Planning a Trip to Austin on Your Own

Being the state capital of Texas, Austin has a lot to offer to anybody whose wanting to explore it. Known for its killer music scene and a mindblowing university campus, Austin is definitely one of the liveliest cities in the whole of USA.


Here is how you can go about planning a trip to Austin yourself:

When to visit?
Each weather has something different to offer. Here is how Chicago is during each season:

  1. Summer (June to August) – If you are able to bear heat and want great prices for your trip, then this definitely is a time you must visit Austin in.
  2. Autumn (September to November) – You can not only enjoy the lovely weather at
  3. this time but also mingle with the crowds completely during this time.
    Winter (December to February) – Snowfall is a rare occurrence but it is a great time to visit during this time.
  4. Spring (March to May) – Definitely the best time to visit weather wise, the heat is kept at bay and the rates are completely worth the experience that Austin has to experience during this time.

Where to go?
There are plenty of attractions that should feature in your itinerary while planning a trip to Austin. Use travel itinerary planner for your next vacation.

The top ones are:

1) Zilker Park

Zilker Park.JPG
It is the perfect attraction for experiencing the tranquil nature of Austin. it has canoes,kayaks and a lovely lake.

2) Texas State Capitol
Since Austin is the state capital of Texas,The Texas State capitol is where the Senate members sit. it is a grand structure and the architecture is remarkable.

3) Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake.jpg
Austin has a lot of lakes. The lady bird lake was made with the purpose of being a cooling pond for the city but since then has established itself as a popular tourist attraction.

4) Barton Springs Pool
This attraction is perfect when you want to do something recreational on your vacation. the swimming pool stretches over 3 acres and maintains a comfortable warm temperature throughout the year.

5) Lake Travis

Lake Travis.jpg
Lake Travis is another popular lake in Austin which you can visit to have a peaceful evening and to connect with the locals.

6) Mount Bonnell
Perfect for hiking and climbing, Mount Bonnell is a must visit why planning a trip to Austin.

How to travel?
To get to Austin,you can opt for a flight, rail or bus. Austin has a major airport in US and most major airline carriers serve the airport. The public transport is quite developed as well. You can get around Austin on foot, bus,bike,square patrol or use the highly accessible taxi system.

Where to eat?
There are plenty of amazing restaurants and eateries in Austin. The best options to try out are:
1) Magnolia Cafe
2) 24 Diner
3) Uchi
4) Roaring Fork
5) III Forks

Even for accommodation, Austin has various options in all categories of budget. if you plan a trip perfectly, you sure to have a great time in Austin.

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