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Fear is responsible for holding a lot of us back from travelling and venturing to new places, destinations and adventures. There may be a desire to plan a vacation and soak yourself up with the entire experience of travelling, but fear takes over this desire.


Like any other fear, these travelling fears can be overcome by understanding their root cause and acquainting yourself with simple solutions to overcome these fears.

Read on to find out about 5 travel fears and how to overcome them.

Fear of flying:
Fear of flying is more common than you could imagine, and this fear is responsible of keeping a lot of people from travelling and going places.

-How to overcome the fear of flying:
Consider other options of travelling to your holiday destination, like train, car, bike, ship, bus, etc. If at all there is no other option available but flying, remember that the chances of something going wrong with the flight are very slim.

Fear of security:
Fear of the possible dangers in a place are all the result of news items about the catastrophes, attacks, disasters, and other such negative events happening in and around that place.

-How to overcome the fear of security:
Research as much as you can about your destination. This will provide you with a sense of familiarity with the place and build a little more confidence about spending your time there.
You must also understand that all these events that you are worrying about are absolutely unpredictable and could happen anytime and anywhere. The best way to do this is start off your holiday with a positive mind set.

Fear of communication gap:
Every holiday destination you go to might have a local language which you may not be familiar with. This creates a fear of not being able to communicate your needs and requirements to the people there, and not being able to ask for any sort of help.

communication gap.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of communication gap:

Despite the local language, English is one language that is globally accepted, understood, and spoken by almost everyone, even if not fluently. Whenever and wherever you will need to communicate with the locals at your holiday destination, you can easily do so in English.

The easy way to do this is by going to destinations that are similar to your own, with very little possibility of any sort of communication problem. Once you have gained some confidence after one or two of such trips, explore places with foreign cultures and traditions.

For your satisfaction, you can also make yourself learn a few important key words or sentences in the local language of that place for the sake of unforeseen events or emergencies.

Fear of theft or loss of property:
A lot of people experience the fear of losing their valuables like passport, credit/debit card, wallet, and any important travel documents, while they are on the holiday.


-How to overcome the fear of theft or loss of property:

The solution to this fear is to be alert, well-prepared and not get panic stricken in case something happens.

Do not keep all your credit/debit cards and all your cash in one place. Keep a little amount of cash in your wallet, and keep the rest stashed in different places. In case you do lose your credit card or debit card, get in touch with the concerned bank immediately and get your card cancelled.

In case of passport, do not carry around your original passport with you all the time. Keep the original locked in some place safe, keep a copy with you at all times, and it would also help to keep a copy of the passport safely back home. In case you do lose your original passport somehow, you can seek help at your nearest embassy.

Fear of medical emergencies:
Some people are always worried that they might get injured on the trip. Some worry that the food or the air there may not work for their body and make them sick during their vacation.

medical emergencies.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of medical emergencies:

First and foremost, do thorough research about the place and consult your doctor to check if you need to get any vaccinations before you go on the holiday.

Venture into the local foods and dishes but keep a check on what you are eating, instead of stuffing yourself with anything that you can find. Get first-hand information about the place you are travelling to and how safe it is to eat outside or even drink the water there.

Also, while it is important to have a good time on your vacation, be alert, aware and responsible so that you do not end up taking risky or wrong decisions that might end getting you hurt or injured.

It is of utmost importance to carry a first aid kit when you are travelling. Carry the basic medication for all possibilities like fever, stomach flu, cough, cold, sprains, or minor injuries. Finally, remember that every place has hospitals and trained doctors in case you do need one at any point of time.

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