6 Tips That Will Make You Guru In Trip Planning!

Are you the go-to person for making efficient plans in your group? Is your need for having everything organized in your life so much, that you end up planning every minute of your day? Well, then you have in a way aced your first skill towards becoming a Guru in Trip Planning. Here are some more tips on how to make an itinerary that will sure make you  become an expert in planning your trips with adding a little more expertise then before:

1) Have an online travel planner you are loyal to, but still refer to various online travel websites .

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So, as somebody who plans a lot of trips, remember that staying loyal to one site to book your accommodation or to book your flights is always going to get you discounts later. While you plan a trip, it is very important that you are not taken for a ride and you are aware of the best fares you are getting or the packages you can opt for.

2) Get over the conventions, but keep the extract of traditional trip planning.

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We mean that you should use the same old trick of keeping a budget and making an outline of all the attractions, cities and destinations you want to cover while drawing out your itinerary template. But there are better ways to do that, nowadays there are various free trip planner apps where you can jot down and pin all your thoughts before coming up with a completely materialized plan.

3) Talk to a lot of people; refer to a lot of plans.
There are so many itinerary planner apps available and various online travel planners that are a click away.  There are also various tried and tested itineraries that will help you tailor one that suits you the best. That way you can pick the best from 2-3 itineraries and come up with a travel plan that will be perfect for you.

4) Have everything in place right from the moment you land out of the airport to the time you take off in your return flight.

We do not mean for you to have a second-by-second timeline as a part of your trip planner. But it is always better to take care of the logistical details well in advance. Right from the cab you will take to your hotel to the pre payment of the famous attractions, it is better if you plan out these details to have a hassle free journey.

5) Get smart, avoid crowds!
The unfortunate truth of famous attractions is that they are almost always crowded. The smart way to go around this is to have your itinerary planned well in advance. While you plan a trip and you look at options of accommodations, it is also a wise idea to look at options of tours that help you gain access to skip the line feature, take care of your entry and basically help you save on time.

6) Ultimately read up on customs and traditions.

Although various online travel websites will get you acquainted with these, it is seldom considered to be an essential element of planning a trip. It’s important that you are aware of the dos and donts in the place you plan to visit and explore. Even though, this is not of logistical importance- it helps you understand the culture and not mean disrespect to any particular tradition even unintentionally. Also read up on the safe areas and make sure you are aware of the public transport around your accommodation.

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