5 Companies that are Actually Helping us Travel Cheaper

Good hacks for travelling cheaper certainly gives an edge to our travelling experience. There is no denying that it feels great to be able to travel and make the most of your time without shelling out money where unrequired. Keeping this factor in mind, there are some companies who work towards giving you just that, and making your traveling experience a good one. Here we have 5 companies that are actually helping us travel cheaper.


For making an itinerary for a vacation, you usually seek tips and guidance from friends and family who have visited that destination before, or may be through books. These options for tips are pretty limited considering the number of places you can visit, and the activities you can do in these places.

TripHobo trip planner logo.png

On Triphobo, you can enter the destination name where you want to visit, and the inbuilt planner comes up with the best possible itinerary including the must visit places, activities, and entertainment opportunities depending on the number of days of your visit, all free of charge. The plan comes with a tentative budget including accommodation, activities and transportation. The special part about these itineraries is that the plans are realistic and executable within the length and place of your stay.


Tripadvisor lets you making your traveling and accommodation decisions based on consumer reviews and ratings. Reviews, comments, ratings, and experiences submitted by consumers creates confidence in the minds of the consumers and lets them make an informed decision regarding their destination, accommodation, places to visit, and activities to do.


By planning a travel through Tripadvisor, you can choose a hotel by comparing their offer prices and best deals, keeping in mind their review and rating.


Airbnb is the place where you can find and book unique accommodations at affordable prices. People can come and list and rent short term lodging in residential properties.


This gives an opportunity to the users to choose a unique accommodation based on their requirements that falls within their buget.


What gives Expedia an edge over others is the fact that there is no additional charge or fee for cancellation or change in flight, hotel, car or cruise booking made via the website. This lets you plan your travel in the best possible manner and at the best possible price, without having to worry about any extra charges or fees. Expedia-logo-and-wordmark.png

Expedia also offers a Best Price Guarantee on prepaid hotel bookings. They guarantee of giving you the best price (including taxes and fees), and if you find a lower price for the same booking online on another website within 24 hours, the company will refund you twice the differential amount, limited to a specified amount.


Skyscanner is a search engine for flights, hotels and rental cars, at the lowest possible and best prices, domestic or international.


What makes it better is that you do not have to pay any extra fees to make the bookings, and when you find a booking method best suited to your needs, you are handed off to the specific company to complete the booking procedure.



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