The 4 Secret Benefits of Travel

Travel is one of the best teachers you will ever come across in your life. Travelling teaches you a lot of things. You learn a lot of things right from how to plan a trip on your own to make travel itineraries. Also you come across different trip planner applications which you never knew before. Apart from these, travel affects you as a person in a very different way. It impacts you a lot more than you can even imagine.

Here are 4 secret benefits of travel-



The number one thing which travels changes in you is your happiness. Research says that spending your money on experiences rather than buying things makes you happier. Ever thought why? Because things come with an expiry date but not experiences. You can travel to a place, make memories and cherish them forever because those are priceless. Also, this happiness doesn’t come with your trip plan. It is unexpected which is why it is special. You don’t know what experiences you are going to have before you actually go to the place and experience it. And at the same travel brings out the positive side in you. You wonder how positive you have become once you travel.

Social Skills-

Social Skills.jpg

We are all social beings. We need people in our day to day lives. We need friends, family, someone to share things to, and someone to love, etc. Travel helps you boost your social skills very effectively. You meet new people while you are on your trip. Strangers become friends and believe me this is one of the best things you will ever experience in your life. It builds your social skills. Whether it’s a conversation with your seat mate on bus or train or a random person in a coffee shop, it is always a great upside of travelling.

Health and Creative-Travel has played a major role in inspiring artists like Van Gogh, Ibn-Batuta. New studies have found out that experiencing new smells, tastes, sounds, languages, sights- spark different synapses in our brain. We start to connect with these unknown places and this makes us really happy. Travel has inspired many people to write books, stories that they think must have never written in their lives if it wasn’t for travel. It boosts your creativity in a way you can’t even imagine. Also, travel makes you healthy, both mentally and physically. You may not know this but taking an annual vacation cuts a person risk of heart attack by 50%. Sounds amazing, right?  Plus travel makes you stress free which in turn reduces risk of blood pressure and other diseases. And the most important part of being, it makes you mentally healthy and strong.

Patience –


Apart from all the good things that travel does to you, patience is one of the most important things you learn. Travel has a lot of waiting. May it be an ice cream parlor queue, or a bus queue, or lines at restaurants? Yes, you have to wait because when you are travelling you surrender yourself to the country and its rules. You have to be patient and enjoy the culture and city as it is. This helps you to be more patient and you learn how to strike conversations with the people waiting in the queue with you. Sometimes a situation may occur where you don’t get what you want in time. That’s okay. Try to embrace the wait and you will definitely grow as a person.

And remember, Travel helps you understand what a tiny place you occupy in this world. You start to grow as a person. Therefore, don’t think twice, make an amazing travel plan, book your tickets and hit the road.


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