be a bonus for you to move around the park comfortably.

7. Chinatown –
The second famous place after NYC is Chinatown for United States. The name itself tells you that you are going to see many Chinese over here. They were the immigrants who came to the West Coast and settled down in San Francisco. Right from the decorations of the streets to the shops and culture, you get to see every bit of China, right in the middle of United States. If you have plans to try out authentic Chinese cuisines, make sure you visit the place. So, eat your heart out over here. With that, participate in the tea testing ceremony that happens in almost most of the tea houses of Chinatown.

The list doesn’t end here. Go and visit the city, your trip is surely going to expand. However, before starting your journey, prepare an itinerary list that will include all these names.

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