Explore The Free Things You Can Do In Madrid

Madrid, the beautiful capital city of Spain is replete with museums, clubs, parks and endless places of interest. If you are travel planning for Madrid, you need the perfect Madrid Trip planner to explore every single attractions of the city. However, many of these attractions from the list might cost you a little expense as they don’t allow free admission. Hence, you need to plan your travel budget according. Otherwise, if you are a ‘budget conscious traveler’, then there is a list of off beaten as well as known attractions that allow visitors without any fee. Wondering what are those?


Let’s start with the museum tour first. Madrid always boasts about its rich heritage in art and culture. Hence, museums always hold a special place in Madrid’s heart. Especially the ones like Prado museum and Sofia Museum, which has earned popularity on a global platform. However, visiting either of the museums will let you shell few penny from your pocket. On the other hand, if you prepare the Madrid trip planner beforehand, you might end up taking tour in either of these museums without any expense. Like Prado museum offer a free visit from Tuesday to Sunday only within 6pm to 8pm. Look out for such hacks that can save your pocket.


Now, if you have scheduled your museum tour for the evening hours, a walk in Buen Retiro Park will be perfect to start of your day. This park is filled with monuments and sculptures. So, explore the park to inhale the fresh breath in the early morning hours. Another attraction like Madrid’s Royal Palace also offers free admission, but it is restricted to the courtyard. Still, a walk around the courtyard will let you admire the detailed architectural work of the palace. These are not the only best places to visit in Madrid. Many more like Parque del Buen Retiro and Plaza Mayor are also there.


However, your journey for Madrid doesn’t end here, unless you explore the central zone of Madrid. And the name that comes up is Gran Via. Dotted with stunning architectural design buildings, a walk down this lane will surely put you in awe of Madrid’s artwork. Though the street is one of the busiest zone, but its cafes, shops, restaurants and theatres are enough to keep you entertained. Hence, this walking can be considered as one of the best things to do in Madrid. With this, visit the famous Wall of Madrid which was once protected by Moorish settlement in 9th century.

Thus, hang on to your wallet and discover these paths to enjoy a trip around the city without any expense.



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