6 Ways India Can Help Almost 70 Million of Its Disabled Citizens Travel More Comfortably

The way people travel is evolving, and for the better. While the World Tourism Organization – powered by the United Nations – is constantly striving to promote responsible tourism and travel that will enrich the world on the whole, this year they just got a lot better! Declaring 2016 as the Year of Accessible Travel, the World Tourism Organization paved the way to kick-start a much-needed movement in many parts of the world. With their motto “Travel for all”, this year can be marked as an eye-opener for us as a country.

There is such a horrendous amount of stigma attached to disability that we overlook everything else associated with the person who bears it. Instead of saluting the fighting spirit of people with disabilities, society as a whole tends to disregard their right to live and gain happiness.

India has been a center of oneness and a land of compassion amidst a plethora of diversities. As responsible citizens of the country, we need to believe that disabled individuals deserve equal rights and opportunities, over and above our duty to support them.

Source: http://www.thebetterindia.com/author/triphobo/


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  1. Hey! It is true, India is known for unity under diversity and diversity is the mother of creativity…..
    hope your next blog will share the more information travel and tourism destinations for Indian diversified culture.


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