7 Healthy Eating Tips for Travellers

Travel planning does not include just flight and hotel bookings, there’s much more to it. Right from your first aid, food, personal essentials to fast food snacks, everything. So while you keep traveling to places in different weather conditions, how do you make sure you eat healthy?

Here are top 7 tips for eating healthy while traveling

1. Make Off-season travel plans

Make sure you do not travel in extreme severe climatic conditions as whatever you eat, might harm your metabolism due to weather. Eat less oily and spicy during these times

2. Pack fruits


Vitamin rich fruits and dry fruits are great munchies during travels. These foods help you stay full and healthy. What’s more? They’re easy to carry, digest and store. Go for Apples, bananas, guavas and pears. They help you stay hydrated and fresh. You need to have a high protein intake while on journeys. Speak to your travel itinerary planner about the nearby local dishes that can be tried while on trip.

3. Homemade Crunchies

Anything that is homemade is always a good substitute for hunger. You will not need to endure hunger for long time. These can be again less oily and spicy.

4. Coconut Cookies

Coconut Cookies.jpg

They are usually made at home with ghee and sugar. Good for proteins and carbohydrates intake during long journeys. Plus on your vacation plans these can be really filling and refreshing. Coconut is a great source of vitamins and is used for many purposes. It is a total healthy meal for any human body.

5. Chocolates and Chips

Easy, quick and delicious. Chips can be baked, instead of fried and chocolates can be small candies to pop in anytime. Apart from these you may also carry some raspberries, strawberries, or black raisins. If you do not like dry fruits, make sure you eat enough fruits at least to keep your body hydrated enough.

6. Skip sugar and outside oils

Do not go for too much sweetness, as such dishes are heavier to digest and outside oils can upset your stomach. Carry food from home as much as you can and when you eat out, avoid these.

7. Pack first-aid


Basic kitchen medicines and other usual tablets that can help on the go, should definitely be there in your backpacks. Medicines for acidity, allergies, stomach upset, headache and fever should be there in your kit. Apart from these antiseptic lotion and bandages are also important.

So, now that you know what to eat and be safe healthy while on vacations, make sure you take the best care of yourself and your travel buddies. Whether you plan a road trip or a beach holiday, these tips will come handy in all types of trips you take. Also, don’t forget to do your bookings well in advance as that would help you save huge on your travel expenses. Holiday during off season so that there’s less tourists crowd on the streets and you enjoy the most!

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