Seoul Travel Guide and Travel Information

One of the world’s largest metropolitan cities and capital of South Korea, Seoul is also the 9th most visited city. With heavy influence of Korean culture, the several monuments, works of ancient and modern architecture, travelling to Seoul can be an enlightening experience. We will make your work easy and help you with a beginners guide to plan a vacation to Seoul.


Seoul is a city a with perfect blend of old school charm and modern vibes. With numerous attractions to look forward to, Seoul is a traveller’s paradise. Known for its happening streets, vibrant nightlife and brilliant food culture, you will never get bored of this city.

You can explore the authentic Korean markets which also are every shopper’s paradise. Reasonable prices and some fine quality products are the main reasons why you should shop here and take back home, a good number of gifts for your family, friends and relatives. Seoul has a good mix of indoor markets as well as skyscraper malls like the Doosan Tower. Another major shopping mall which is also a tourist attraction is the futuristically designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza.jpg

If you have a thing for adventure, head to Lotte World, which happens to be world’s largest the park and the two sections of the park are connected by a monorail and you’ll have some ice-skating options as well.

If you’re gutsy enough, visit the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ which happens to be the most fortified border in the world and is regarded as one of the most scariest place on this planet.

Seoul (서울) from malcolm tan on Vimeo.

Soak yourself in Korean culture by sipping various Korean traditional drinks like the Makgeolli. Chin Chin is one of the most prolific bars in Seoul and to be visited at least once during your Seoul trip.

You can also experience the authentic Korean cuisine served at almost every restaurant in Seoul. If you heart theatre, then witness this theatrical wonder which is NANTA.

Also visit Seoul Museum of Chicken Art or the Gahoe Museum to get closer to the Korean arts and culture. Attend the Pentaport Rock festival or the Jisan Valley Rock festival or a 4D movie screening at CGV cinemas in Yongsan.