Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur holds the magic of Malaysia. The city barely sleeps and its famous tourist attractions like the PETRONAS Twin Towers, the city tower and the hard to miss markets along with its religious sites and natural abundance, all give Kuala Lumpur a vantage point over other travel destinations.

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kuala-lumpurThe whole city is a mad mix- cultures, religion, old-world living, and squeaky new urban skyscrapers offer a rare juxtaposition which can only be admired when you witness it firsthand.

For all its buzz, its crowded streets and its conveniently laid-back attitude, the most asked question is how exactly to get around the city! Scroll on down to know what is the best way to see the Kuala Lumpur.

1. LRT (Light rail Transport)
The LRT is known by many names- Kelana Jaya line, PUTRA line, Ampang line or STAR line and is a good way to get around the city if you keep a LRT map handy or simply click a picture of the map.

The trains are pretty regular but the driver less trains can break down and cause some delays.

2. Monorail

Kl_monorailThe Monorail covers the whole Golden Triangle region and is more ‘touristy’ since it gives a good view of the whole city and its beautiful buildings. There is a common LRT-Monorail pass available.

3. KTM Komuter
The KTM Komuter consists of 2 lines which meet at the city center and are mostly used to travel to the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. It is a budget transport system but the wait time can touch half hour. Use the KTM to reach the Batu Caves and the Midvalley Mega Mall since it is well connected to these two tourist attractions.

4. ERL
The ERL is used for commuting to and from the Kuala Lumpur Airport. The whole line is solely dedicated to provide a rail for travelling to various cities like Putajaya and Salag Tingi and is a bit more heavily priced than the intra-city rails.

5. KLIA Transit

KLIA Transit
The KLIA provides the fastest trains to connect the Kuala Lumpur Airport to the Kuala Lumpur city center. A short 28 minutes ride with comfortable, clean transit makes it a tourist favorite. They also provide VIP service.

6. Busses-
The Rapid KL busses are cheap but are less frequent. Sightseeing tour busses are most preferred as children below 5 are allowed for free and the tickets for adults can be used multiple times within its validity of 24 or 48 hours! The most popular are the Go KL free busses which take you through 2 lines covering all the area around the Bukit Bintang, KLCC, KL Sentrala and the Chow kit.

7. Taxi

If you can squeeze a good bargain, then Taxis are your best bet to travel in the city. However, not many Taxis will use meters and if you seem like a tourist (who has an address on their cell phone and is holding up the location to drivers) be assured you will be taken around town before you reach the place. Use Taxis only in between train and bus stops and you will be just fine.

8. On foot
There are many walking tours around Kuala Lumpur and it can take around 3 hours to explore the highlights of the city. But a self- walking tour is the best way to explore the city’s major hangout and tourist spots without any hurry.

The city is well planned with lit roads and easy-to-read signs and walking through the colonial area and the glass and steel sector is a must on the list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Besides, it does save on a lot of cash!

For anyone who visits the city for the first time, it can get pretty tricky but with a few point rules, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most uncomplicated cities to travel through.