Top 7 Dreamiest Honeymoon Suites

While the most celebrated wedding season is still on, most of the couples must be in the hunt of the dream destination and moreover, the suites. So, here’s something to help you plan your romantic getaway. Choose from a list of best honeymoon suites at the most luxurious honeymoon destinations across the world.

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1. Lagoon Suite at Rosewood, Mexico
The super luxurious deluxe overwater suite in Mayakoba is the ultimate treat to the couples. The best part of this amazing Overwater Deluxe Lagoon suite is its secluded, quite outdoor shower and the lush green trees around that make up for a perfect rainforest feel. The second-best part? The suite’s terrace has a private plunge pool that has a magnificent view of picturesque mangroves beneath.

2. Dhoni Suite, Cocoa island, Maldives 


Dhoni suite has sexy and lavish rooms, with fully furnished real wood furniture. The high ceiling and super cool satin curtains make the suite look sober and comfortable. The suite overlooks a turquoise lagoon that provides infinite water views. Also you will be super impressed with its rustic chic exteriors.

3. Royal suites at Burj Al Arab


Dubai, UAE is best known for its luxurious lifestyle and cozy honeymoon destination. Dubai is also considered as one of the top places to stay for honeymoon. This suite at Burj Al Arab is divine prosperity in short. The lavishness will surprise you immensely giving you a feel of a prince and a princess.

4. Orchid suites, Honolulu


Royalty at its best, is something you will figure out at this opulent suites at Halekulani Hotel, Honolulu. Orchid suites have their own tropical paradise where they allow newlyweds to relax in private. You can have a coziest date night ever

5. Grand Luxe Suite, Mexico Florida

The St. Regis Bal Harbor in Miami Beach has some exclusive honeymoon suites for couples to enjoy ample of romantic time together. The exciting view of the wide spread beach and lush greenery around your suite will get you in the most happy moods. Luxurious bed linens and oceanfront balconies will charm you up instantly.

6. Springs Villa, Costa Rica 

Costa Rica

Springs in La Fortuna is a bliss altogether for newlywed couples. Separated and situated in a secluded area of lush jungle foliage this villa is something you would fall in love with the moment you step in. It makes up for the best honeymoon destination in winters.

7.  Butterfly suites, Jamaica

Near the caves in Negril, this beautiful suite is designed to make your honeymoons most memorable. Hovering over Caribbean sea’s dramatic cliffs, the serene and quaint suite is a second level hideaway. Try out couple’s exotic spa sessions, swimming, and scuba diving and lots other activities on your stay. There are a couple of more honeymoon hotels nearby that are local and serve really delicious food. They can be cheaper and affordable as compared to the Butterfly Suites.

Make sure you do your arrangements and bookings well in advance to avail exciting discounts and deals on flights tickets, hotel rooms. Make sure you carry your essentials according to the climatic conditions. Some areas witness extreme cold during winters that is beyond imagination. So, now that we’ve given you an entire list of some amazing honeymoon suites to begin your early post wedding days. It’s best advised to travel to a place where you haven’t been before, honeymoons are meant to be cherished  and what better than exploring a new destination for the first time with your partner.

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