10 Best All Inclusive Resorts In Thailand

Given all the shopping and the attractions to catch a sight of, a vacation in Thailand can really be hectic and exhaustive. So to recover from all the fatigue and to be energized, it is essential that you stay in one of the wonderful looking resorts overlooking the tropical beaches. Incredibly warm with their service and showcasing an absolutely appetizing menu, your vacation in Thailand couldn’t get any better.


Source: https://www.triphobo.com/blog/all-inclusive-resorts-in-thailand


10 Honeymoon Ideas For Your Bucket List

The idea of heading towards your dream destination can’t get any better than your honeymoon. Honeymoons are meant to be unforgettable, which is why it is important to be extraordinary and not just something usual.

Here are the top 10 inspiring and inexpensive honeymoon ideas to get you started.

Stay at a over water bungalow in Bora Bora-

The St.Regis resort is dream destination for couples who are longing for that lone time with their partners. The soothing calm waters and the lovely cutesy resort bungalow makes up for the most romantic dinner dates.

You may plan your honeymoon vacation through trip planner.

Diving at South Pacific, Fiji –

Fiji is described as the diver’s paradise. Most couples, who love adventurous holidays or honeymoons, take a dip here and discover the majestic flora and fauna deep in the ocean. Watch out for the most extinct species of turtles, crabs, gold fish and mantas. You name it and they are there. There are diving instructors present to guide you if you are a first timer.

Bike around the volcano in Hawaii- Bike riding across the Maui gets extremely thrilling when you cross the 6,000 foot plunge road towards Haleakala volcano. So if you have some adventure honeymoon ideas in your mind, this should definitely make up to your bucket list.

Exploring Machu Picchu in Peru –

If you have ample of time in your hands choose the Inca Trail route to the breathtaking Historical sanctuary. It will take you around two-to five days, and for those on a tighter time schedules, there’s a three hour train from Cusco. Spend at least a week here so that you can witness the beauty it turns in to in the afternoons.

Room stay in St. Lucia – The rooms over here are so divine and mesmerizing they’re called sanctuaries. You go, visit just for the rooms, and if you are seeking some quite time with your partner, even better. Every suite is well equipped with a private pool, a 24*7 serving butler who delivers those amazing lip smacking breakfasts, dinners and lunch. (passion fruit waffles, couscous-crusted Mahi along with other local delicacies.

A Safari in South Africa –

Imagine yourself taking a walk with those wild beasts and relaxing at the most stunning tree houses and resorts. Well, that’s all the South African safaris are about.

Holiday like a celeb, in Mexico –

This place is known for oodles of romantic sites and resorts. Celebs like, Bethenny Frankel Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney often visit the resorts here to unwind and relax at the adults-only pool. One&Only Palmilla in Cabo is the famous hotel you can consider staying at.

Cruise around the Galapagos Islands –

If you’re always fascinated by the nature and wildlife that it becomes irresistible for you to fulfill your desires, Galapagos is a place where you can find endless species and that’ll leave you amazed.

Desert safari at Dubai –

Book a all night stay at the silver sands and experience the thrill of living under the tents while watching the fireworks at Marina Bay.

Go Cruising, Go hit the oceans – Cruise honeymoons turn out the most fantastically romantic ones, what better than a a lavish cruise liner, with amazingly luxurious suites, food, wine and entertainment to serve you? If booked well in advance, a good 2 weeks cruise will finely fit your budget and moods, both.

If the entire list above, has given you some serious travel goals, don’t think twice and get into the ultimate spirit of hiking the world. Let the vacation mode turn on now!

Visit These Destinations Now If You Missed Them in the Holiday Season

We often postpone our visits to awesome places just thinking about the seasonal tourist crowd and never ending rush of travelers. But very few of them understand the thrill and excitement behind traveling off-season; which is why we have listed down some of the destinations that are better to be visited during non-seasonal days. So, don’t you fret if you have missed out on traveling to your favorite locations in the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to travel on ‘other’ days.

You may plan your trip with the help of trip planner .

Check out the destinations in India as well as abroad. We’ve also shared some smart travel tips to help you have a fabulous journey >>

1. Malshej –

Picture One of the top most advantages of traveling off-season is, slashed rates, less tourist crowd and ample of stay options and flight ticket availability. These are the main things which need to be taken care of while planning a holiday. Malshej is a beautiful tourist spot filled with a lush green landscape and breathtaking scenery. Malshej ghat situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges is a traveler’s delight during winters. Most of the times, people prefer visiting this place during monsoon weekends. It’s also a quick getaway spot for Mumbai-Pune locals.

2. Vietnam –

Picture Already a rare holiday destination of Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers an enchanting experience. It’s a super affordable backpacker friendly spot with less tourist crowd most of the times of the year. However, some of the areas are famous amongst the travelers, hence tourists often flock in Hanoi, to visit the top attractions like the Hanoi Opera House, Vietnamese churches and world renowned National Museum of Vietnamese History. The best and cheapest stay point can be Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. Try out a travel hack here, book your tickets a good 4 months in advance and save like never before. The costs are already lowest.

3. Goa –

Picture Well, it’s an every beach lovers’ destination but due to the heavy tourist crowd almost all the time of the year, leaves us disappointed. This is why we suggest, June is best month to visit Goa. The hot sunny beaches and part places are buzzing mostly during winters. This is when the SunBurn festival also takes place along with Christmas and NYE celebrations. Post this; Goa is a cute little silent small town. You may enjoy home stays then, when you travel off-season. Shop endlessly and relax on the open, less-crowded beaches!

4. Florida –

Picture Tourists often gather during summers in this Sunshine beach State. Even when many other holiday destination cities like Orlando are usually crowded, Florida is still a solo traveler’s delight during summers. You can freely go and have your merry time on the beach, sun bathing on the hot sands without jostling for towel space on the sands.  Book a stay at the Seagate Hotel & Spa. Their special offer room packages for Weekday Summers start at just $200 each night. It includes a special welcome amenity, 2 comp fitness classes and a $50 resort credit.

Now that you know where to spend your off-season holidays, make sure you plan your itineraries like a pro and have a fantastic vacation. Share your travel stories with others and help in creating great experiences. Hire a trip planner if you’re about to visit any of these destinations for the first time. It’s better to be well prepared! Also, don’t forget to check the hotel and flight rates online. Most of the e-travel portals offer attractive deals and discounts on early bookings, make sure you save huge on your travels!

6 Ways to Make your Visit to Rome Fantastic

The grand mythology, the thematic novels, controversial movies and the promise of love, Rome is a rollercoaster ride without any seat belts. Up close, the still-in-time piazzas, churches, chapels, the Vatican and the brilliance that is in the air, is truly the soul of Rome.

It does take more time to trip planning to Rome than it takes to go anywhere else- blame the adrenaline, the heavy (soon to be light) wallet or the sky-high expectations!

So at last, you have your tickets ready, your accommodation reserved and that hourly itinerary which is kept on top of your luggage! But Rome is more than what your plans can hold. Take a quick scan to get pointers on how to make the most of your visit to Rome!

1. Buy ‘Skip-the-line’ Tickets
Most of the tourist attractions in Rome come with long queues and boring waiting time. Ditch the waiting monotony and grab a ‘Skip-the-line’ pass which is a choice at many attractions including the Vatican Museum. The Coliseum which has the most dreaded wait time is a piece of cake if you enroll with a tour!

2. Take a Food Tour

Rome without exploring the cuisine is simply not Rome. The markets, the local secrets and the international favorites all are a part of the Rome Food Tour and for a first timer, this is not a must-do but a necessity!

3. Start Early
Yes, the attractions are worth every minute in the wait line, but for those who know better, simply start the day early! Visit the place a few minutes before the opening time and Viola! Easy entry, better view!

To add to that, you get to see the city before all the tourists have taken to the streets- with the beautiful mornings that glow every inch of Rome.

4. Graduate at the Gladiator School
Gladiator fans- bring out the warrior in you at the Gladiator School or the ‘GruppoStorico Romano’ in Rome. Get trained by the members of the Historic Group of Rome for 2 hours and learn how to combat- a pretty neat trick even in modern times! Going all out to offerold-Rome ambience, including the costume and the gear- the Gladiator School is by far, one of the fun things to do in Rome.

5. Vespa Tour
Vespa is a culture in Rome. Walking is fun, but Vespa is simply style! The cool Vespa Tours in Roam offers a rare glimpse into the city’s forgotten and popular spots all while you ride on a part of history itself! Pose like Audrey Hepburn in the Roman Holiday and the pic is sure to get you a couple of likes on Instagram!

6. Do the non-Touristy Things
Hike up to the Gianicolo Hill and listen to the cannon fired everyday at 12.00pm since the victorious day of the battle of Rome. Visit the Jewish Ghetto, grab a take away beer and Pizza and savor it at the Piazza Navona, visit the Cat Sanctuary and stroll along the Trevi Fountain after the city has slept! Phew! And that’s only half the list! We suggest you add your own escapades!

For the travelers who love Rome for all that it stands- the art, architecture, legendary stories, soulful food and interesting people, these hacks will surely make your stay a tad bit easier.

The love that Rome showers through its stories, its Piazzas, its cobbled pathways and its legends, makes it the one place which every tourist will only adore! Maybe that’s why ‘romance’ has ‘Rome’ in it!

7 Tips For Planning Trip to Malaysia

Are you looking for a great holiday destination? Do you love experiencing different cultures around the world? Whichever your reason is, adding Malaysia in your travel plan will not disappoint you. Malaysia is like a perfect resort styled getaway that offers relaxed ambience to shake off all the stresses from your mind. The best part of this country is the islands like Sabah or Langkawi gives a peaceful vacation while the capital city Kuala Lumpur is a perfect for shopping and sightseeing.  Hence, Malaysia is a combination of fast yet laid back vacation for the visitors. However, if you are visiting the city for the first time, consider few necessary tips to make your visit to the tourist attractions in Malaysia comfortable. Plan your vacation and enjoy your holiday.

Get your health checkup before starting your journey –

So, you are visiting Malaysia for the first time? Get your health checked. It is not because Malaysia is an unhealthy place to visit. Rather, it is because you should avoid falling ill during your trip. Hence, visit your doctor and tell him about the places you are visiting. If you plan for doing any activities like water sports or hiking, the doctor will prescribe you appropriate medicines beforehand for necessary precautions. For instance, if you are going for a rainforest walk, your doctor will ask you to have malaria tablets around a week before the departure. Remember, a good health always lets you enjoy a vacation in the best way.

Arrange for airport transfer beforehand –

Once your flight land at the Malaysia airport, you will prefer to reach the hotel first. Now, if you don’t have proper transportation you will be left wondering outside the airport. So, what’s the best thing you can do? Choose the easiest option and that is, airport express train. It is the most inexpensive mode of transportation from the Malaysian airport to reach the capital. The train is quite modern with video screens showing things to do in Malaysia and tourist sites while you travel comfortably to Kuala Lumpur. An added advantage of travelling in this train is, you can book for your luggage onto your departing flight from the central station of Kuala Lumpur. The entire journey will take around 35 minutes. Hence, in every way the train saves both your money and time. However, if you still opt for a taxi or a bus, the journey will take around 1 hour. Even the expense will be more as compared to the trains.

Choosing proper accommodation –

If you are traveling with your family, it is best to book the hotels beforehand. This is because you will come across a good deal rather than reaching over there and then walk into the hotel to make the booking. There are many online portals that offer hotel deals.  You can use them too for saving your expense. For backpackers, guesthouses with a room are often available. In general, the advice is to book your hotel well in advance to avoid any kind of hassle.

Choosing proper eateries –
Choosing an appropriate eatery is necessary when you are travelling to a new place. However, when you are in Malaysia you should keep in mind that the country is poor as compare to any western countries. Hence, you may find many renowned eateries housed in a rundown looking buildings. Don’t judge the place with its exterior look, as you might get the best Malaysian cuisines in these not-so-classy looking eateries. If you are still confused, the best way to choose one is to check the locals eating there. If they seem to be happy with the food, then go ahead.

Wearing light clothes –

Malaysia experiences very fluctuating climate. It is sunny almost throughout the year. Hence, light clothing is ideal for Malaysian vacation. However, if you are visiting any religious place like mosque and temples, be decently dressed. Women should try to wear long sleeves and long skirts or loose pants.

Following the local customs –
Every country has their own custom and they prefer to maintain that. Being a visitor, it is also your duty to check that you don’t harm their customs. In fact, respecting their customs and following them can help you to develop friendship with the locals. Similarly, before you visit Malaysia, learn about their customs. For instance, remove shoes while entering a house and places of worship. Be decently dressed in religious places. Try to handle food with your right hand.

Keep your valuables under close watch –
Be careful about your belongings. Remember, you are new in Malaysia. Hence, make sure you don’t misplace your wallets or bags where you have kept important documents. If you are carrying a backpack, remember to keep it on the front.  Especially in places like the china town of Kuala Lumpur. This is because, such places remain crowded for most part of the day. Hence, pickpocketing is common thing over there.

Following these simple travel tips will make your trip memorable for a lifetime and you will want to return Malaysia again and again.

World’s Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

Honeymoon might be the end of your courtship! But it is definitely an initiation into a lifetime of marital bliss. With these Honeymoon Destinations in the world, your honeymoon can become a lifetime experience, ecstatic in itself.

1-Cancun – Gateway to the Mayan World
Best time to visit: Winter, from June to September, is the best time for Cancun.
Type of destination: tropical, exotic, island


2-Jamaica – Land of Wood and Water
Best time to visit: Winter, from December to April, is the best time for Jamaica.
Type of destination: tropical, affordable, island, adventurous


3-Las Vegas – Sin City
Best time to visit: Spring, from March to May, and Fall, from September to November, are the best times for Las Vegas.
Type of destination: luxury, adventurous


4-Miami – The Magic City
Best time to visit: Winter, from December to February, and Spring, from March to May, are the best times for Miami.
Type of destination: luxury, beach, tropical


5-Istanbul – The Second Rome
Best time to visit: Spring, in April, is the best time for Istanbul.
Type of destination: luxury, exotic


6-Bangkok – City of Angels
Best time to visit: Winter, from November to February, is the best time for Bngkok.
Type of destination: affordable, tropical, exotic

7-Bali – Island of Gods
Best time to visit: The dry season, from May to July, is the best time for Bali.
Type of destination: exotic, tropical, affordable, island


8-Nepal – Roof of the World
Best time to visit: Spring-Summer, from March to May, and Autumn, from September to November, is the best time for Nepal.
Type of destination: exotic, affordable, secluded, adventurous


9-Manali – Valley of Gods
Best time to visit: Summer, from April-June, and Autumn, September-October, are the best times for Manali.
Type of destination: affordable, secluded, adventurous


10-Goa – Pearl of the East
Best time to visit: Winter, from December to February, is the best time for Goa.
Type of destination: affordable, beach


7 Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District houses works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and modern art at the Stedelijk. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are 400km of cycle paths.

Image Source: Famous Attractions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Ring

Image Source: exotic view of Amsterdam Canal

The city old centre is formed from canal rings, which give you the feeling of space, freedom and peace. Walk through these canal streets or better – take a trip with a boat by boarding one of the tourist cruises or by renting the boat yourself. Anther way to explore the Venice of the North is to take a ride on a bicycle. Any way you decide for – enjoy this city, one of the most beautiful in the world. If you like boats there is also a large upcoming event about historical sail ships called Amsterdam SAIL.


Image Source: Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is a Netherlands national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South, close to the Van Gogh Museum

Source: Wikipedia



The Vondelpark is a public urban park of 47 hectares in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is part of the borough of Amsterdam-Zuid and situated west from the Leidseplein and the Museumplein.

The Jordaan

Image Source: Enjoy Boating at Jordaan

Jordaan is one of the most expensive, upscale locations in the Netherlands. It is home to many art galleries, particularly for modern art, and is also dotted with speciality shops and restaurants.

Source: Wikipedia

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is one of three palaces in the Netherlands which are at the disposal of the monarch by Act of Parliament. The palace was built as a city hall during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century.

Source: Wikipedia

The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House
Image Source: The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Source: Wikipedia

Red Light District – De Wallen


De Wallen or De Walletjes is the largest and best known red-light district in Amsterdam and consists of a network of alleys containing approximately three hundred one-room cabins rented by prostitutes.

Source: Wikipedia