Celebrate Christmas On Safari

5 Of The Best Ways To Celebrate Christmas On Safari

Christmas is often identified with snow, short day time and chilled temperature. When it comes to the grand celebration of this season, your activities usually get confined within the house. However, the scenario of this season in the southern hemisphere is absolutely different. Instead of snow, the lands get covered with think greenery. Don’t believe this? Well! You need to go for a safari tour to enjoy an absolute contradictory Christmas holidays. In the southern hemisphere you rather experience warm weather with beautiful wildlife to accompany. Now, if these features have influenced you in imagining a safari tour, then why not go for it!

In order to help you out in making a competent travel planning, here are few things that are being discussed to celebrate Christmas on Safari.

Explore the wild life – Christmas in southern hemisphere is often accompanied by rainfall. Hence, the parched lands get covered with thick greenery. This ultimately leads to the growing of wildlife. You might come across new born zebras and antelope during your journey. Look up in the sky and you will see many colorful birds migrating to this region of the world in search of their partners.  Watch out for the drinking pools to spot leopards and lions. However, the thick bush regions might make it difficult for you to spot the animals. Hence, make sure you are accompanied by guide and security for safety.

Spending days in family villas of Africa – Are you missing your home too much in this journey?  The family villas, spread all over Africa let you enjoy ‘home-away-from-home’ feel. Comfort like hotels and privacy like your home, the villas are absolutely apt for those who wish to enjoy fun time with families and friends. This villas offer flexible opportunities where you can participate in both indoor and outdoor activities. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the warm winter of Africa.

Villas images
Horse safari in Wild Coast – Are you adventurous by nature? Then wild life safari tour should be there for your Christmas vacation. With that, riding horse can be like cherry on the top. Horse trek into open savannah and farms of the Eastern Cape of South Africa will ignite the adventurous spirit in you.  Ride through the coastal villages, along the beaches of Indian Ocean and spend a night at inns where you can keep your horse in the stable. The entire journey will give you a feel of an explorer.

Horse safari
Celebrate Christmas like Southern hemisphere – Places located on the southern hemisphere will obviously have different tradition than what you have been seeing in the north. Hence, when you are in such a new place, let’s celebrate your favorite Christmas the way the people of southern hemisphere do.  Make friends with them, prepare a feast the way they do and blend with their rich culture to create some treasured memories of your journey.

Take pleasure in giving away – Christmas means giving presents to your loved ones. People usually spend huge money to buy special gifts for loved ones. How about spending that money in places where they are in need of it? Sounds inspiring, right? Countries like Africa do have many orphanages that are looking for fund. Visit those places and donate the amount that you otherwise have wasted in buying expensive wines. Spend some time with the kids, learn about their life and teach something new. At the end, their smiles are going to be your best Christmas gift that you can ever imagine.

Do you feel that there few better Christmas vacation ideas on safari? Brainstorm on this subject! If you come up with some more interesting ideas feel free to add up in your bucket list.