5 Smart Ways to Prevent Your Luggage Getting Lost

It is true what they say, “I would gladly live out of a suitcase, if it meant I could see the world”. You don’t need anything more than a bag full of stuff needed, some money and a strong will to travel anywhere in this world. Luggage should be your one of the top most priority while making your trip plan or designing your travel itinerary. Packing your luggage and moreover keeping it safe while travelling can be done easily if you have a proper travel plan. You don’t want to end up on the airport waiting for your luggage and it fails to show up. It totally ruins your vacation planning, leaving you with no luggage in the foreign country.

Don’t you worry.

Here are 5 smart ways to prevent your luggage getting lost

1) Smart Labels-

Smart Labels.jpg

It is always a good idea to label your bag with your name on the outside. It helps people find it easily and return when lost. Many people tend to ignore this step, but it is something that can really help you get back your luggage if it’s lost. Also, there are smart luggage tags available in market. They have a microchip attached to the bag from which the bag can be easily tracked and found.

2) Avoid being late –

check in.jpg

Many people check in late which results in missing the luggage. Hence, avoid being late for check in. It is always advisable to be there half hour prior to check in. It helps you get proper time and see to it that your luggage is going in the right flight. Also, being at the pick-up counter on time is very important for sometimes if you are late, there is a chance that your luggage is kept in different counter from where you have to pick it up later.

3) Stick Itinerary –


Keep a habit of putting up a small piece of paper with your itenirary inside the luggage. It helps you return your luggage easily if lost. Also, if the luggage is delayed, it can be easily transported to you later by taking a look at that paper. Hence, make a habit of placing a copy of your travel plan in your luggage inside. Having a good trip planner app helps you design the itinerary easily.

4) Valuables –


Always put your valuables in your carry-on luggage or your hand bags. It is always advisable to do it because if your luggage is lost or stolen, you still have your valuables with you. Many people tend to keep their money purses in their luggage to be safe and lose it if the luggage is stolen or lost. And remember, you can buy smart luggage locks which help you keep your luggage bag safe from theft. Smart locks are handy and password protected.

5) Travel Insurance –
Make sure you have a good travel insurance that covers you on your lost luggage or materials. It is advisable to check out the conditions good before opting for the insurance. You can immediately contact the counter on the airport if your luggage seems lost or stolen and they can take certain measures to get you the insurance for it if you have applied.

STB Travel Insurance – Part 2 from little red ants on Vimeo.

There are also few basic things which you need to keep in your mind while your trip planning. Make it a habit of counting up things and keeping a list of things with you always. After picking up your luggage it is advisable to count your luggage and items that are important. Taking these simple steps can help you prevent it from losing or theft.

And remember, keeping your luggage minimalistic is always a good idea. So go on, pack your bags, take good care and see it all.

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