Beginner’s Guide to Planning an International Trip

Going for an international trip will always holds a special position in your life. It will be your first time to step outside your country; first time you are going to see how other country look like; how their lifestyle and culture is and so on. Right from packing bag to boarding your flight till visiting the new destination, everything will be cherished memory for you after you return back. However, in this fairy journey you won’t like to get anything wrong so that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Then what should you do? Prepare yourself and take all the necessary step to plan a vacation that will make your trip successful. Wondering how you are going to do it? Without further ado, let’s check out the following discussed point:-

1. Where to go, when to go and for how long –

Where to go
These are the most basic question that you should ask yourself. Deciding upon the answers for these three questions can solidify your plan. Hence, start with when to go. Are you planning the trip in the beginning of the year, in the middle or at the end? Consider all the necessary factors that can actually hamper your trip. Once you are done it with, move on to choosing the destination. Visiting places like Western Europe sounds great but they come with slightly pricey travel budget. Else considering South America or some other similar places doesn’t sound lame as well. With deciding about the destination another factor comes up is for how long you want to go for the trip. The answer of this question is important when you will move on to your next necessary factor.

2. Deciding on the expense –
As per the previous point, deciding about the duration of the trip is important because according to this factor you are going to decide your budget. This expense calculation includes your flight tickets, expense on transportation within the new country, accommodation, food and activities during the trip. Once you are done with the calculation, you can look for the loophole where you are making unnecessary expenditure. Thus, pointing out these factors will help you to save money.

3. Buying air tickets –
Keep a track on the airline portals and check when these airlines are offering discount on their flight tickets. Grab the opportunity if it matches up with your travel schedule. This will save a lot of money from your pocket.

4. Decide about the accommodations –
International hotels come with heavy deals. Hence, staying in any such hotels will be sheer wastage of money. Then what you can do? Look for alternate options. If hospitality club or couch surfing doesn’t bothers you a lot, go for it. Else check with locals if any of them are willing to welcome paying guests. As you know, in any trip accommodation covers a huge amount. Hence, choosing these convenient options are always budget friendly.

5. Plan your itinerary –
Planning a proper itinerary for a trip is highly essential. You need to decide which cities or town you are going to visit, which attractions you are going to see, activities you are going to do, where you are going to have your food and so on. Many of your near ones might suggest as to how many number of days you should spend in a particular location. Just dang it! It’s your trip and you should be the decision maker. If everything making you confused, browse few travel planning related portals or check few travel books. These are enough to make your trip successful.

6. Book tickets for activities in advance –
If your travel plan includes visit to the museums, amusement parks or doing any particular activity, book the tickets for visit in advance. This will save your time from standing in a queue and also your money from buying tickets with higher price from the location itself.

7.  Packing your bag –

Send My Bag – Preparing Your Bag for Travel from on Vimeo.

Last but not the least, bags matters when you are travelling abroad! However, overloading it with unnecessary things is the most stupid thing you can do. So, pack it cleverly. Pack necessary clothing, carry necessary electronic gadgets like mobile charger, some cash in case of emergency and a first-aid kit. Lastly, keep some space empty so that you can bring back few souvenirs back to your home.

By far, these tips are enough to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. If you come up with some more tips, feel free to utilize it for your trip.

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