8 Luxury Camping Trips that are worth it!

Are you the kind of person who cannot ever decide what is better out of the two options that are given to you? You like to have that adventure, but leaving your comfort does not seem like a great idea to you. Do you often keep wondering how would you enjoy the simpler things in life when all you are looking for are the final things in life. Well, then you seem to have missed out on a new trend called “glamping”.  Essentially the amalgamation of luxury while keeping the basics of camping, this process seems to have really caught up with avid travellers in the recent times. You may also plan vacation through travel planner, here is a list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it:-

Seaside Casita, Mexico- Close to the Mayan ruins
Well, this place is situated very close to where the Mayan civilization once was. These boutique hotel rooms cum casitas are a perfect mixture of both experiences. Right from lush greens to staying in midst of pristine waters, Seaside Casita in Mexico is a definite hit on the list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it!

Patagonia Camp, Chile- Stay still on silts!

There is a reason why this one is featured so prominently on our list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it! First to start with, this entire campsite is balanced beautifully on stilts. For your accommodation, there are tents that keep you so connected to the ground and yet give you an experience as high as the skies. You stay super close to nature and still stay in the midst of energy and heat at all times.

The Tree House Hotel, Jaipur- Right in the middle of your existence!
Well, all of us know how important trees are for our survival. This one is not a part of many lists that feature glamping sights, but we have a special corner for it. This amazing tree house experience is completely full of the amenities you need to have a luxurious getaway and in a way transports you right back to your childhood where you climbed up and hid in your favourite tree houses.

Whitepod, Switzerland- Cool Camping!

This one is literally the very cool type of glamping experience because of the inclusion of snow in the entire process. Based on the idea of a fishing trip, whitepod in Switerland basically replaces tents with dome shaped pods and fishing with dog sledging and snow shoeing. This place also boasts of private ski slopes and offers you a relaxing massage to end your trip with.

Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania- Get wild with the sun!
If you are a wildlife lover and are reading this article upto this point, then we are pretty sure you are going to book this destination right away if you have not already experienced it. Imagine 6 huts nestled right in the middle of wilderness and no road by your side? But these are not your ordinary huts, these are luxurious huts which boast of chimpanzee wake up calls and rhythm of birds all day with sights that you will definitely not see tucked under such comfort.

Banyan Tree, Maldives- Live the fantasy of getting lost on an island

With 18 people permitted on this island at a time, this resort has taken glamping to another level. With an option of dolphin cruises, catamaran trips, night-fishing excursions, imagine staying in a villa with a living, sleeping and bathing area all made with complete dedication to nature.

Fireside Resort, Wyoming- Feel like running wild?
Fireside Resort features in our list of 8 luxury camping trips that are worth it for two reasons. One being in the vicinity of the Grand Teton National Park and two because you get your own private cabin with a campfire pit, imagine mixing the conventional bonfire with privacy, what can get hotter then this?

El Capitan Canyon, California
El Capitan Canyon, California.jpg

Imagine having a beach on one side and a forest on the other? Imagine witnessing the best features of wilderness from the comfort of your cabin? Imagine being in a canyon and yet sleeping comfortably at night? Well, all of this turns into reality with this amazing glamping experience!

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