10 Reasons to Plan a Las Vegas Trip

You may think of casinos and a completely wild party scene whenever you think of Las Vegas, but there are plenty of other reasons to plan a trip to the sin city. Here are the top 10 reasons for you to plan a Las Vegas Trip:

Las Vegas

Enjoy the Entire Zip Line Scene
The Downtown Zipline in Vegas is one of the best attractions to visit. It is an experience of a lifetime that you most definitely must undertake when in Las Vegas. It is thrilling and offers great views of the city. Organize your vacation through trip planner for your upcoming holiday.

Visit the best of hotels

BellagioRight from the Palazzo to the Wynn Encore to Bellagio, there is a whole list of hotels in Vegas that you most definitely should visit just to experience how awesome they are. Each hotel has its own speciality to offer to you.

Lose and earn through the casinos
There are various casinos in the scenic city of Vegas. Each casino has different variations of gambling which can make you win or lose, depending upon your luck. But Vegas is known for gambling, so you most definitely should try it out!

See the magic through your eyes
There are various magic shows that happen in a lot of hotels and they are nothing like the ones you have seen before. Vegas has a penchant for magic and each of them is unique in its own way.

Absorb the vibrant nights

las-vegas-night.jpgWhile promiscuity is one way in which you can describe Vegas, the lovely city is most definitely vibrant and lively through the entire night. The streets are dressed up to the maximum and taking a walk through the town is just what the travel doctor prescribed.

Shop at one of the most coveted places
Vegas has high end labels and street side shopping which is damn awesome. Just like the city,you can end up picking kinky and different stuff to take back with you as a memory.

Visit the amazingly unique museums
Interested in different experiences- well here are the ones you should try out in forms of Museums in Vegas- Neon Museum, Mob Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Springs Preserve and many more amazing attractions to include in your itinerary.

Enjoy a heartening brunch

The Egg & I.jpgIf you hear the locals, then the best places to try out brunch in Vegas are- Andiron Steak and Sea, Honey Salt, The Egg & I, Eat, Echo & Rig as well as Park on Fremont.

See the natural attractions
The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Springs Preserve and Mount Charleston are just a few of the must see natural attractions in this lovely city nestled in midst of Mojave Desert.

Drink till you drop
Well, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas- the awesome night clubs in the Vegas Strip have amazing experiences awaiting your arrival.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas, provided you pick the best ones for yourself.


When to Visit Seattle – Plan a Vacation

Seattle although a city located in the U.S. state of Washington is actually a major seaport of this county. Since, it is located on a coast, it enjoys a coastal environment. The temperatures are mostly moderate due to the land and sea breezes. And this is the reason why, Seattle can be visited any time of the year. However, due to the ocean, this city tends to get a little humid at times. Spring season is the best time to visit Seattle because of the warm sunny environment and also because at that time, the city if full of greenery and newness. You should plan a vacation  according to best season.

Popular for:

Apart from knowing when to visit Seattle, one should know that it is famous for the development of arts and music. The famous music style, “grunge” was born here and later on, the tradition was carried on by bands like Nirvana, Sound Garden, Pearl Jam, etc. This city is also the birthplace of the famous Jimi Hendrix. This city is well known for this legend’s birth. Other kinds of music styles are also practiced here. There are regular shows of many orchestras, bands, etc. This city is also very famous for its musical plays which are held in all of the many theatres located here. There are umpteen theatres in Seattle meant for the performing arts and for the growth of music.

Recreational Activities:

Seattle is very famous for all kinds of outdoor activities due to its closeness to a water-body. Simple sports like walking, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc. and exciting activities like snowboarding, rock climbing, swimming, etc. also take place. The moderate temperature keeps all these activities opened throughout the year. Kayaking and several other team sports are also carried out in Seattle. Seattle is also home to Major League Baseball and NBA basketball. Hockey is also played here and spectators can also flock down to see Western Hockey League. Besides, football is also played extensively here and there are various mini football leagues taking place inside the city.

When to visit:

May, June, July and September are the best months for visiting Seattle. September is the best time to visit Seattle because of Bumbershoot. Bumbershoot is a long Music and Arts festival which has tourists coming from all over the world. This being a musical city already acts as an incentive to all the musicians with the help of Bumbershoot. The Seattle International Film Festival and Northwest Folklife Festival take place in May and June respectively. In July, a very famous festival called Bite takes place in the third week for July which invites all the tourists from the world. And in late July, many other festivals are held.

Northwest Folklife Festival

If one is looking for a fun-filled and musical vacation, one should think of visiting Seattle. Check out various types of accommodation, transportation, stay facilities and know when to visit Seattle through Seattle trip planner on travel websites

It’s Time for your Chic Santa Barbara Getaway!

Santa Barbara has slowly evolved as the most stylish getaway in the recent times. With every feature of Santa Barabara fitting into a chic and classy jigsaw puzzle, here are a few reasons why we think you should get plan a trip and going for your Santa Barbara Getaway right away!

Why Santa Barbara?

Triumphing as the most coveted county of California, Santa Barbara has many reasons to welcome you. It is also known as the American Riviera assuring its unmatched scenic locations and tranquil streets. Imagine having the Santa Ynex Mountains on one side and Pacific beaches on the other, all of this with a climate that does not ever seem to go wrong. The architecture, the tucked in cafes, the lavish hotels, the little natural escapes, everything spells chic in this place!

What to do to make the most of your trip?
Well, apart from pampering yourself silly with the amenities of the luxurious hotels here, there is quite an array of activities for you to undertake. Start with Mission Canyon for witnessing a large space filled with colourful trails of flowers that are in complete agreement with the occasional obstruction of the wildflowers in between. Do something completely unconventional by exploring the community that belong to Franciscan friars. Sprinkle a little more style to your unconventional getaway by exploring the Santa Barbara Museum of Art which boasts of legendary French and American paintings.

The Nights are a stylish affair too!


The Opera and the Symphony as Santa Barbara are extensively welcoming to people with great tastes in performing arts. The Granada Theatre will fulfil the little space that is left unsatisfied after witnessing amazing performances at the aforementioned avenues. After which, you can head to the lower side street that has some really stylish lounges for you to rejuvenate at! If you feel lounges are pretentious, and you are more of a in-the-crowd-is-the-real-fun kind of a person, then Santa Barbara has plenty bars and cafes for you to enjoy at!

Being outdoor is the real fun!
Even though tucking in the amazing rooms that you have here is a great option or sitting in a particular lounge bird watching seems to be really appealing, the real fun of Santa Barbara lies in its outdoor activities. Right from volleyball courts to the conducive beach to the Santa Barbara harbour, there are plenty of spots for you to get in touch with your athletic side and absorb sun to your heart’s content!

Eating your heart out!

Santa Barbara is not only classy in the way it presents its beaches, its hotels, its theatre but has aced the definition of style even with its eateries. Following is a list of restaurants that you should put in your itinerary, the moment you realize that it’s time for your chick Santa Barbara getaway- Arlington Tavern for the authentic Santa Barbara delicacies and for the bold ambience; Boat house at Hendry’s Beach for digging into your favourite sea food specialities. Then there is La Super- Rica Taqueria for some amazing Mexican food; The Pizzeria to get a feel of Italy right in the middle of Santa Barbara and then there is Bouchon Santa Barbara that offers you mind-blowing Californian cuisine.

There are a lot of reasons for you to get to Santa Barbara especially when you are running short on time and when you want to make the best of your Californian escape. Every moment in Santa Barbara has something exciting to offer and you are sure to thank us for this amazing suggestion!

Unusal Things To Do In Las Vegas

There are so many tourist attractions and things to see and do in Las Vegas, in what capacity would you be able to ever want to do it all? Ask to Las Vegas travel guide or create your travel itinerary through trip planning. You can’t. Get genuine. You’re not inescapable, most likely, so you must control down your list of things to do. Then again, simply give us a chance to do it.

Here, then, are 10 Las Vegas travel tips and things you completely need to do when you’re in Las Vegas. Furthermore, not the typical stuff like moving wellsprings and ejecting volcanoes. Basic stuff, but that other indispensable stuff .It’s confounding, so we should simply move it along, might we?

1) Tour a Gold Mine

Gold Mine
This is slightly gimmicky but worth it if you’re willing to drive over an hour outside of Las Vegas (you can stop in Boulder City – a cute town next to the Hoover Dam – on your way there). Several movies/music videos and photo shoots have been filmed at the gold mine because of the cute vintage cars and old west gas station and cabins. It’s a great place to take fun photos.

2) Go Alien Hunting Near Area 51

Alien Hunting.jpg
This isn’t in Las Vegas or anywhere near it, really. But if you’re looking for something super unique to do, you don’t get any more unique than camping at Area 51. Definitely plan on camping there, as there isn’t much to see and so driving out there just for the day doesn’t make sense. Go in the late afternoon, visit the Lil Ale Inn for dinner and then head over to the Area 51 gates at dusk. You can pitch a tent, sleep under the stars and search for UFOs and then head back to Las Vegas the next morning.

3) Play with kangaroos and monkeys at an exotic animal sanctuary
This exotic animal sanctuary is about an hour outside of Las Vegas and worth the day trip if you have the time. You’ll have to arrange a visit in advance, because at time of writing, the sanctuary was accepting tours by appointment only. The price is just $10 to $15.

4) Visit a “micro nation”
Apparently there are foreign countries that exist within the continental USA. They’re called “micro nations” and one such mini nation is located in Nevada. It’s located closer to Reno than Las Vegas, but might be a good place to stop by if you’re driving through the state and are looking for an interesting roadside attraction. You’ll need to apply for a visa in advance in order to enter this “country” though, and walruses and “anything from Texas” are illegal there.

5) Go on a sleigh ride at Mt Charleston

Mt Charleston
This is SUPER LAME if you’re from somewhere cold, say most of the continental US, but if you’re a local Las Vegas resident and you’re looking for something to do in the winter time, I recommend it! You can go get hot chocolate at one of the lodges afterwards and take in the snowy mountain views. The best part? Mt. Charleston is only 45 minutes outside of Vegas. Or if you’re REALY brave, you can try a little winter camping!

6) Get married in a Denny’s
If you’re not looking for a weird place to get hitched, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going here. I do recommend visiting Fremont Street, however, which is where this Denny’s is located. The Drink and Drag bowling alley (it’s a bowling alley…run by drag queens) is in the same building and that place is fun (although expensive).

7) Visit a Bottle Forest

Bottle Forest
At the Bottle Tree Ranch, near Victorville, California, you can take pictures of a “bottle tree forest”. I’d only recommend stopping by if you’re driving from LA, as it’s far closer to LA then it is to Vegas (it’s off the 15, about three hours from Las Vegas). But if you’re coming from Southern California on the I-15 and are looking for a fun detour to break up the drive, it might be worth it. It’s only about 20 minutes off the freeway, on historic Route 66. It’s free!

8) Go camping at a waterfall in Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, USA – Amazing Drone Flight 4K Aerial View from kerneelcorp on Vimeo.

The hike to the waterfall is 11 miles and you’ll need to get a permit ahead of time in order camp or even hike there (they’ll turn you away at the village if you aren’t on their list of people who’ve pre-paid). The trailhead is about 2 1/2 hours away from Las Vegas (closer to Vegas than the Grand Canyon, although technically it’s in The Grand Canyon National Park).

9) Ride your bike in Blinking Man!It’s part pub crawl, part psychedelic bicycle parade
It’s like Burning Man, but on a bike! Decorate your bike with lights, put on a fun costume and join several 100 other people for a bike ride around downtown Las Vegas. It’s totally random and fun and 100 percent free!

10) Visit a car forest in Goldfield, Nevada
A little over three hours outside of Las Vegas (towards Death Valley) is the world’s largest ‘car forest’. Two Nevada artists took 40 old cars, painted them and then arranged them out in the desert. It’s quite the site to see! I recommend checking it out if you’re driving to Tonopah or Reno.

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Make Your Las Vegas Trip Memorable With A Perfect Trip Plan

Las Vegas is most often described as mysterious city. It still holds secret corners which are yet to be discovered. And the city’s charm is not bound only to its famous casinos and pubs. It lies beyond that as well. If you are true traveler, then even a 24 hour schedule will fall short to discover the city’s secret gems. This is because every corner of this city’s street has something surprising for you which you might not get back in your home. May be that’s the reason why some features in this city come with a tagline ‘only in Vegas’. Not to forget, its history also has such vibrant aura which will leave you with an ‘oh my god’ expression on your face. All in all, Las Vegas has everything for every king of people. However, the perfect Las Vegas trip planner is the most apt guide to explore this city in the best way.

Las Vegas.jpg

As we all know Las Vegas is popular for its lively nightlife. So getting into bed after 9 doesn’t sound good when you in this dynamic city. If you still have plans to get power nap, have it before the dinner. Because the true life of Las Vegas starts as the sun sets down. Right from bar hopping to earning crazily in casinos, Las Vegas is a place to have ‘fun’. If you are in a group, hire a limo which comes at dirt cheap price than cabs for hire. Nothing can beat that driving around the city in a limo. Other than this, going to Rock ‘n Roll wine tasting ceremonies do sounds equally exciting. Hence, when you are preparing Las Vegas trip planner, adding these features is a must do.


By now, if you are having this notion that a trip to Vegas will put a hole in your pocket then you are wrong. This city has many things to offer for free and they are some of the best places to visit in Las Vegas. For instance, watching the Bellagio fountains or watching the artificial volcanoes erupt in front of the resort in the Mirage comes under this category. Other than these, hiking in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, watch the animatronic show – fall of the Atlantis is equally important.


If all these are done, wander around the downtown region of Vegas which is considered as one of the most important things to do in Las Vegas. With this tour, your trip will be incomplete.

How to Plan a Trip to San Francisco

When it comes to describing San Francisco, words like creative, dramatic and wild comes up in our mind. Considered as one of the ‘eclectic’ cities of the United States, San Francisco has a lot to offer on its platter. Whether you are visiting the city for the first time or have been to this place for many times, every time you are going to discover a new face of the city. Right from its scenic beauty to its architecture and the industrial region, the city has many sites that are worth visit.

You may plan your trip through holiday planner .


Not to miss out the locals who is part of this contribution in making this city beautiful. The locals are always with a smile for the tourists and ready to help. So, when you get such a warm welcome from a city, can you afford to miss out its sources for its beauty? However, visiting the city without any proper plan will be a sheer foolishness. Hence, prepare a list to plan your trip to San Francisco in the best way. How you are going to do it? Have a look into the following points: –

1. Walk or bike on the Golden Gate Bridge, including  Crissy field –

San Francisco is best explored on foot, so, just walk and walk. However, your destination is Golden Gate Bridge to walk around. The most important landmark that identifies San Francisco is Golden Gate Bridge. You can just stroll on the bridge, spent some time in the visitor’s center to learn about its history. While walking, visit Golden Gate National Recreation Area, offering panoramic view of the waterfront, few bridges and hiking trails. If walking is not your forte, biking can be considered.  Once you come to the end of the bridge, visit Crissy field from where you get the entire view of the harbor.

2. Waround Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39 –

Fisherman’s Warf
Being the tourist, do the perfect touristy thing and how will you do it? Visit the famous Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39. Located along the waterfront, the area covers numerous blocks. Most of the time, the streets are crowded with street performers that are a soothing treat to your eyes. Apart from that, souvenir shops and expensive restaurants are there to spend some time. Not to forget this place is popular for sea food. Hence, don’t forget to try some crabs in one of the eateries of this zone. The place is also popular because this is the only region from where you get ferries to Alcatraz Island.

3. Take a tour to Alcatraz –

Visit the national landmark of San Francisco having 104 years history. Formerly, been active as federal prison, Alcatraz Island has now turned into a tourist site to explore since its closure in 1970. Visit the well preserved military jail. However, ferry is the only access to the island. So, you need to book for the boat ride beforehand. Free audio guide are also provided to guide you throughout the trip.

4. Head off to the Mission District –
The city has been home to techies and immigrants and at the same time has embraced hippies, hipsters and their culture.  Take a tour down the Mission District and you will get to see fixed gear bikes and vintage threads that mark the true lifestyle of hippies.  Start your journey from Dolores Park and walk down to Valencia Street till 24th street.  You get to see the remaining of this lost tribe. The remarkable feature of this district is the street art and to see the best street art work, visit Precita Eyes.

5. Hop on to a Cable car & get off at Lombard Street –
If walking and biking around the city is enough for you to explore the city, hop on to a cable car. Catch one such cable car from the Market Street and explore every corner of the city. The car will take you around the city, down the hills and let you take a panoramic view of Alcatraz as well. Once the car approaches near Lombard Street, get off at that very moment and watch the world’s famous winding street. Watch the cars as they drive down the lane taking sharp turn. Make sure you keep your camera handy to capture the snap of the cars coming down the street.

6. Visit the Tourist Sites (Golden Gate Park & City’s museums) –
golden gate park

The city is filled with museums like The Beat Museum, Exploratorium, Cable car Museum and De Young Art Museum. Pay a visit to these museums and enjoy a journey through the past of the city. Once you are done with museum hopping, take a tour into the Golden Gate Park. The park covers around 30 blocks of the sea. Covering the entire park will take at least half a day. Yes, the park is that big to take so many hours. Hence, you can at least see few parts of the park and if it’s a sunny day, it will be a bonus for you to move around the park comfortably.

7. Chinatown –
The second famous place after NYC is Chinatown for United States. The name itself tells you that you are going to see many Chinese over here. They were the immigrants who came to the West Coast and settled down in San Francisco. Right from the decorations of the streets to the shops and culture, you get to see every bit of China, right in the middle of United States. If you have plans to try out authentic Chinese cuisines, make sure you visit the place. So, eat your heart out over here. With that, participate in the tea testing ceremony that happens in almost most of the tea houses of Chinatown.

The list doesn’t end here. Go and visit the city, your trip is surely going to expand. However, before starting your journey, prepare an itinerary list that will include all these names.

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Experience A Thrilling Vacation In Your Trip To San Francisco

One of the ‘eclectic cities’ of the United States, San Francisco has a lot of options to offer for its visitors. Creative and dramatic in nature, this city charms you with its thrilling attitude. Not to miss out the charismatic smile of the locals which put you at ease the moment you step into the city.  In fact, it makes you feel as if you are part of this city. And being part of the city, you should not miss out the chance to explore every corner of the city. Prepare the perfect San Francisco trip planner and start off your journey.


Being new to this city, start off your trip like a common tourist. Add the names of the most popular tourist spots in your San Francisco trip planner. Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy field, Bolinas Ridge, Coit Tower, the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, driving down the Lombard Street and a tour to Alcatraz are some of the spots that you cannot ignore.   Along with these, take the famous stairs like the stairs of Telegraph Hill and the Greenwich stairs that let you see the entire city from a new viewpoint. The tour might turn out a bit exhausting as there are 400 steps. But the garden and the wild parrots that you get to see while going down the stairs will surely mesmerize you.


Other than this, another stair is there, located on the 16th Avenue in Sunset district of San Francisco. This entire 163 steps are made of brightly colored mosaic tiles, making it impressive enough to attract your attention. Another remarkable place to see is Audium theatre. It is the only theatre around the world that is constructed for sound movement. It is a sound labyrinth which deserves your visit. Now, if you are looking for something unusual in your list of best places to visit in San Francisco, Defenstration – a perfect example of a wall of graffiti where the furniture seems to be hanging out of this abandon building.


Walking around the city for so long will definitely make you hungry. Hence, visit places like Chinatown to satisfy your hunger pangs. Else morning bun of Tartine or cinnamon toast of Trouble Coffee always comes as an easy option. Other than these, some specific things to do in San Francisco list include watching sunset at Bolinas Ridge, sliding down the Seward street slides and visiting the Institute of Illegal Images.

The list is simply endless and to enjoy everything you need to visit the city.

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