Unusal Things To Do In Las Vegas

There are so many tourist attractions and things to see and do in Las Vegas, in what capacity would you be able to ever want to do it all? Ask to Las Vegas travel guide or create your travel itinerary through trip planning. You can’t. Get genuine. You’re not inescapable, most likely, so you must control down your list of things to do. Then again, simply give us a chance to do it.

Here, then, are 10 Las Vegas travel tips and things you completely need to do when you’re in Las Vegas. Furthermore, not the typical stuff like moving wellsprings and ejecting volcanoes. Basic stuff, but that other indispensable stuff .It’s confounding, so we should simply move it along, might we?

1) Tour a Gold Mine

Gold Mine
This is slightly gimmicky but worth it if you’re willing to drive over an hour outside of Las Vegas (you can stop in Boulder City – a cute town next to the Hoover Dam – on your way there). Several movies/music videos and photo shoots have been filmed at the gold mine because of the cute vintage cars and old west gas station and cabins. It’s a great place to take fun photos.

2) Go Alien Hunting Near Area 51

Alien Hunting.jpg
This isn’t in Las Vegas or anywhere near it, really. But if you’re looking for something super unique to do, you don’t get any more unique than camping at Area 51. Definitely plan on camping there, as there isn’t much to see and so driving out there just for the day doesn’t make sense. Go in the late afternoon, visit the Lil Ale Inn for dinner and then head over to the Area 51 gates at dusk. You can pitch a tent, sleep under the stars and search for UFOs and then head back to Las Vegas the next morning.

3) Play with kangaroos and monkeys at an exotic animal sanctuary
This exotic animal sanctuary is about an hour outside of Las Vegas and worth the day trip if you have the time. You’ll have to arrange a visit in advance, because at time of writing, the sanctuary was accepting tours by appointment only. The price is just $10 to $15.

4) Visit a “micro nation”
Apparently there are foreign countries that exist within the continental USA. They’re called “micro nations” and one such mini nation is located in Nevada. It’s located closer to Reno than Las Vegas, but might be a good place to stop by if you’re driving through the state and are looking for an interesting roadside attraction. You’ll need to apply for a visa in advance in order to enter this “country” though, and walruses and “anything from Texas” are illegal there.

5) Go on a sleigh ride at Mt Charleston

Mt Charleston
This is SUPER LAME if you’re from somewhere cold, say most of the continental US, but if you’re a local Las Vegas resident and you’re looking for something to do in the winter time, I recommend it! You can go get hot chocolate at one of the lodges afterwards and take in the snowy mountain views. The best part? Mt. Charleston is only 45 minutes outside of Vegas. Or if you’re REALY brave, you can try a little winter camping!

6) Get married in a Denny’s
If you’re not looking for a weird place to get hitched, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going here. I do recommend visiting Fremont Street, however, which is where this Denny’s is located. The Drink and Drag bowling alley (it’s a bowling alley…run by drag queens) is in the same building and that place is fun (although expensive).

7) Visit a Bottle Forest

Bottle Forest
At the Bottle Tree Ranch, near Victorville, California, you can take pictures of a “bottle tree forest”. I’d only recommend stopping by if you’re driving from LA, as it’s far closer to LA then it is to Vegas (it’s off the 15, about three hours from Las Vegas). But if you’re coming from Southern California on the I-15 and are looking for a fun detour to break up the drive, it might be worth it. It’s only about 20 minutes off the freeway, on historic Route 66. It’s free!

8) Go camping at a waterfall in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, USA – Amazing Drone Flight 4K Aerial View from kerneelcorp on Vimeo.

The hike to the waterfall is 11 miles and you’ll need to get a permit ahead of time in order camp or even hike there (they’ll turn you away at the village if you aren’t on their list of people who’ve pre-paid). The trailhead is about 2 1/2 hours away from Las Vegas (closer to Vegas than the Grand Canyon, although technically it’s in The Grand Canyon National Park).

9) Ride your bike in Blinking Man!It’s part pub crawl, part psychedelic bicycle parade
It’s like Burning Man, but on a bike! Decorate your bike with lights, put on a fun costume and join several 100 other people for a bike ride around downtown Las Vegas. It’s totally random and fun and 100 percent free!

10) Visit a car forest in Goldfield, Nevada
A little over three hours outside of Las Vegas (towards Death Valley) is the world’s largest ‘car forest’. Two Nevada artists took 40 old cars, painted them and then arranged them out in the desert. It’s quite the site to see! I recommend checking it out if you’re driving to Tonopah or Reno.

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