Abu Dhabi

Reasons why one should Visit Abu Dhabi at Least once in Their Lifetime

Abu Dhabi is the dazzling capital of the UAE and has been under decent limelight recently. The city is trying to steal a lot of attraction away from Dubai. The city has also been a number pone cultural center and a business hub off lately. It also attracts tourists all over the world for vacation planning. Let us explore some of the best reasons to visit the place in this article.

Abu Dhabi

Top 10 reasons to visit Abu Dhabi:

1. It is a stunning location
Abu Dhabi is beautiful. It’s an extremely engaging town and that’s the factor that surprises most guests. There are skyliners with shining and its beaches have the best grains of white sand, with Phoenix dactylifera trees. A seashore promenade, the Cornice, runs the length of the town, providing an excellent vantage to relish the placing skyline.

2. The Corniche:
Abu Dhabi’s seaboard promenade deserves its own entry. This is the best place that flourishes Abu Dhabi Tourism in the winter months.  From early in the morning till late at the hours of darkness, locals and expats engage in cardiopulmonary exercise, strolling, picnicking, snapping photos rollerblading, skating, cycling, and walking on the Corniche. There are also provisions made for refreshments here.

3. Lifestyle:
Abu Dhabi’s easy-going style and low-keyed angle has continually been attracting tourists. This is one of the best 10 reasons to visit Abu Dhabi. Expats dwell  here long before tourists started getting to urban centre to gawk at its seven-star edifice, monumental malls, and play snowballs etc., People here are cool, fun loving and love to enjoy their holidays greatly.

4. Architecture:
It’s a well-planned town with wide streets and traffic that flows freely. The urban centre may be a sprawling mess of a metropolis, the town encompasses a grid-like urban style that was modelled on Manhattan, creating it an area that’s straightforward to navigate and easy to understand.

5. Local tradition is still alive here:
The locals here are devoted to their tradition and they cling on to it tightly. They have a rich culture of customs and Islamic religion and do their best to maintain them. Traditional dance and singing shows could be spotted on national holidays here.

6. Art and Culture:
Abu Dhabi has always remained a centre of mature art and culture next only to Dubai. The city is eager to preserve its heritage and culture, and to experiment modern and contemporary art forms. It is also the home for foreign embassies in UAE and has significant cultural exchanges happening.

7. Deep Rooted Cultural Foundation:
Abu Dhabi tourist information is never complete without adding a note on its heritage village which has been the intellectual and cultural center here for many decades. This impulsive building has provisions for word shops, interactive libraries, parks and recreational units etc.

8. Heritage Village:
It is set on a beach front, to overlook the azure sea offers an insight into a life that existed before the discovery of oil. There are palm frond houses, traditional mosques and camel riding encampments here to recreate the tourists.

9. Qasr al Huan:
Abu Dhabi travel guides would enlighten tourists on the lush grounds of this cultural foundation filled with courtyard gardens of palm trees and is a lovely place to spend the entire day.

10. Handmade Artefacts:
The Delma corner is part of the cultural foundation on Abu Dhabi. It is small and special and feature decorated by handmade artefacts with camel bags.

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