How to Plan a Trip that Works Best

Well, we all dream of traveling the world or at least a few gems of destinations, so how do you do it? Planning a long holiday can be a tedious and daunting task but if you plan your trip with the properly planned travel itinerary, you can hardly face any hurdles. So, let’s find out the best ways to plan your journeys.


1. Decide a Destination – Having a vague idea about your travel destination can make you half done for the task. Do a good research about the place you’re going to, check affordable stay options and online deals. Hire a professional and experienced tour planner to help you through the preparations.

2. Plan a Trip Duration- It’s important to know the length of your trip as that would help you plan your finances in a more practical way. Start saving money well in advance and check through travel deals. For more exciting holiday packages you may also check through some online travel planner websites they constantly keep updating fresh offers every season.

3. Decide a Mode of Transport – Be it the road ways, airways or waterways you need to decide upon the mode of transport and plan your savings accordingly. In most cases, to save money mainly tourists opt for waterways, as it is cheaper, faster and super exciting. As a traveler, you should be constantly experimenting with your travels and the road to your journey should be even more exciting every time you make vacation plans.

4. Start Saving Now – It’s never too late, rather better late than never. Start saving early for your trip, as this will help you gauge your expenses in relation to the amount in your bank account. Make a list of things you’d carry on your journey, create an itinerary template and stick to it. Keep some extra cash handy, or try to spend less than your margin, this will help you be financially safe in a new country. It’s better to have some cash at the time of emergencies, if they arise.

5. Enjoy your Trip –


Let go off all the worries and you’d be the happiest person, plan a road trip or just a sightseeing journey across the streets and go exploring the gems. There’s nothing like a fulfilling holiday and a carefree journey. Learn new languages, meet new people, art culture and foods are also one of the most interesting stuff to look forward to, in a journey.

6. Keep Travel Apps Handy- Whenever you visit a new place, it is possible that you might get somewhere unknown and will need help to relocate yourself, some smart travel apps other than Google maps, will come to your rescue here. Other general itinerary planner apps to guide you through the location. Browse internet, read articles to find out which ones are the best.

7. Check Last Minute Deals – Travel planners will often keep updating you with the best and hot deals of the seasons, so don’t forget to check them at the very last moment too. Holiday and tour packages come with a plethora of added benefits and complementary goodies. As a smart traveler, you should be able to avail all these benefits and arm yourself with tricks on how to plan trips that work the best.

8. Do your Bookings – Last but not the least, your stay and flight bookings need to be done well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. Be an efficient traveler and plan a trip according to your needs and desires. Remember, pre-planning is the key to a successful holiday and you can never goof up anywhere if you have a fool proof plan ready before you take off.

We hope these tips will help you have a most unforgettable journey of your life and the most smartly planned too. To save money on your bookings, you may check through a couple of couponing sites which offer attractive discounts on international and domestic holiday packages, flight and hotel bookings, transportation, etc. It is always a good idea to travel at least once a year, if you are a solo traveler opt for non seasonal days as the places are less crowded then.

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The Pros and Cons of Visiting Goa in Monsoon Season

Goa the ultimate beach holiday and party destination turns into a fairyland in summers and dry winters when most of the travelers and tourists flock to the sandy beach shores between October and March. But how is it to visit Goa during monsoons? Or rather, is it even considered during rains, how do the climate and other miscellaneous costs affect you?

Here are some pros and cons, decide for yourself.

Luxury Monsoon Resorts –

South Goa

South Goa has ample of exclusive monsoon resorts that offer a wide range of facilities and activities if you love to explore Goa in monsoons. As this is considered a off-season to visit Goa, tourist rush is minimal. So, most of the hotels and luxury resorts offer special monsoon packages at discounted rates.  Make up your mind and be ready to face the adventurous climate and be sure of the fact that you won’t be able to soak under the sun and sun bathe like usual. Goa is surrounded by cool palm trees and other wide range of tall trees that make it breezy, cold and fresh during monsoons. Plan your Goa vacation through vacation planner .

Green Green Goa-

anjuna beach.jpg

If you’re an avid nature admirer and a relentless traveler who loves to explore nature at its extreme best, come over to Goa in monsoon. Ample of greenery around, with the quite cold breeze free flowing around the silver sands of the beach is something which will feed your soul and mind. Anjuna, Calangute and Vagator even serve hot monsoon meals during day time for the travelers.

Bad rain days, make a Beach Holiday Troublesome –


When it rains in Goa, it pours. Literally. So, mostly tourists will guide you against going for those sea rides and other water sports. Mostly it is not advisable to get in the beach during monsoon as the tides are at their highest levels, hence, adventures like diving, water surfing, hover board surfing and swimming are amongst the things to avoid in Goa during monsoon. Follow Goa in built iteniary for your vacation.

Risky Living by the Beach During Rains-

Beach During Rains

Beach side stays get a bit difficult, the cold flowing winds and high tides can get ugly if it rains heavily and as the coastline is near to the sea, Goa has high risks of strong vibrant tides. Locals usually move away from the beach during monsoon, also other activities like boating and fishing are kept on hold till rains subside. Hence, holidaying in Goa during extreme monsoons is not a good idea though.

Well, but if you’re confused about things to do in Goa in monsoon, don’t fret. There are a numerous night clubs and music concerts that happen throughout the year. Go for it, and pick up a stay option to a nearby hotel. It is not mandatory to stay at beachside only whenever you visit Goa.

goa view

Other than this, Goa also hosts its local fair festivals and carnivals that are much more fun than any other fests. Experience the local charm of the pre-historic churches, sea food, local dishes and street shopping market. Make it a holistic living experience while you visit Goa, let it be in any time of the year. Try discovering something you never watched out for earlier. Goa also has some Portuguese churches and colonial style row houses in the bylanes, take a walk in these lanes and you’ll know Goa is much more than just a beach holiday destination.

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10 Things to Know Before you Visit Italy

Italy is the paradise for history lovers. With the museums, churches and archaeological sites, Italy feels like a lesson to be learned by everyone. It has a different story for every traveler. For some its pizzas, while for some it’s the art and paintings. You literally get lost in the beauty of art the country has to offer you. The Italian culture is distinctly different than that of the other countries. Especially, the America.

You may plan your vacation through trip planning website

So, here are the 10 things to keep in your mind before visiting Italy.

1) Pre Booking your Tickets –

pre ticket bookingSummertime is the most favorite tourist season to visit Italy. Therefore, it is advisable that you book your tickets 3-4 months prior your trip.

2) Know Some Italian-

ItalianIt is always good to know few Italian words which will help you communicate with locals easily. People in Italy are friendly and so they feel better when someone speaks Italian. Knowing words like “ciao” to greet someone or “gracias” for thanking someone will really help you get along with people.

3)See an Opera in Verona-

Opera in VeronaWhether you are a big fan of Operas or no, but the experience of sitting in a Roman amphitheater  watching the show with thousands of people as per the tradition is a must do.

4) There’s time and then… there’s Italian time-

Italian TimeRemember when someone says the show starts at 7, it actually will start at 7:30. Italian people are laidback people. It is the same for restaurants, museums and public transports especially trains. To avoid being stuck up in situations of waiting make it a rule to be there a bit late.

5) Get a Tour Guide-

Get Tour GuideItaly is a big country full of surprises. It has variety of places, arts, restaurants, etc. If you are new to the country or visiting it for the very first time, it is advisable to take a good tour guide. There are also walking tours throughout the cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence.

6) Know and learn how to handle Alcohol-

handle AlcoholThere is a huge difference in consumption of alcohol between Italy and other countries. The legal drinking age here is 16 for beers and wine while 18 for hard liquors. Italians also tend to drink a lot, but they don’t drink to get drunk.

7) Where to go in Italy? –

Italy.jpgThere are numerous places in Italy to see. Capital city Rome is one of the main tourist attractions. Apart from that, there are beautiful cities like Florence, Sicily. Having Gondola ride in Venice is a must do thing. Also, Italy is the said to be the birthplace of pizza. So don’t miss out on having fresh pizzas in Naples. Gelato is another thing you must have.

8) Afternoon Closings-

Afternoon ClosingsPeople in Italy close the restaurants and go home to enjoy the lunch with their families and relax. You should always take this note. Many shops and restaurants will close down from 1-4 in the afternoon. This thing still surprises and perplexes Americans.

9) Beware of Pickpockets-

pickpockets.jpgRoman pickpockets are infamous all over the world. And they especially pick people who are travelling alone and keep their valuables in their outside pockets. Therefore, it’s advisable to take care and put up your stuff in your bag while roaming on the streets.

10) Figure out Public Transportation –


You need to know very well about the trains and buses that run throughout the day. And don’t forget the Italian time. Because the trains here are never on time.

Finally, slow down and relax. Accept that you can’t see all of it in a one trip. To see such a plethora of arts, culture, food, vineyards, museums- a lifetime is not enough. So slow down, savor what you get and cherish those memories forever.

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Here’s why Traveling Should Be Your Top Priority This 2016

No matter how many years pass by, the resolution list we make every year always has ‘travel’ as one of the ‘must to do’ thing. Though we relentlessly plan our holidays and try to manage the finances, somehow the plans remain only on the papers. For people seeking a break from their daily routine, traveling is the best stress buster but for a passionate traveler, it is a driving force, a sole reason to breathe. So how about catching hold of your trip planner and making your vacation bucket list like a pro traveler?

Well, we give you all possible reasons as on why you must travel this 2016!

1. To Explore Festivals Worldwide –


It’s certain that you might have decided to visit a particular place, a trillion times in your mind in the last gone year. Some of your mates must have traveled or you might have read some really fascinating things about that country/ city.  Like for instance the super exciting seasonal festivals that take place every year, attract most of the tourists. Events like La Tomatina festival in Spain , Dubai Shopping Festival and various international film festivals make up for a good reason to travel rigorously.

2. To Tick off places from your Travel Bucket List –


There are goals and then, there are travel goals. Some people dream to travel all over the world at a very tender age and by the time they hit their 30s there’s hardly anything that they’ve explored. Don’t let this happen to you. Go for it and make a move, things will fall in place automatically. If you ever dreamt of spending a week at a peaceful beach or really had the urge to try paragliding or scuba diving, go, try some travel hacks, get adventurous and just do it! The best way to give a good start to your year is by indulging in the activities you love the most.

3. To meet new people/culture –


Learning never stops and you can never get enough of traveling. The world is huge and endless. On every trip, you unknowingly learn a lot of things. For example, food culture, the lifestyle of people from various places, languages, fashion trends, economical status of a particular city and most importantly, the geography of that place. What’s more? You can then even share your expert travel tips with your buddies and colleagues. There’s nothing like exploring the unseen and marveling at the beauty of it. Did you read about the mysterious Bermuda triangles the other day? go, try to discover what it is. Have you been day dreaming about the beautiful Maldives? Go plan a quick trip there. ‘Now’ is the only right time to do it!

4. For Upcoming Summer Vacations –


Now that the chilling winters have gone by its that time of the year when we’re all excited to hit the beaches and have a good sun bath. There’s going to be a tremendous tourist crowd as summers is the best holiday season. So gear up and start planning your summer vacations right away and make sure to choose the best possible locations.

Most of the people are under impression that traveling incurs a lot of expenses but it is not always. For instance, if you book your hotel and flight tickets well in advance, you can save huge. Also while you book your tickets, make sure you check the couponing sites for best deals and discounts. Most of the e-travel portals have attractive discounts throughout the year.

So, take out that map and plan your journey, now!

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6 Ways to Make your Visit to Rome Fantastic

So at last, you have your tickets ready, your accommodation reserved and that hourly itinerary which is kept on top of your luggage! But Rome is more than what your plans can hold. Take a quick scan to get pointers on how to make the most of your visit to Rome!

You can plan your vacation through Rome trip planner

1. Buy ‘Skip-the-line’ tickets

Most of the tourist attractions in Rome come with long queues and boring waiting time. Ditch the waiting monotony and grab a ‘Skip-the-line’ pass which is a choice at many attractions including the Vatican Museum. The Coliseum which has the most dreaded wait time is a piece of cake if you enroll with a tour!

2. Take a Food Tour

rome food
Rome without exploring the cuisine is simply not Rome. The markets, the local secrets and the international favorites all are a part of the Rome Food Tour and for a first timer, this is not a must-do but a necessity!

3. Start Early
Yes, the attractions are worth every minute in the wait line, but for those who know better, simply start the day early! Visit the place a few minutes before the opening time and Viola! Easy entry, better view!

To add to that, you get to see the city before all the tourists have taken to the streets- with the beautiful mornings that glow every inch of Rome.

4. Graduate at the Gladiator School
Gladiator fans- bring out the warrior in you at the Gladiator School or the ‘GruppoStorico Romano’ in Rome. Get trained by the members of the Historic Group of Rome for 2 hours and learn how to combat- a pretty neat trick even in modern times! Going all out to offerold-Rome ambience, including the costume and the gear- the Gladiator School is by far, one of the fun things to do in Rome.

5. Vespa Tour

Vespa is a culture in Rome. Walking is fun, but Vespa is simply style! The cool Vespa Tours in Roam offers a rare glimpse into the city’s forgotten and popular spots all while you ride on a part of history itself! Pose like Audrey Hepburn in the Roman Holiday and the pic is sure to get you a couple of likes on Instagram!

6. Do the non-Touristy Things
Hike up to the Gianicolo Hill and listen to the cannon fired everyday at 12.00pm since the victorious day of the battle of Rome. Visit the Jewish Ghetto, grab a take away beer and Pizza and savor it at the Piazza Navona, visit the Cat Sanctuary and stroll along the Trevi Fountain after the city has slept! Phew! And that’s only half the list! We suggest you add your own escapades!

For the travelers who love Rome for all that it stands- the art, architecture, legendary stories, soulful food and interesting people, these hacks will surely make your stay a tad bit easier.

The love that Rome showers through its stories, its Piazzas, its cobbled pathways and its legends, makes it the one place which every tourist will only adore! Maybe that’s why ‘romance’ has ‘Rome’ in it!

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11 Magical Ways to Spend the Holidays in London

London is a city where magic is real and dreams do come true. The city has a mesmerizing charm about it that will make you never want to leave London again.  The destination is one of the most loved ones when it comes to the tourist attractions in London and rightly so! Here is a list of 11 ways that can plan your trip to London truly magical. Your London Itinerary 3 Days should include these :

1. Carriage ride

Carriage Ride
Take a carriage ride along the stables in London and tickle the royalty in you. The experience is sure to make you live your dreams and witness London at its best. Ride the mighty and royal beasts on your fairy tale carriage and have a memory that will not get lost in time. Pack Mulled wine and Minced pies and experience the London way of living.

2. A stroll through the Kew Gardens
London becomes a Winter Wonderland and taking a stroll in the Kew Gardens will make it even more special. The Gardens become covered with a white sheet of snow and looks like something that came out of a William Wordsworth Poem.

3. Central London

Central London
Central London lights up like stars on a clear sky, if you do get an opportunity to visit London in Christmas you will get to see some of the most amazing lights that make London the fine city it is today.

4. Ice skating

Ice Skating
London is literally the perfect place if you want to enjoy Ice-skating. The ice skating rinks are the main highlight of the show as they are present in most parts of the city, ready to give you the perfect date or a fun filled time with your family.

5. Listen to the sound Christmas

Christmas in London is one that should not be missed and if you are one that enjoys Festivals, you have struck Gold!   London is famous for its festivities and Royal Albert Hall is the sound of those festivities. Be there and Witness what Christmas sounds like.

6. For the love of Cinema
Your love for cinema has brought you to the right place as London is well recognized for its entertaining and thought provoking movies and of course, theatre plays. Hyde Park is like a paradise for movie and cinema lovers and a visit to the park will guarantee to change the way you think about cinema.

7. Explore the city
Get on the road with just your mini bag pack and explore the city to its fullest. London is one of the most active cities in the world so you do not have to worry about getting bored, ever! From late night movies to all night open cafes the destination does not simply see a dull day.

8. Nightlife

nightlife london
If you are in London and you do not experience the night life, then you have surely made a blunder. Visit the late night clubs and you would be happily surprised to see the whole town there. From extravagant parties to cozy get-togethers the destination has something in store for every traveller.

9. Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle is a fairyland hidden from the eyes of time and space, visit the castle and witness history passing through. The magical experience is one you should take on your next trip to London.

10. Visit the London Market
London has always been about fashion and that can be seen even strolling through the local markets of the region. So don’t be surprised if you do come across some breath-taking clothes that you just have to rescue. A paradise for shopaholics, London passes with flying colors when it comes to the test of Fashion.

11. Morning or afternoon  tea
Sometimes you just need to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and what better than a refreshing hot coffee or tea in the morning. London has many diners and restaurants that make English coffee and tea which can make your dull mornings a happening one.

A truly charmed and fairy-tale destination, London has been given the gift of magic. The city is complete and robust in every form of the word and one thing is for sure, you will never run out of Thing to do in London. So these are the top ways you too can make your experience here a memorable one.

6 Essential Skills For Adventure Travel

Most of us come with an inherent compass directing dependably to adventure travel destinations. On the off chance that there’s a congested way that needs exploring, or an inquisitive opening that must be jabbed with a stick to see what sneaks inside of, you can basically rely on yourself explore meeting people’s high expectations. In any case, when you choose you need to wander past the patio or well known outdoors turf, there are some essential aptitudes you should know to have before you get packing, from the possibly life-saving to those that can just offer you some help with dodging a remarkable inconvenience.

1.Hiking/ Trekking:

While the reality of the matter is that it is genuinely simple to walk a trail pretty much anyplace, having the ability to do as such while carrying a completely stacked backpack on your back requires a touch of experience. In case you’re acclimated to trekking your neighborhood trail without carrying much equipment, you could be in for a reality check when you hit the Inca Trail or attempt to climb Kilimanjaro.

The explication? Start preparing for a strenuous trek via carrying a pack loaded with the same apparatus you’ll be bringing with you. This will permit your body to get use to the weight, and permit you to figure out how to adjust legitimately. Additionally, figure out how to utilize trekking posts before setting out.

You’ll be happy you did once you’re really on the trail.

2. Cycling:

Cycling has kept on developing in prevalence as of late, and it has now come to the heart of the matter that you can explore pretty much every area of the world from the back of a cycle. The greater part of us figure out how to ride as kids, and the reality of the matter is that that expertise will stay with you for a lifetime.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that it has been for a spell since you last rode, you’ll certainly need to get ready to take care of business before setting out on any outing the includes riding a cycle. What’s more, in case you’re not use to longer separation, gradually begin adding mileage to your customary rides to enhance stamina and recuperation time. All things considered, you would prefer not to be the one riding in the “sag wagon” consistently.

3. Mountain Biking:

Mountain biking is significantly more specialized than street cycling, and the chances to conceivably harm yourself go up drastically as a result. In case you’re planning on taking a mountain biking trip to a remote corner of the world, you deserve to catch up on your riding aptitudes early. There are unmistakable methods that riders must learn with a specific end goal to climb slopes, explore dubious single track, and plunging appropriately. Those methods must be increased through experience on the trail. Begin with simple trail riding at to start with, and work yourself up to the additionally difficult, specialized courses as you feel more great. Accidents are a piece of the game obviously however with some practice and experience, you ought to have the ability to maintain a strategic distance to minimize the threats and ride all the more certainly in troublesome area.

4. Horseback Riding:

Going by horseback is not unique in a few sections of the world, but rather getting to be comfortable in the seat takes a touch of getting use to. Not at all like when riding a cycle, and you have complete control over your technique for transportation, a stallion has its very own brain, some of the time going where it needs to go, as opposed to where the rider direct it. Figuring out how to function with the creature is a profitable ability to have, and will permit you to be more agreeable on its back. This will likewise prompt expanded trust by and large, and more prominent delight in any trip that includes horseback riding.

5. Paddling:
paddling games keep on developing in fame, and thus are regular activities on an experience travel agenda. It is not abnormal to attempt an outing that includes kayaking, rafting, or paddling – at times on turbulent waters. Getting acquainted with how to proficiently paddle a waterway, lake, or sea can prove to be useful, permitting you to feel more great in your vessel. It will likewise help you with learning the correct structure, keeping you from tiring out on longer trips.

Moreover, stand-up paddle boarding has become drastically in prominence in the course of recent years too, and it has begun to end up a typical activity on experience trips as well. That game requires an alternate set of aptitudes than kayaking for season, as parity assumes all the more a part and the oar is longer as well. On the off chance that you are leaving on an excursion that includes paddle boarding, you’ll unquestionably need to have no less than a negligible measure of expertise and experience early.

6. Climbing:

Easily the most technically demanding of all of the activities on this list, climbing is a sport that requires a lot of experience and skill to safely undertake. Of all of the items listed here, it is one that I’d recommend paying for a class or two to ensure that you truly know what you’re doing. Depending on the nature of the climb, it could mean the difference between injury or even death. But then again, if you’re a beginner climber you probably should embark on a climbing trip unless it is specifically geared for your experience level. Learning to work with ropes, harnesses, and cams takes time, not to mention gaining the ability to safely belay another climber. But with a little experience and guidance, you’ll quickly learn the ropes. (Pun fully intended!)

Knowing the fundamentals of these basic sports and activities will give you the core skills that you need to participate comfortably and safely in the vast majority of adventure travel excursions. Of course, having a solid level of physical fitness doesn’t hurt either, which you can also attain by participating in these sports while at home too. These are the building blocks for enjoying adventure travel more fully, and just having a solid understanding of these common activities will open up more opportunities for you too.