Latest Travel Updates – Florence 2017

1. Florence Top Attractions Map-

 2.How Florence, Italy has Changed my Life –


My name is Clara, I’m 21 years old and I live in Barcelona, Spain. For my 8 year birthday my aunt gave me a present that changed my life: an atlas. Since that moment all I always wanted to do was to see all of the places that my eyes were seeing in that map. This past semester I was able to go to Italy and live in Florence for six months, and it changed my life.


3- Don’t miss in Florence-

 4-Best of Florence-
Florence is the city of dazzling history, daunting structures and around 80 museums, Florence is something you just can’t get enough of.  Its churches San Miniato al Monte, Santa Trinita, the Brancacci Chapel at Santa Maria della Carmine, San Lorenzo, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce, Santo Spirito, SS Annunziata, Ognissanti constitute to be some of the finest in the world adding to the stunning skyline of the city. Through Florence trip planner you can make your vacation awesome.

5. Images of Florence-

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Latest Travel Updates – Austin 2017

1- Best Patios in Austin to Wine & Dine-

Living in Austin is the perfect combination of inner-city life and outdoor activity, and with the 85-degree temperatures we’ve been having lately, what better way to enjoy the day than sitting on a lovely patio with a marg in hand?


We’ve been running around town scoping out the best outdoor spots and we’ve compiled our favorite patios you need to try before it’s too hot… even if you just do it for the ‘gram.

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2- Dallas to Austin in 15 minutes? It’s a long shot, but new high-speed system could make it happen

Imagine ditching I-35 and traveling from Dallas to Austin in 15 minutes.
It’s a lofty dream, but a Dallas-led team of engineers, urban planners and architects is working to bring the futuristic Hyperloop transportation system to Texas.



 4- When to Visit-

Climate-wise, February to May is the best time to visit Austin. One should definitely visit Austin in the month of March due to the South by Southwest festival also known as SXSW. It is a long running vibrant music festival which attracts thousands of tourists every year. In mid-April, Reggae festival takes place which is again a music festival. Talking about theatrical festivals, Austin conducts the Out of bounds Improv Festival which invites all the people associated with comic acting. These are the main festivals out of the countless that are hosted in Austin. You may also plan your trip according to best time with the help of Austin trip planner.

5- Attractions Map of Austin-

6- Images of Austin-

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Latest Travel Updates About – Washington, D.C. 2017

1- Last-minute travel: Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C., is a place oozing with culture. The National Mall is chockablock with free museums and the metro is cheap and easy to navigate. The people in Washington, D.C., who we met were lovely, intelligent and energetic.


2- Tube Travel: Tech Company Envisions 23-Minute DC-to-NYC Trips

A 23-minute commute between D.C. and New York could soon be a reality, according to the technology company Hyperloop One.
Executives from the California tech company Hyperloop One said at an event Thursday at the Newseum in Washington that they plan to connect 80 percent of the country via electromagnetic tubes, allowing for high-speed travel.

Source: Tube Travel: Tech Company Envisions 23-Minute DC-to-NYC Trips | NBC4 Washington

3- Washington DC Travel-

4-  Best of Washington D. C-

The most beautiful and architecturally important buildings in the area are the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. There are a lot of museums and other performing arts which take place all round the year in the year. The residents of Washington are warm and welcoming and hence make a perfect spot for your next holiday destination. So Plan your awesome trip with the help of Washington D. C trip planner.

4- Washington DC Images-

lincoln-memorial-washington dc.jpg


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6 Ways India Can Help Almost 70 Million of Its Disabled Citizens Travel More Comfortably

The way people travel is evolving, and for the better. While the World Tourism Organization – powered by the United Nations – is constantly striving to promote responsible tourism and travel that will enrich the world on the whole, this year they just got a lot better! Declaring 2016 as the Year of Accessible Travel, the World Tourism Organization paved the way to kick-start a much-needed movement in many parts of the world. With their motto “Travel for all”, this year can be marked as an eye-opener for us as a country.

There is such a horrendous amount of stigma attached to disability that we overlook everything else associated with the person who bears it. Instead of saluting the fighting spirit of people with disabilities, society as a whole tends to disregard their right to live and gain happiness.

India has been a center of oneness and a land of compassion amidst a plethora of diversities. As responsible citizens of the country, we need to believe that disabled individuals deserve equal rights and opportunities, over and above our duty to support them.