Top 7 Techno Savvy Tips for Middle-Aged Women Travelers

Fear is responsible for holding a lot of us back from travelling and venturing to new places, destinations and adventures. There may be a desire to plan a vacation and soak yourself up with the entire experience of travelling, but fear takes over this desire.


Like any other fear, these travelling fears can be overcome by understanding their root cause and acquainting yourself with simple solutions to overcome these fears.

Read on to find out about 5 travel fears and how to overcome them.

Fear of flying:
Fear of flying is more common than you could imagine, and this fear is responsible of keeping a lot of people from travelling and going places.

-How to overcome the fear of flying:
Consider other options of travelling to your holiday destination, like train, car, bike, ship, bus, etc. If at all there is no other option available but flying, remember that the chances of something going wrong with the flight are very slim.

Fear of security:
Fear of the possible dangers in a place are all the result of news items about the catastrophes, attacks, disasters, and other such negative events happening in and around that place.

-How to overcome the fear of security:
Research as much as you can about your destination. This will provide you with a sense of familiarity with the place and build a little more confidence about spending your time there.
You must also understand that all these events that you are worrying about are absolutely unpredictable and could happen anytime and anywhere. The best way to do this is start off your holiday with a positive mind set.

Fear of communication gap:
Every holiday destination you go to might have a local language which you may not be familiar with. This creates a fear of not being able to communicate your needs and requirements to the people there, and not being able to ask for any sort of help.

communication gap.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of communication gap:

Despite the local language, English is one language that is globally accepted, understood, and spoken by almost everyone, even if not fluently. Whenever and wherever you will need to communicate with the locals at your holiday destination, you can easily do so in English.

The easy way to do this is by going to destinations that are similar to your own, with very little possibility of any sort of communication problem. Once you have gained some confidence after one or two of such trips, explore places with foreign cultures and traditions.

For your satisfaction, you can also make yourself learn a few important key words or sentences in the local language of that place for the sake of unforeseen events or emergencies.

Fear of theft or loss of property:
A lot of people experience the fear of losing their valuables like passport, credit/debit card, wallet, and any important travel documents, while they are on the holiday.


-How to overcome the fear of theft or loss of property:

The solution to this fear is to be alert, well-prepared and not get panic stricken in case something happens.

Do not keep all your credit/debit cards and all your cash in one place. Keep a little amount of cash in your wallet, and keep the rest stashed in different places. In case you do lose your credit card or debit card, get in touch with the concerned bank immediately and get your card cancelled.

In case of passport, do not carry around your original passport with you all the time. Keep the original locked in some place safe, keep a copy with you at all times, and it would also help to keep a copy of the passport safely back home. In case you do lose your original passport somehow, you can seek help at your nearest embassy.

Fear of medical emergencies:
Some people are always worried that they might get injured on the trip. Some worry that the food or the air there may not work for their body and make them sick during their vacation.

medical emergencies.jpg

-How to overcome the fear of medical emergencies:

First and foremost, do thorough research about the place and consult your doctor to check if you need to get any vaccinations before you go on the holiday.

Venture into the local foods and dishes but keep a check on what you are eating, instead of stuffing yourself with anything that you can find. Get first-hand information about the place you are travelling to and how safe it is to eat outside or even drink the water there.

Also, while it is important to have a good time on your vacation, be alert, aware and responsible so that you do not end up taking risky or wrong decisions that might end getting you hurt or injured.

It is of utmost importance to carry a first aid kit when you are travelling. Carry the basic medication for all possibilities like fever, stomach flu, cough, cold, sprains, or minor injuries. Finally, remember that every place has hospitals and trained doctors in case you do need one at any point of time.


5 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young

When you get out of your hometown, and explore the world, you’ll definitely experience some magical moments. This world has so much beauty that you’ll fail to witness it in one lifetime. So, why not make the most of it! Now plan your trip through itinerary planner .

We’ve listed 5 good reasons, why should travel the world, when you’re young!

Expect some bubbles to burst!

TravelWhile you don’t admit it, but sometimes you can take somethings for granted. Hence travelling the world at a young age, will help you realise the value of certain things in your life. You’ll have some life changing experiences in such a way that you’ll not take anything for granted, anymore. Also the comfort you enjoyed back in your hometown, you’ll not get the same kind of luxury everywhere. Hence, you’ll learn to adjust and adapt to different situations.

Travelling is the best education:

travel-picOkay! Admit it. Most of us hated the boring geography and history classes. But when you travel, you’ll revise all that you learned in school and college in a fun and interesting manner. In addition, you’ll learn tackling problems differently and also get a different perspective about life.

The value of money!

Value of moneyMost importantly, you’ll know the value of money. After all the cash crunched trips, you’ll realise the need of a budgeted travel and that’ll make sure that everything is properly planned. You’ll also make optimum use of online free travel planning websites and plan a full fledged travel itinerary and save a lot of time and money!

You are open to new challenges:

With so many first hand life changing experiences and adapting to different situations will definitely make you immune to challenges. If life throws lemons at you, you’ll make a lemonade out of it, like a boss!

No one can predict the future!

FutureBecause, you can’t predict what will happen to you in old age. Hence, making the most of your age is the hack.Make travel plans, book hotel rooms, flight tickets, get drunk, eat like no one’s watching, dance like there’s no tomorrow, sing like no one’s listening, hear human stories from different countries, make new friends, laugh, cry, introspect, feel sorry, feel thankful and more than anything- Live the goddamn moment!

If these 5 points don’t give you a sudden urge to travel, I’ve no clue, what else will. Hurry up!

6 Tips That Will Make You Guru In Trip Planning!

Are you the go-to person for making efficient plans in your group? Is your need for having everything organized in your life so much, that you end up planning every minute of your day? Well, then you have in a way aced your first skill towards becoming a Guru in Trip Planning. Here are some more tips on how to make an itinerary that will sure make you  become an expert in planning your trips with adding a little more expertise then before:

1) Have an online travel planner you are loyal to, but still refer to various online travel websites .

How to make an itinerary.jpg
So, as somebody who plans a lot of trips, remember that staying loyal to one site to book your accommodation or to book your flights is always going to get you discounts later. While you plan a trip, it is very important that you are not taken for a ride and you are aware of the best fares you are getting or the packages you can opt for.

2) Get over the conventions, but keep the extract of traditional trip planning.

traditional trip.jpg
We mean that you should use the same old trick of keeping a budget and making an outline of all the attractions, cities and destinations you want to cover while drawing out your itinerary template. But there are better ways to do that, nowadays there are various free trip planner apps where you can jot down and pin all your thoughts before coming up with a completely materialized plan.

3) Talk to a lot of people; refer to a lot of plans.
There are so many itinerary planner apps available and various online travel planners that are a click away.  There are also various tried and tested itineraries that will help you tailor one that suits you the best. That way you can pick the best from 2-3 itineraries and come up with a travel plan that will be perfect for you.

4) Have everything in place right from the moment you land out of the airport to the time you take off in your return flight.

We do not mean for you to have a second-by-second timeline as a part of your trip planner. But it is always better to take care of the logistical details well in advance. Right from the cab you will take to your hotel to the pre payment of the famous attractions, it is better if you plan out these details to have a hassle free journey.

5) Get smart, avoid crowds!
The unfortunate truth of famous attractions is that they are almost always crowded. The smart way to go around this is to have your itinerary planned well in advance. While you plan a trip and you look at options of accommodations, it is also a wise idea to look at options of tours that help you gain access to skip the line feature, take care of your entry and basically help you save on time.

6) Ultimately read up on customs and traditions.

Although various online travel websites will get you acquainted with these, it is seldom considered to be an essential element of planning a trip. It’s important that you are aware of the dos and donts in the place you plan to visit and explore. Even though, this is not of logistical importance- it helps you understand the culture and not mean disrespect to any particular tradition even unintentionally. Also read up on the safe areas and make sure you are aware of the public transport around your accommodation.

Beginner’s Guide to Planning an International Trip

Going for an international trip will always holds a special position in your life. It will be your first time to step outside your country; first time you are going to see how other country look like; how their lifestyle and culture is and so on. Right from packing bag to boarding your flight till visiting the new destination, everything will be cherished memory for you after you return back. However, in this fairy journey you won’t like to get anything wrong so that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Then what should you do? Prepare yourself and take all the necessary step to plan a vacation that will make your trip successful. Wondering how you are going to do it? Without further ado, let’s check out the following discussed point:-

1. Where to go, when to go and for how long –

Where to go
These are the most basic question that you should ask yourself. Deciding upon the answers for these three questions can solidify your plan. Hence, start with when to go. Are you planning the trip in the beginning of the year, in the middle or at the end? Consider all the necessary factors that can actually hamper your trip. Once you are done it with, move on to choosing the destination. Visiting places like Western Europe sounds great but they come with slightly pricey travel budget. Else considering South America or some other similar places doesn’t sound lame as well. With deciding about the destination another factor comes up is for how long you want to go for the trip. The answer of this question is important when you will move on to your next necessary factor.

2. Deciding on the expense –
As per the previous point, deciding about the duration of the trip is important because according to this factor you are going to decide your budget. This expense calculation includes your flight tickets, expense on transportation within the new country, accommodation, food and activities during the trip. Once you are done with the calculation, you can look for the loophole where you are making unnecessary expenditure. Thus, pointing out these factors will help you to save money.

3. Buying air tickets –
Keep a track on the airline portals and check when these airlines are offering discount on their flight tickets. Grab the opportunity if it matches up with your travel schedule. This will save a lot of money from your pocket.

4. Decide about the accommodations –
International hotels come with heavy deals. Hence, staying in any such hotels will be sheer wastage of money. Then what you can do? Look for alternate options. If hospitality club or couch surfing doesn’t bothers you a lot, go for it. Else check with locals if any of them are willing to welcome paying guests. As you know, in any trip accommodation covers a huge amount. Hence, choosing these convenient options are always budget friendly.

5. Plan your itinerary –
Planning a proper itinerary for a trip is highly essential. You need to decide which cities or town you are going to visit, which attractions you are going to see, activities you are going to do, where you are going to have your food and so on. Many of your near ones might suggest as to how many number of days you should spend in a particular location. Just dang it! It’s your trip and you should be the decision maker. If everything making you confused, browse few travel planning related portals or check few travel books. These are enough to make your trip successful.

6. Book tickets for activities in advance –
If your travel plan includes visit to the museums, amusement parks or doing any particular activity, book the tickets for visit in advance. This will save your time from standing in a queue and also your money from buying tickets with higher price from the location itself.

7.  Packing your bag –

Send My Bag – Preparing Your Bag for Travel from on Vimeo.

Last but not the least, bags matters when you are travelling abroad! However, overloading it with unnecessary things is the most stupid thing you can do. So, pack it cleverly. Pack necessary clothing, carry necessary electronic gadgets like mobile charger, some cash in case of emergency and a first-aid kit. Lastly, keep some space empty so that you can bring back few souvenirs back to your home.

By far, these tips are enough to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. If you come up with some more tips, feel free to utilize it for your trip.

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5 Tips for Travelling with Dietary Restrictions

Travel is incomplete without the food. Food is like a cherry on the top of the cake called travel. While everyone has a dream of having different cuisines of the world on their next vacation plan unfortunately sometimes you have to stick to your diet plan for health purposes. Sometimes we have to avoid certain foods even though we want them the most. Well, don’t be disappointed. There is some good news. You can stick to your diet plan and still enjoy your trip to the fullest. Yes, with proper trip planning and making a good travel itinery, you can do that easily.

Also, here are 5 super tips for travelling with dietary restrictions.

1) Research Well –

Image title

Research your destination very well while making your travel plan. It is always advisable to research about the food and culture of the destination you are planning to visit. There are several blogs and websites which provide you with the exactly type of food you get in a particular country. They can help you make your trip plan easier. Taking a look through these can definitely help you avoid certain foods and stick to your diet plan.

2) Pack well –

Image title

Packing is one the essential skills everyone should have. Your pack should contain all the important things that you need while you are travelling. Prepare for food emergencies while on flight or trains. Always keep fresh fruits and some snacks to keep you up for hunger and still be on your diet. There are endless varieties of packed foods and fruit juices which can help you satisfy your taste buds and stay on your diet as well. Also, do not forget to carry your medicines if the condition gets worse.

3) DIY (Do it yourself) – It is everybody’s dream to just go to a lavish restaurant when travelling and jump on the food out there. Well, in case you have dietary restrictions, you can always cook your own food. Cooking your own food in a foreign country has its own benefits. You know what ingredients you are using plus you get to learn their cuisine and culture more personally. Also there are always healthy alternatives to your favorite food and ingredients as well. Sounds amazing right?

4) Asking Helps – There are times when we go to a restaurant that is so good that we don’t even care to see what the food is made up of? Well, asking the waiter is always a good idea. Knowing few basic words of the local language spoken in the country is always helpful. Try to ask the staff about what ingredients are being used in the particular dish that you are planning to take. Once you know they are safe enough for your diet plan, well savor on then.

5) Technology Rules – In today’s world there are more hotels and restaurants on smartphone applications than in real life. Also with the use of it, there are certain applications out there helping people stay on their diet. Well, diet applications can help you stay on your diet and perfectly enjoy your trip at once. Yes, a single application like “My diet coach” can help you know about what amounts of proteins and vitamins are you eating and at the same time it can track your progress. It is therefore, always a good idea to have one of these applications on your phone while travelling for saving yourself from the trouble and health issues.

Travelling and food goes hand in hand. You don’t have to worry much about anything when travelling but taking good care always helps. And yes,remember to eat simple, be happy and live the moment.

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How to Plan a Trip that Works Best

Well, we all dream of traveling the world or at least a few gems of destinations, so how do you do it? Planning a long holiday can be a tedious and daunting task but if you plan your trip with the properly planned travel itinerary, you can hardly face any hurdles. So, let’s find out the best ways to plan your journeys.


1. Decide a Destination – Having a vague idea about your travel destination can make you half done for the task. Do a good research about the place you’re going to, check affordable stay options and online deals. Hire a professional and experienced tour planner to help you through the preparations.

2. Plan a Trip Duration- It’s important to know the length of your trip as that would help you plan your finances in a more practical way. Start saving money well in advance and check through travel deals. For more exciting holiday packages you may also check through some online travel planner websites they constantly keep updating fresh offers every season.

3. Decide a Mode of Transport – Be it the road ways, airways or waterways you need to decide upon the mode of transport and plan your savings accordingly. In most cases, to save money mainly tourists opt for waterways, as it is cheaper, faster and super exciting. As a traveler, you should be constantly experimenting with your travels and the road to your journey should be even more exciting every time you make vacation plans.

4. Start Saving Now – It’s never too late, rather better late than never. Start saving early for your trip, as this will help you gauge your expenses in relation to the amount in your bank account. Make a list of things you’d carry on your journey, create an itinerary template and stick to it. Keep some extra cash handy, or try to spend less than your margin, this will help you be financially safe in a new country. It’s better to have some cash at the time of emergencies, if they arise.

5. Enjoy your Trip –


Let go off all the worries and you’d be the happiest person, plan a road trip or just a sightseeing journey across the streets and go exploring the gems. There’s nothing like a fulfilling holiday and a carefree journey. Learn new languages, meet new people, art culture and foods are also one of the most interesting stuff to look forward to, in a journey.

6. Keep Travel Apps Handy- Whenever you visit a new place, it is possible that you might get somewhere unknown and will need help to relocate yourself, some smart travel apps other than Google maps, will come to your rescue here. Other general itinerary planner apps to guide you through the location. Browse internet, read articles to find out which ones are the best.

7. Check Last Minute Deals – Travel planners will often keep updating you with the best and hot deals of the seasons, so don’t forget to check them at the very last moment too. Holiday and tour packages come with a plethora of added benefits and complementary goodies. As a smart traveler, you should be able to avail all these benefits and arm yourself with tricks on how to plan trips that work the best.

8. Do your Bookings – Last but not the least, your stay and flight bookings need to be done well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. Be an efficient traveler and plan a trip according to your needs and desires. Remember, pre-planning is the key to a successful holiday and you can never goof up anywhere if you have a fool proof plan ready before you take off.

We hope these tips will help you have a most unforgettable journey of your life and the most smartly planned too. To save money on your bookings, you may check through a couple of couponing sites which offer attractive discounts on international and domestic holiday packages, flight and hotel bookings, transportation, etc. It is always a good idea to travel at least once a year, if you are a solo traveler opt for non seasonal days as the places are less crowded then.

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The Pros and Cons of Visiting Goa in Monsoon Season

Goa the ultimate beach holiday and party destination turns into a fairyland in summers and dry winters when most of the travelers and tourists flock to the sandy beach shores between October and March. But how is it to visit Goa during monsoons? Or rather, is it even considered during rains, how do the climate and other miscellaneous costs affect you?

Here are some pros and cons, decide for yourself.

Luxury Monsoon Resorts –

South Goa

South Goa has ample of exclusive monsoon resorts that offer a wide range of facilities and activities if you love to explore Goa in monsoons. As this is considered a off-season to visit Goa, tourist rush is minimal. So, most of the hotels and luxury resorts offer special monsoon packages at discounted rates.  Make up your mind and be ready to face the adventurous climate and be sure of the fact that you won’t be able to soak under the sun and sun bathe like usual. Goa is surrounded by cool palm trees and other wide range of tall trees that make it breezy, cold and fresh during monsoons. Plan your Goa vacation through vacation planner .

Green Green Goa-

anjuna beach.jpg

If you’re an avid nature admirer and a relentless traveler who loves to explore nature at its extreme best, come over to Goa in monsoon. Ample of greenery around, with the quite cold breeze free flowing around the silver sands of the beach is something which will feed your soul and mind. Anjuna, Calangute and Vagator even serve hot monsoon meals during day time for the travelers.

Bad rain days, make a Beach Holiday Troublesome –


When it rains in Goa, it pours. Literally. So, mostly tourists will guide you against going for those sea rides and other water sports. Mostly it is not advisable to get in the beach during monsoon as the tides are at their highest levels, hence, adventures like diving, water surfing, hover board surfing and swimming are amongst the things to avoid in Goa during monsoon. Follow Goa in built iteniary for your vacation.

Risky Living by the Beach During Rains-

Beach During Rains

Beach side stays get a bit difficult, the cold flowing winds and high tides can get ugly if it rains heavily and as the coastline is near to the sea, Goa has high risks of strong vibrant tides. Locals usually move away from the beach during monsoon, also other activities like boating and fishing are kept on hold till rains subside. Hence, holidaying in Goa during extreme monsoons is not a good idea though.

Well, but if you’re confused about things to do in Goa in monsoon, don’t fret. There are a numerous night clubs and music concerts that happen throughout the year. Go for it, and pick up a stay option to a nearby hotel. It is not mandatory to stay at beachside only whenever you visit Goa.

goa view

Other than this, Goa also hosts its local fair festivals and carnivals that are much more fun than any other fests. Experience the local charm of the pre-historic churches, sea food, local dishes and street shopping market. Make it a holistic living experience while you visit Goa, let it be in any time of the year. Try discovering something you never watched out for earlier. Goa also has some Portuguese churches and colonial style row houses in the bylanes, take a walk in these lanes and you’ll know Goa is much more than just a beach holiday destination.

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