Latest Travel Updates About – Japan 2017

1) Photographs that prove Japan is the most beautiful place on Earth right now


Japan’s spectacular cherry blossom season is in full swing.


2) Weird and wonderful things about Japan

japan-weird- things
Noodle Slurping

Japan is a country renowned for its extremely polite mannerism.


3) Images Of Japan

japan doll.jpg
Source: Pixabay

Japan Sunset

Japan offers a very wide range of attractions, from historical and cultural treasures to modern and futuristic sights and beautiful forests, mountains and sea coasts. Make your Japan trip memorable with the help of Japan itinerary planner.

4) Map of Japan Tourist Attractions-

5) Memorable Sights


Backpacking Varanasi: Absorbing Varanasi’s Spirit

Backpacking Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest living cities and the cultural capital of India, is definitely a must-do in Indi. Varanasi is a city on the banks of the Ganges River in the Uttar Pradesh state of North India. Not knowing what to expect apart from the famed ghats, I set out to find…

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10 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Thailand

Given all the shopping and the attractions to catch a sight of, a vacation in Thailand can really be hectic and exhaustive. So to recover from all the fatigue and to be energized, it is essential that you stay in one of the wonderful looking resorts overlooking the tropical beaches. Incredibly warm with their service and showcasing an absolutely appetizing menu, your vacation in Thailand couldn’t get any better.



Seoul Travel Guide and Travel Information

One of the world’s largest metropolitan cities and capital of South Korea, Seoul is also the 9th most visited city. With heavy influence of Korean culture, the several monuments, works of ancient and modern architecture, travelling to Seoul can be an enlightening experience. We will make your work easy and help you with a beginners guide to plan a vacation to Seoul.


Seoul is a city a with perfect blend of old school charm and modern vibes. With numerous attractions to look forward to, Seoul is a traveller’s paradise. Known for its happening streets, vibrant nightlife and brilliant food culture, you will never get bored of this city.

You can explore the authentic Korean markets which also are every shopper’s paradise. Reasonable prices and some fine quality products are the main reasons why you should shop here and take back home, a good number of gifts for your family, friends and relatives. Seoul has a good mix of indoor markets as well as skyscraper malls like the Doosan Tower. Another major shopping mall which is also a tourist attraction is the futuristically designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza.jpg

If you have a thing for adventure, head to Lotte World, which happens to be world’s largest the park and the two sections of the park are connected by a monorail and you’ll have some ice-skating options as well.

If you’re gutsy enough, visit the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ which happens to be the most fortified border in the world and is regarded as one of the most scariest place on this planet.

Seoul (서울) from malcolm tan on Vimeo.

Soak yourself in Korean culture by sipping various Korean traditional drinks like the Makgeolli. Chin Chin is one of the most prolific bars in Seoul and to be visited at least once during your Seoul trip.

You can also experience the authentic Korean cuisine served at almost every restaurant in Seoul. If you heart theatre, then witness this theatrical wonder which is NANTA.

Also visit Seoul Museum of Chicken Art or the Gahoe Museum to get closer to the Korean arts and culture. Attend the Pentaport Rock festival or the Jisan Valley Rock festival or a 4D movie screening at CGV cinemas in Yongsan.


Yes, as you begin your travel plans, this question does pop in your mind, what about the kids! So here we are today, discussing this topic. Well, if you are heading towards a holiday this will prove helpful to you. To make your vacation plan a successful one, make sure you take care of your kids’ travel schedules and expenses too. So here are some valid reasons as on why you would not want to travel with your children.

1. You cannot do what you wish to do – So your online travel planner has an entire travel itinerary ready for you. Destination, adventures, cuisine and much more. Be it the terrific mountain climbing or hiking in the mountains, you’re all set for it but sometimes one of you, as a parent will have to take a back seat as your kids are too young to be taken along
2. It is too expensive – Yes, you just end up spending a huge amount on theme parks, ticketing, baby toys, and most of their after school vacations. Moreover, if you cannot take them to certain places, you need to leave them with the caretakers who again charge too much. To check on other options to travel with kids, you can browse through travel planner websites that’ll give you some options.

3. They are too young – Get away from this myth, babies are the best to travel along as they are easy to handle and feed with just a diaper to take care of. Most people hesitate to travel with kids, but mind you this is their only age to learn the public etiquettes and travel essentials. A good tour planner will help in hassle free travels.
4. You think they’ll drive you crazy – Again, well they are kids and they are obviously going to be their energetic best, as they are otherwise too, so how does it stop them from accompanying you to journeys. That’s when your parenting skills come handy. Teach them public behavior, table etiquettes and much more. Grab this opportunity to groom them. Let them carry their baggage themselves if they are old enough. An itinerary planner app has all the information on traveling with kids with some exciting tips and hacks.

5. They are in school – Well, who cares if they bunk some days? We are not talking about missing the exams and all but once a while is good. Moreover, travel too, teaches a lot of practical realities of the world and life that helps them grow as a person. Make sure you plan your trip during their vacations. Everything’s fine then!
6. They won’t remember anyway – Yes, definitely they won’t be aware of the lovely cuddles and snuggles you gave them when they were born, but does that mean you don’t do it all? Let them be of any age, travel or any other adventure is going to make a positive impact on their perception and behavior. There are many free trip planner apps that will help you with tips on managing kids on travel.
7. Too much luggage – Well, this too can be sorted out. Teach your kids to be independent, let them take care of their belongings and pack bags according to their requirement. The learning begins from here and builds them for their brighter tomorrow. Sit with them to make an iternary template so that they know how long the holiday is and what all they need to take along.

8. Their health will be affected – Traveling across only keeps them fit and prepares their body for all kinds of climatic conditions and cuisines. What’s more? Uneven weather conditions also helps build their immune system for good. So let the grill begin, let them taste life to the fullest!

9. They won’t sustain long flight hours – Of course they won’t have all that patience to make through the long haul flights but it’s your job to keep them occupied and entertained. Make them read books, solve puzzles, write their school poems or strike conversations with people around. This will groom their mind and improve their interpersonal skills too. This way you can also work towards their concentration and learning abilities.

Visit These Destinations Now If You Missed Them in the Holiday Season

We often postpone our visits to awesome places just thinking about the seasonal tourist crowd and never ending rush of travelers. But very few of them understand the thrill and excitement behind traveling off-season; which is why we have listed down some of the destinations that are better to be visited during non-seasonal days. So, don’t you fret if you have missed out on traveling to your favorite locations in the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to travel on ‘other’ days.

You may plan your trip with the help of trip planner .

Check out the destinations in India as well as abroad. We’ve also shared some smart travel tips to help you have a fabulous journey >>

1. Malshej –

Picture One of the top most advantages of traveling off-season is, slashed rates, less tourist crowd and ample of stay options and flight ticket availability. These are the main things which need to be taken care of while planning a holiday. Malshej is a beautiful tourist spot filled with a lush green landscape and breathtaking scenery. Malshej ghat situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges is a traveler’s delight during winters. Most of the times, people prefer visiting this place during monsoon weekends. It’s also a quick getaway spot for Mumbai-Pune locals.

2. Vietnam –

Picture Already a rare holiday destination of Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers an enchanting experience. It’s a super affordable backpacker friendly spot with less tourist crowd most of the times of the year. However, some of the areas are famous amongst the travelers, hence tourists often flock in Hanoi, to visit the top attractions like the Hanoi Opera House, Vietnamese churches and world renowned National Museum of Vietnamese History. The best and cheapest stay point can be Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. Try out a travel hack here, book your tickets a good 4 months in advance and save like never before. The costs are already lowest.

3. Goa –

Picture Well, it’s an every beach lovers’ destination but due to the heavy tourist crowd almost all the time of the year, leaves us disappointed. This is why we suggest, June is best month to visit Goa. The hot sunny beaches and part places are buzzing mostly during winters. This is when the SunBurn festival also takes place along with Christmas and NYE celebrations. Post this; Goa is a cute little silent small town. You may enjoy home stays then, when you travel off-season. Shop endlessly and relax on the open, less-crowded beaches!

4. Florida –

Picture Tourists often gather during summers in this Sunshine beach State. Even when many other holiday destination cities like Orlando are usually crowded, Florida is still a solo traveler’s delight during summers. You can freely go and have your merry time on the beach, sun bathing on the hot sands without jostling for towel space on the sands.  Book a stay at the Seagate Hotel & Spa. Their special offer room packages for Weekday Summers start at just $200 each night. It includes a special welcome amenity, 2 comp fitness classes and a $50 resort credit.

Now that you know where to spend your off-season holidays, make sure you plan your itineraries like a pro and have a fantastic vacation. Share your travel stories with others and help in creating great experiences. Hire a trip planner if you’re about to visit any of these destinations for the first time. It’s better to be well prepared! Also, don’t forget to check the hotel and flight rates online. Most of the e-travel portals offer attractive deals and discounts on early bookings, make sure you save huge on your travels!

10 Things to do in Genting Highlands Malaysia

You can’t have enough of Genting Highlands. This City of Entertainment, perched on the top of the mountain is one of the major tourist attractions in Malaysia that pulls a lot of crowd every year. One big attraction in Genting is the cool weather. Because of the 2,000m altitude, Malaysians like to visit just to enjoy the ‘European’ weather that envelops this place. This official capital of gambling has a number of things to do in Genting that will keep you busy throughout. With a number of Genting tourist attractions it might become difficult for you to shortlist your itinerary so you can take help from travel planner. Let us tell you how you can prioritise:

1. The Visitors’ Galleria

Image title

A place where you will discover how this fully integrated family holiday resort became a reality because of one man’s dream and determination. Take a walk down memory lane and get to know the history of Genting highlands Resort and the Founder’s Vision.

2. Outdoor Theme Park

Image title

Genting Outdoor Theme Park is one of Malaysia’s premiere centres for wholesome family entertainment. Once you’re in Genting Highlands, be prepared to experience exciting, thrilling and sky-high rides in their theme park. Some of the attractions are Space Shot, Corkscrew, Pirate Ship, Astro Fighter, Cyclone, Flying Coaster, Dinosaur Land, Flying Dragon, Turbo Drop, Gun Simulator, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Grand Prix Fan Kart, Matahari and many more.

3. Casinos in Genting

Image title

One of the most coveted things to do in Genting Highlands! There are several big casinos around Genting and only those above 21 years of age can enter. Patrons wearing sunglasses, hats, slippers, short pants, sandals and sports attire are not permitted into Casino de Genting. Cameras and backpacks are also not allowed inside; they have a locker rental at the entrance of the casinos.

4. Indoor Theme Park

Image title

This Indoor Theme Park is for the young ones. It is part of the Genting Theme Park Complex and is located inside the older part of First World Plaza. To be able to ride the attractions here, you must have an all day pass ticket that you can purchase at the ticket counter of the outdoor theme park. Inside this indoor theme park, you can find six themed areas from around the world. Each of this area features unique rides with theme from Champs Elysee (France), Venice (Italy), Times Square & Universal Walk (America) and Genting Walk (Malaysia). The indoor theme park is a fantasy land full of fun and adventure with numerous exciting video arcade games.

5. Snow World

Image title

Resort World Genting brings winter to your doorstep. Snow World is one of the largest snow attractions in Malaysia. Come and experience the most magical season of all at Snow World and bring home the fondest memories of winter!

6. Sky Venture

Image title

Genting Sky Venture is a state of the art sky diving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 193 km/hr in the one and only wind tunnel in Asia.

7. Genting Skyway Scale

Scale greater heights when you ride on the Genting Skyway! Linking from its Main Station at Gohtong Jaya to Highlands Hotel, the Genting Skyway offers a very convenient, high-tech super smooth and safe ride up to the resort city.

8. Shopping on Highlands

The First World Plaza has got to be the coolest, if not highest shopping destination in Malaysia. There are more than 60 Retail and 70 F&B outlets plus attractions for all ages. You don’t have to wait to plan a personal or family vacation.

9. Chin Swee Caves Temple

Image title

Explore this grand religious site located on a sharp, rocky slope near the peak of Resorts World Genting. Remember to visit the iconic nine-storey pagoda lit by lamps, the Sky Terrace and the 15-meter high Buddha in the temple.

10. Delicious food at such a height

Image title

Entice your taste buds with glorious seafood and other culinary delights at 3,000 feet above sea level. Be amazed at the yummy fare on offer such as the exquisite Steamed Wild Patin with Homemade Sauce and Durian Tarts at Yik Kee Restaurant. Walk off your repast by taking in the sights about town.