5 Companies that are Actually Helping us Travel Cheaper

Good hacks for travelling cheaper certainly gives an edge to our travelling experience. There is no denying that it feels great to be able to travel and make the most of your time without shelling out money where unrequired.

Keeping this factor in mind, there are some companies who work towards giving you just that, and making your traveling experience a good one.

Here we have 5 companies that are actually helping us travel cheaper.

For making an itinerary for a vacation, you usually seek tips and guidance from friends and family who have visited that destination before, or may be through books. These options for tips are pretty limited considering the number of places you can visit, and the activities you can do in these places.
TripHobo trip planner logo.pngOn Triphobo, you can enter the destination name where you want to visit, and the inbuilt planner comes up with the best possible itinerary including the must visit places, activities, and entertainment opportunities depending on the number of days of your visit, all free of charge. The plan comes with a tentative budget including accommodation, activities and transportation. The special part about these itineraries is that the plans are realistic and executable within the length and place of your stay.

Tripadvisor lets you making your traveling and accommodation decisions based on consumer reviews and ratings. Reviews, comments, ratings, and experiences submitted by consumers creates confidence in the minds of the consumers and lets them make an informed decision regarding their destination, accommodation, places to visit, and activities to do.
By planning a travel through Tripadvisor, you can choose a hotel by comparing their offer prices and best deals, keeping in mind their review and rating.

Airbnb is the place where you can find and book unique accommodations at affordable prices. People can come and list and rent short term lodging in residential properties.
airbnb_logo_detail.pngThis gives an opportunity to the users to choose a unique accommodation based on their requirements that falls within their buget.

What gives Expedia an edge over others is the fact that there is no additional charge or fee for cancellation or change in flight, hotel, car or cruise booking made via the website. This lets you plan your travel in the best possible manner and at the best possible price, without having to worry about any extra charges or fees.
Expedia-logo-and-wordmark.pngExpedia also offers a Best Price Guarantee on prepaid hotel bookings. They guarantee of giving you the best price (including taxes and fees), and if you find a lower price for the same booking online on another website within 24 hours, the company will refund you twice the differential amount, limited to a specified amount.

Skyscanner is a search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars, at the lowest possible and best prices, domestic or international.
Skyscanner.pngWhat makes it better is that you do not have to pay any extra fees to make the bookings, and when you find a booking method best suited to your needs, you are handed off to the specific company to complete the booking procedure.



Can you spot the skier in these photos of terrifying descents?

This is possibly the most extreme version of “Where’s Wally?” you’ll ever play. Can you spot the skier in this picture of a terrifying, sheer 4,000m descent?

The shot of freeskier Jeremie Heitz was recently shared by Red Bull, picturing him taking on a near-vertical peak in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland.
The 27-year-old Swiss skier made this insane drop back in May, but the pictures have only just been released.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/ski/articles/spot-the-skier-amazing-freeride-ski-picture/

The Hidden New Zealand Gem You Have To Visit


The Catlins region of New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. It is one of the most beautiful and best places to visit in this amazing country. It has such variety, including stunning waterfalls, amazing wildlife and beautiful beaches. It is also ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and so much quieter than other parts of New Zealand (and given how quiet New Zealand is in general that is really saying something!).

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/why-you-have-to-visit-thi_b_12487090

8 Luxury Camping Trips that are worth it!

Are you the kind of person who cannot ever decide what is better out of the two options that are given to you? You like to have that adventure, but leaving your comfort does not seem like a great idea to you. Do you often keep wondering how would you enjoy the simpler things in life when all you are looking for are the final things in life. Well, then you seem to have missed out on a new trend called “glamping”.  Essentially the amalgamation of luxury while keeping the basics of camping, this process seems to have really caught up with avid travellers in the recent times. You may also plan vacation through travel planner, here is a list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it:-

Seaside Casita, Mexico- Close to the Mayan ruins
Well, this place is situated very close to where the Mayan civilization once was. These boutique hotel rooms cum casitas are a perfect mixture of both experiences. Right from lush greens to staying in midst of pristine waters, Seaside Casita in Mexico is a definite hit on the list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it!

Patagonia Camp, Chile- Stay still on silts!

There is a reason why this one is featured so prominently on our list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it! First to start with, this entire campsite is balanced beautifully on stilts. For your accommodation, there are tents that keep you so connected to the ground and yet give you an experience as high as the skies. You stay super close to nature and still stay in the midst of energy and heat at all times.

The Tree House Hotel, Jaipur- Right in the middle of your existence!
Well, all of us know how important trees are for our survival. This one is not a part of many lists that feature glamping sights, but we have a special corner for it. This amazing tree house experience is completely full of the amenities you need to have a luxurious getaway and in a way transports you right back to your childhood where you climbed up and hid in your favourite tree houses.

Whitepod, Switzerland- Cool Camping!

This one is literally the very cool type of glamping experience because of the inclusion of snow in the entire process. Based on the idea of a fishing trip, whitepod in Switerland basically replaces tents with dome shaped pods and fishing with dog sledging and snow shoeing. This place also boasts of private ski slopes and offers you a relaxing massage to end your trip with.

Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania- Get wild with the sun!
If you are a wildlife lover and are reading this article upto this point, then we are pretty sure you are going to book this destination right away if you have not already experienced it. Imagine 6 huts nestled right in the middle of wilderness and no road by your side? But these are not your ordinary huts, these are luxurious huts which boast of chimpanzee wake up calls and rhythm of birds all day with sights that you will definitely not see tucked under such comfort.

Banyan Tree, Maldives- Live the fantasy of getting lost on an island

With 18 people permitted on this island at a time, this resort has taken glamping to another level. With an option of dolphin cruises, catamaran trips, night-fishing excursions, imagine staying in a villa with a living, sleeping and bathing area all made with complete dedication to nature.

Fireside Resort, Wyoming- Feel like running wild?
Fireside Resort features in our list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it for two reasons. One being in the vicinity of the Grand Teton National Park and two because you get your own private cabin with a campfire pit, imagine mixing the conventional bonfire with privacy, what can get hotter then this?

El Capitan Canyon, California
El Capitan Canyon, California.jpg

Imagine having a beach on one side and a forest on the other? Imagine witnessing the best features of wilderness from the comfort of your cabin? Imagine being in a canyon and yet sleeping comfortably at night? Well, all of this turns into reality with this amazing glamping experience!

It’s Time for your Chic Santa Barbara Getaway!

Santa Barbara has slowly evolved as the most stylish getaway in the recent times. With every feature of Santa Barabara fitting into a chic and classy jigsaw puzzle, here are a few reasons why we think you should get plan a trip and going for your Santa Barbara Getaway right away!

Why Santa Barbara?

Triumphing as the most coveted county of California, Santa Barbara has many reasons to welcome you. It is also known as the American Riviera assuring its unmatched scenic locations and tranquil streets. Imagine having the Santa Ynex Mountains on one side and Pacific beaches on the other, all of this with a climate that does not ever seem to go wrong. The architecture, the tucked in cafes, the lavish hotels, the little natural escapes, everything spells chic in this place!

What to do to make the most of your trip?
Well, apart from pampering yourself silly with the amenities of the luxurious hotels here, there is quite an array of activities for you to undertake. Start with Mission Canyon for witnessing a large space filled with colourful trails of flowers that are in complete agreement with the occasional obstruction of the wildflowers in between. Do something completely unconventional by exploring the community that belong to Franciscan friars. Sprinkle a little more style to your unconventional getaway by exploring the Santa Barbara Museum of Art which boasts of legendary French and American paintings.

The Nights are a stylish affair too!


The Opera and the Symphony as Santa Barbara are extensively welcoming to people with great tastes in performing arts. The Granada Theatre will fulfil the little space that is left unsatisfied after witnessing amazing performances at the aforementioned avenues. After which, you can head to the lower side street that has some really stylish lounges for you to rejuvenate at! If you feel lounges are pretentious, and you are more of a in-the-crowd-is-the-real-fun kind of a person, then Santa Barbara has plenty bars and cafes for you to enjoy at!

Being outdoor is the real fun!
Even though tucking in the amazing rooms that you have here is a great option or sitting in a particular lounge bird watching seems to be really appealing, the real fun of Santa Barbara lies in its outdoor activities. Right from volleyball courts to the conducive beach to the Santa Barbara harbour, there are plenty of spots for you to get in touch with your athletic side and absorb sun to your heart’s content!

Eating your heart out!

Santa Barbara is not only classy in the way it presents its beaches, its hotels, its theatre but has aced the definition of style even with its eateries. Following is a list of restaurants that you should put in your itinerary, the moment you realize that it’s time for your chick Santa Barbara getaway- Arlington Tavern for the authentic Santa Barbara delicacies and for the bold ambience; Boat house at Hendry’s Beach for digging into your favourite sea food specialities. Then there is La Super- Rica Taqueria for some amazing Mexican food; The Pizzeria to get a feel of Italy right in the middle of Santa Barbara and then there is Bouchon Santa Barbara that offers you mind-blowing Californian cuisine.

There are a lot of reasons for you to get to Santa Barbara especially when you are running short on time and when you want to make the best of your Californian escape. Every moment in Santa Barbara has something exciting to offer and you are sure to thank us for this amazing suggestion!

Seeking balance — Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

It was bugging me a bit, the big empty space at the top of the aquarium. It didn’t look right. It was okay when the fish swam up there, but as there was nothing to attract them except at feeding time, most of the day it was empty. The fish stayed at the bottom, amongst […]

via Seeking balance — Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

The 4 Secret Benefits of Travel

Travel is one of the best teachers you will ever come across in your life. Travelling teaches you a lot of things. You learn a lot of things right from how to plan a trip on your own to make travel itineraries. Also you come across different trip planner applications which you never knew before. Apart from these, travel affects you as a person in a very different way. It impacts you a lot more than you can even imagine.

Here are 4 secret benefits of travel-



The number one thing which travels changes in you is your happiness. Research says that spending your money on experiences rather than buying things makes you happier. Ever thought why? Because things come with an expiry date but not experiences. You can travel to a place, make memories and cherish them forever because those are priceless. Also, this happiness doesn’t come with your trip plan. It is unexpected which is why it is special. You don’t know what experiences you are going to have before you actually go to the place and experience it. And at the same travel brings out the positive side in you. You wonder how positive you have become once you travel.

Social Skills-

Social Skills.jpg

We are all social beings. We need people in our day to day lives. We need friends, family, someone to share things to, and someone to love, etc. Travel helps you boost your social skills very effectively. You meet new people while you are on your trip. Strangers become friends and believe me this is one of the best things you will ever experience in your life. It builds your social skills. Whether it’s a conversation with your seat mate on bus or train or a random person in a coffee shop, it is always a great upside of travelling.

Health and Creative-Travel has played a major role in inspiring artists like Van Gogh, Ibn-Batuta. New studies have found out that experiencing new smells, tastes, sounds, languages, sights- spark different synapses in our brain. We start to connect with these unknown places and this makes us really happy. Travel has inspired many people to write books, stories that they think must have never written in their lives if it wasn’t for travel. It boosts your creativity in a way you can’t even imagine. Also, travel makes you healthy, both mentally and physically. You may not know this but taking an annual vacation cuts a person risk of heart attack by 50%. Sounds amazing, right?  Plus travel makes you stress free which in turn reduces risk of blood pressure and other diseases. And the most important part of being, it makes you mentally healthy and strong.

Patience –


Apart from all the good things that travel does to you, patience is one of the most important things you learn. Travel has a lot of waiting. May it be an ice cream parlor queue, or a bus queue, or lines at restaurants? Yes, you have to wait because when you are travelling you surrender yourself to the country and its rules. You have to be patient and enjoy the culture and city as it is. This helps you to be more patient and you learn how to strike conversations with the people waiting in the queue with you. Sometimes a situation may occur where you don’t get what you want in time. That’s okay. Try to embrace the wait and you will definitely grow as a person.

And remember, Travel helps you understand what a tiny place you occupy in this world. You start to grow as a person. Therefore, don’t think twice, make an amazing travel plan, book your tickets and hit the road.

5 Anti-Aging Supplements That Actually Work

Believe it or not, taking certain oral supplements may help take years off your appearance.

Are you tired of spending money on anti-aging creams and magic pills that aren’t getting you results? Many products claim to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but only certain anti-aging supplements actually work — and are backed by research studies.

Pure Gold Collagen
Soy Isoflavones
Chlorophyll Extract
Aloe Vera Gel
Red Ginseng

Source: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/weight-loss/why-weighing-yourself-every-day-helps-you-lose-weight.html





Top 7 Techno Savvy Tips for Middle-Aged Women Travelers

Fear is responsible for holding a lot of us back from travelling and venturing to new places, destinations and adventures. There may be a desire to plan a vacation and soak yourself up with the entire experience of travelling, but fear takes over this desire.


Like any other fear, these travelling fears can be overcome by understanding their root cause and acquainting yourself with simple solutions to overcome these fears.

Read on to find out about 5 travel fears and how to overcome them.

Fear of flying:
Fear of flying is more common than you could imagine, and this fear is responsible of keeping a lot of people from travelling and going places.

-How to overcome the fear of flying:
Consider other options of travelling to your holiday destination, like train, car, bike, ship, bus, etc. If at all there is no other option available but flying, remember that the chances of something going wrong with the flight are very slim.

Fear of security:
Fear of the possible dangers in a place are all the result of news items about the catastrophes, attacks, disasters, and other such negative events happening in and around that place.

-How to overcome the fear of security:
Research as much as you can about your destination. This will provide you with a sense of familiarity with the place and build a little more confidence about spending your time there.
You must also understand that all these events that you are worrying about are absolutely unpredictable and could happen anytime and anywhere. The best way to do this is start off your holiday with a positive mind set.

Fear of communication gap:
Every holiday destination you go to might have a local language which you may not be familiar with. This creates a fear of not being able to communicate your needs and requirements to the people there, and not being able to ask for any sort of help.

communication gap.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of communication gap:

Despite the local language, English is one language that is globally accepted, understood, and spoken by almost everyone, even if not fluently. Whenever and wherever you will need to communicate with the locals at your holiday destination, you can easily do so in English.

The easy way to do this is by going to destinations that are similar to your own, with very little possibility of any sort of communication problem. Once you have gained some confidence after one or two of such trips, explore places with foreign cultures and traditions.

For your satisfaction, you can also make yourself learn a few important key words or sentences in the local language of that place for the sake of unforeseen events or emergencies.

Fear of theft or loss of property:
A lot of people experience the fear of losing their valuables like passport, credit/debit card, wallet, and any important travel documents, while they are on the holiday.


-How to overcome the fear of theft or loss of property:

The solution to this fear is to be alert, well-prepared and not get panic stricken in case something happens.

Do not keep all your credit/debit cards and all your cash in one place. Keep a little amount of cash in your wallet, and keep the rest stashed in different places. In case you do lose your credit card or debit card, get in touch with the concerned bank immediately and get your card cancelled.

In case of passport, do not carry around your original passport with you all the time. Keep the original locked in some place safe, keep a copy with you at all times, and it would also help to keep a copy of the passport safely back home. In case you do lose your original passport somehow, you can seek help at your nearest embassy.

Fear of medical emergencies:
Some people are always worried that they might get injured on the trip. Some worry that the food or the air there may not work for their body and make them sick during their vacation.

medical emergencies.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of medical emergencies:

First and foremost, do thorough research about the place and consult your doctor to check if you need to get any vaccinations before you go on the holiday.

Venture into the local foods and dishes but keep a check on what you are eating, instead of stuffing yourself with anything that you can find. Get first-hand information about the place you are travelling to and how safe it is to eat outside or even drink the water there.

Also, while it is important to have a good time on your vacation, be alert, aware and responsible so that you do not end up taking risky or wrong decisions that might end getting you hurt or injured.

It is of utmost importance to carry a first aid kit when you are travelling. Carry the basic medication for all possibilities like fever, stomach flu, cough, cold, sprains, or minor injuries. Finally, remember that every place has hospitals and trained doctors in case you do need one at any point of time.