For A Historical Mughal Trip And Enchanting Attractions Agra Travel Is the Right Choice

The former capital of Mughals, a place with masses of monuments, markets, and gorgeous greenery, Agra is situated at the banks of River Yamuna. The North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh holds Agra. As a single women traveler I headed to Agra to visit the everlasting symbol of love and the magnificent memorial the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are places which should be visited apart from others. The gorgeous and creative brilliancy in making of the world wonder Taj Mahal draws in plentiful tourists each year from around the globe.

Tips For Solo Women Traveler:

1- To ensure a safe vacation planning well ahead, pack less weight luggage so that pick pockets and robbery can be avoided. Choose clothing as per the culture of India as dressing is very important and decent dressing can avoid issues such as teasing and harassment.

2- Hunt the sites and go through the countless reviews by single women travelers who have posted their experiences. This gives you an idea of choosing the best safe hotel to stay, there are countless safe hotels for single women travelers, so picking the best hotel is not a tough job.

3- As a single women traveler to Agra, you should remember that safety is the first step to be given importance so that you don’t land up in danger. You should always be alert and extra cautious about your surroundings to stay safe.

4- Pick pockets are common where tourists move in masses at electric bus parking to security main entrance to Taj Mahal, so for solo travelers it is best to use a money belt in front with essentials. Avoid too much of cash and gold jewelry.

5- Never make new male friends, and avoid continuous eye contact

6- Wear a dark sun glasses so that you can look around without the knowledge of others though ugh you’re confused.

7- Carry a self-medical kit with all essential medicines at times of requirement.

8- Avoid trying to have new relationship with new male travelers as it may end up with trouble.

9- Be aware of shopping the marble items most of them are fake, so get into the best reputable shop to get quality product, and don’t forget to bargain.

Attractions In Agra:
Apart from safety measures and travel there are many other interesting things to do in Agra. To know the historical values single women travelers are required to head towards Agra Fort, Tomb of Itimud-ud- Daulah, Mehtab Bagh, Khas Mahal, Birbal Bhavan, Panch Mahal Agra. As a single women traveler I got to know a lot of history, culture, architecture and the popularity of Taj Mahal and other places in Agra. By solo female traveler’s nature of dressing and sense of patience they are respected by the local inhabitants and given respect. They help them out at times of danger.

For more details about Agra travel, sightseeing, accommodation, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, day trips and lots more our Agra city travel guide who was the sole reason for my trips success will surely help you out. As a single women traveler for details regarding travel, you can always approach this site.