It’s Time for your Chic Santa Barbara Getaway!

Santa Barbara has slowly evolved as the most stylish getaway in the recent times. With every feature of Santa Barabara fitting into a chic and classy jigsaw puzzle, here are a few reasons why we think you should get plan a trip and going for your Santa Barbara Getaway right away!

Why Santa Barbara?

Triumphing as the most coveted county of California, Santa Barbara has many reasons to welcome you. It is also known as the American Riviera assuring its unmatched scenic locations and tranquil streets. Imagine having the Santa Ynex Mountains on one side and Pacific beaches on the other, all of this with a climate that does not ever seem to go wrong. The architecture, the tucked in cafes, the lavish hotels, the little natural escapes, everything spells chic in this place!

What to do to make the most of your trip?
Well, apart from pampering yourself silly with the amenities of the luxurious hotels here, there is quite an array of activities for you to undertake. Start with Mission Canyon for witnessing a large space filled with colourful trails of flowers that are in complete agreement with the occasional obstruction of the wildflowers in between. Do something completely unconventional by exploring the community that belong to Franciscan friars. Sprinkle a little more style to your unconventional getaway by exploring the Santa Barbara Museum of Art which boasts of legendary French and American paintings.

The Nights are a stylish affair too!


The Opera and the Symphony as Santa Barbara are extensively welcoming to people with great tastes in performing arts. The Granada Theatre will fulfil the little space that is left unsatisfied after witnessing amazing performances at the aforementioned avenues. After which, you can head to the lower side street that has some really stylish lounges for you to rejuvenate at! If you feel lounges are pretentious, and you are more of a in-the-crowd-is-the-real-fun kind of a person, then Santa Barbara has plenty bars and cafes for you to enjoy at!

Being outdoor is the real fun!
Even though tucking in the amazing rooms that you have here is a great option or sitting in a particular lounge bird watching seems to be really appealing, the real fun of Santa Barbara lies in its outdoor activities. Right from volleyball courts to the conducive beach to the Santa Barbara harbour, there are plenty of spots for you to get in touch with your athletic side and absorb sun to your heart’s content!

Eating your heart out!

Santa Barbara is not only classy in the way it presents its beaches, its hotels, its theatre but has aced the definition of style even with its eateries. Following is a list of restaurants that you should put in your itinerary, the moment you realize that it’s time for your chick Santa Barbara getaway- Arlington Tavern for the authentic Santa Barbara delicacies and for the bold ambience; Boat house at Hendry’s Beach for digging into your favourite sea food specialities. Then there is La Super- Rica Taqueria for some amazing Mexican food; The Pizzeria to get a feel of Italy right in the middle of Santa Barbara and then there is Bouchon Santa Barbara that offers you mind-blowing Californian cuisine.

There are a lot of reasons for you to get to Santa Barbara especially when you are running short on time and when you want to make the best of your Californian escape. Every moment in Santa Barbara has something exciting to offer and you are sure to thank us for this amazing suggestion!


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