Festivals in Kerala as a Prominent Part of Kerala Tourism

Kerala Tourism is overwhelmed by the festivals of Kerala. Because of these festivals, Kerala witness huge crowd loaded with tourists every year. The festivals are very colorful. People love to celebrate these colorful festivals. These festivals are not only very colorful one, at the same time these are very heart touching with music.  The festivals show the rich art and culture of Kerala. The festivals are the evidence of Kerala’s rich tradition indeed. In every year, a huge number of people gather to celebrate the vibrating and colorful festivals you may also plan your trip for Kerala through travel planner. Some of the popular festivals are:


Onam is one of most famous festivals of Kerala. All the citizens enjoy this festival. It is celebrated once in a year. Basically, Onam is a harvest festival. Although it is a renowned Hindu festival, people of different caste use to celebrate it with great joy. This festival continues for ten days. Onam is celebrated between August and September. In this time people enjoy the festival along with the frizzy rain as it is held at the time of monsoon. The Kathakali dance, boat races, and songs are part of this popular festival. It is the festival for which Kerala Tourism is becoming very popular. There are holiday packages in Kerala. It is celebrated to mark the homecoming of a king named Mahabali who was an ancient king of Kerala. The time of King Mahabali was thought to be the golden era of Kerala.

Maha Shivratri-

This festival is celebrated in Kerala to a great extent. It is religious festival celebrated by Hindus who worship Lord Shiva in this time. This festival is celebrated in Kerala in the months of February-March which is known as the month of Kumbham. There remains dry weather in this time. People used to fast for Lord Shiva and after that people use to enjoy various dance performance. You may enjoy the travel packages for Kerala.

Attukal Pongala-
Attukal Pongala.jpg

Attukal Pongala is celebrated in the month of February or March. In this festival people use to worship Goddess Attukal Devi whose temple is located near Thiruvananthapuram. In this festival, the huge number of people gathers in Kerala. This festival is considered to be the largest congregation of female in the world. People use to celebrate this festival without remembering their religion. This is the festival for which Kerala Tourism is growing up.

Boat Festival-
Boat Festival.jpg

Boat festival is one of the prominent parts of Kerala Tourism.  There are many tourist places in Kerala. Kerala is very famous for this festival. It is used to celebrate during the months of July-September. In boat festival, people use to participate in boat riding and they enjoy. In this festival their team spirit is noticeable. It is the main highlight of Kerala. You can enjoy Kerala backwater tour packages.

Thrissur Pooram-
It is a famous festival of Kerala and is celebrated at Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur. This festival is celebrated during the month of April. The elephants are a major attraction in this festival. This festival involves music and color. In this festival, people use to worship Lord Shiva. Kerala Tourism is enjoyed by the people because of this festival. You may get different packages for Kerala trip.

Temple Festival

This festival is celebrated during the months of February-April or May. The elephants, music, and fireworks are the major attractions of Temple festival. Kerala Tourism has become very popular for this temple festival.  You can choose the best Kerala tour packages. In this festival, people can enjoy the several dance performances. The festival is celebrated in the several ancient temples of Kerala, namely:

   1- Lokanarkavu Utsavam in Kozhikode
   2- Chittur Konganpada in Palakkadu
   3- Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple in Thiruvananthapuram

You must plan for a travel tour to Kerala during these festivals and witness the enriched and devoted culture of Kerala.


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1. New York City, New York
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4. South Lake Tahoe, California
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6. London, England
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Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in Australia

Australia is a treat at anytime of the year. You have an exclusive vacation guide catering to your summer plans and then there is a special journey guide that you can follow for the season of winter. Australia is always lit up because of the vibe of the people around. They are so lively and fun to mingle, that you would want to come to Australia over and over again. Even a lifetime is not enough to explore the wide range of experiences that Australia has to offer to you. Take the help of an itinerary planner before going to Australia for Christmas this vacation. Here is a list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Australia:-


Victoria slips into the Christmas vibe a lot before Santa starts to prepare his sleigh. The advent of winter by itself is a celebration for the Victorians and they bid farewell to the year by hosting various festivals across the season. When you are looking at a Victoria Trip planner, try including the Festival of Trees at the Bay Centre or Christmas at Craigdarroch Castle to experience a traditional Victorian Christmas.


Perth has one of the grandest celebrations in the whole of Australia for Christmas. The Council house should definitely be on priority in your Perth Trip planner and the Nativity Scene here also should find a place in your vacation guide. The people here have come up with a magnificent Christmas tree that complements the Nativity Scenes. Perth is definitely one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Australia.


Any Australia Trip planner that specializes in listing out off-beat destinations would definitely have Esperance on the list. It is situated very close to Perth and has one of the grandest Christmas celebrations in Australia. Attend Boxing Day races that take place on 26th December. Hear Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve and make the best out of your Christmas Celebrations in Australia.

Cairns Christmas Celebrations are quite fun to be a part of. The Christmas Carols on Christmas eve, the Christmas spread on the day of the festival, the Christmas Tree, the festive vibe- Cairns has everything going for it. Be your own Santa and gift yourself a trip to Cairns. Try ditching a Cairns trip planner and just go along with what your heart says to enjoy every moment.


One of the best events to attend in Sydney for Christmas is the Santa Fest that takes place at the Darling Harbor and starts a month in advance. You can also go to the Cockle Bay Wharf to become a part of the Santa Fest and enjoy everything that they have to offer to you. The Santa Hunt at Darling Harbor is also a great place to win events at. These are very festive things to do in Sydney.

This was our list of best places to celebrate Christmas in Australia. Merry Christmas in advance and a very happy New Year too!